Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #7 for 2020

Bonjour Friends,
It says that words have the power to build or destroy.
During my childhood I heard so many times my parents fight living me constantly worried and scared. As I grew up, I was left broken by the saying of the kids who had bullied me in my teens. However, all along there was this inner divine voice that encouraged me to not give up and eventually build the antidote to such virus: Words of healing, of Love & Light that can purify our world, heal the body, the spirit and the heart.
I spent most of my life being an ambassador of mindful words, and I believe that it is the fundamental molecular element for change. Words affect our consciousness from darkness to Light, from fear to love, from chaos to order and separation to unity.
Now, even though I don't always hear back from you, I know that energy never get lost and that light shared like the flame of a candle can keep on sharing without ever diminishing, until all there is it's a world filled with Light.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit
C life through a spiritual I

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