Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bonjour Friends

One event, One word can change your life.

In 1998, without going over the details, I'll simply say that I got my heart broken.
My whole self was in pieces on the floor. It was so painful that even breathing was an agony.

While life had already brought me my dose of hurt and challenges, nothing felt as this one.

I remember crying like I never did and... praying!

Asking G-od to take my pain away, begging to connect to that divine realm where suffering doesn't exist.

I was longing for "Home" from the depth of my soul.

For some unexplained reasons, this world that has been my support my whole life couldn''t fill the lack I was feeling inside.

Why wasn't it enough this time?

I'll learn later, that even if we live in a "world of illusions", we still need this 1% reality to complete the 99%.

In other words, we can deny the physical because it is our vehicle to manifest the spiritual.
We can't just runaway or disconnect if we truly want to fulfill our purpose.

In any case, going back to that period, what happened next was a miracle: My prayers were answered!

Well...In real life, It took a little more time, mostly because I wasn't able to let go that easily but....

At the first opening on my side, The Light rushed inside and never left, as we can learn in the Midrash: "Open for me a door as big as a needle's eye, and i'll open for you a door through which may enter tents and camels"

With one trip, one chance that I took to come out of my limbo state, a world of possibilities was opening up.

Once introduced to the teachings of Kabbalah, I suddenly was ready to "Receive Life" and accepted to play the game, with it's challenges and victories!

I had received a new life!
A new path and purpose was  unfolding  front of my eyes.

Kabbalah which means in Hebrew; " To receive" helped me put all the pieces together and "my pains" actually became my biggest strength.

At the time, even if I had completed my learning in teaching and counseling, nothing could have given me the experience necessary to understand others better than life itself!

Again, this story, this piece of my life that I choose to share with you is showing us that "a good challenge" allows us to built our life solidly and durably.

When such " breaking moments" happens though, we should remember that only our Ego is "in Hell", our Soul in another hand is "in Heaven"!

12 Years had passed and I have been knowing for a while that: "Breaking my heart" has been the best things that had happened to me.

It actually lead me to the life of my dreams.

Today, I only wonder how to keep my heart opened and share this Light with others.

A new kabbalistic year has begun, I'd like to wish you all to: Connect, Live & Reveal this Endless Light for yourself and the world: Now and forever!

Sincerely, Ilanit