Friday, March 14, 2014


Bonjour Friends

Have you had a chance to witness a baby discovering the Peekaboo game?

The sweet little one might have used a blanket, the headboard of the crib, or any other cover-up to hide its face, and "suddenly" pops back into you view!

Regardless the scenario, the fun and joy this game provided is purely contagious and could luckily go on for a while.

Actually, it seems that the more you play it, the more the anticipation and excitement is growing!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Having an 11 month cutie at home, certainly gave me plenty of opportunities to play this game in the past months.

However, it is my "spiritual life", that gave me the most occasions to play and appreciate its hidden teaching over the years.

According to developmental psychologists, "Peekaboo" is a playful tool to teach infants the concept of "object permanence' (an object continue to exist, even when it is no longer visible) , and  which prior to that time was simply impossible for them to understand (what a baby doesn't see, is gone).

Based upon the same understanding, my beloved teacher often said:"Do you truly believe that because the 'light switch' is off, "The Light" is gone too? Of course, it isn't! It's an Illusion!" 

It is certainly, a complex and consuming mind game, which requires total awareness and clarity on our side to have a real chance at winning it and here are the main ideas we should have to mind while doing so.

1- The game is On till it's over.
Kabbalah teaches us that the game start as soon as we are born that we are aware of it or not, and that we should never underestimate our opponent who's always a step ahead of us. As it said: "take the next letter of the  Hebrew word for 'womb' spelled chaf- chet-mem and you get samech-teth-nun,'satan'  the coded name for our challenger.

2-Certainty in "The Light" is the goal and the key to achieve the universal truth that beyond all illusions: There is Only Light!

3- Injecting Happiness, especially  when:"we are not seeing", will not only make the process more enjoyable but will give us a real opportunity to become a player/ creator of our reality, capable to reveal the concealed Now & Forever! 

Love & Light always, Ilanit.