Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sometime Stop means Love.

Bonjour Friends

I don't know about you, but I don't spend a day without being amazed and excited with which perfection the world function.
Yes! Even when it means to be surrounded by challenges.

Actually, it's this organized system that regulates everything behind the scene that is my constant inspiration for my writing and the "code", I always try to decrypt for myself and others.

Sometime, the stories and events of the world around me, my family, my friends, the people that I work and interact with becomes the words on my paper.

Sometime, it's my own personal experiences (past and present) that provide me with a material to discuss.

"My dreams", finally are my ultimate source of life's insight.

What becomes pure magic ?

It's the combination of all of them to create a momentum, when suddenly reality becomes clear as crystal!

Today, was for me one of those moments when we almost can see through the curtain.

Different experiences, made me realized something in a way I never understood so clearly before.

Many people, (including myself) mix- up being spiritual with having a good morality.

Consequently, we tend to act "extra-good"( never being upset, never saying no, being patient, having self-control etc...)

No matter, what the situation is (an angry person, someone that keeps asking for our energy without ever giving anything back...), we believe that working on ourselves, and loving our neighbor means to accept beyond what is acceptable.

We believe this is being spiritual. Well...It is not always true!

"Being good" in it spiritual sense means being complete, which send us back to the original dynamic of: we are here to learn to balance the two poles of energy inside of us, to harmonize the desire to share vs the desire to receive, by using restriction.

Furthermore, for certain persons and / or in certain situations, "being good": it's to say no!

It's to confront in order to recreate balance.

By experiences, certain situations required a different approach, sooner than later if we want to solve the issue and shine light on it.

The perfect story to illustrate this "anti-good" attitude is the one of the father with his son that wanted to itch his eye with a knife.
Loving someone pro-actively is to not always agree on everything. If we don't, it will only cause damages for anyone involved at some point.
In this case, does the father should accept the request or should he says no, even if it means a big temper tantrum ?

As we entered the new year (5770) according to the point of view of creation, we are highly influenced to take the lead for ourselves and the world to open up our heart and soul to new ways, beyond what has been ours until now and to shine Light in the world as never before.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, September 17, 2009

(2)H2 + O2 <-> (2)H2O

Bonjour Friends

Do we (you) choose to live our days according to the spiritual rules of the universe for a while, or do we just awaken our consciousness to it, one law is unchangeable, no matter which "philosophy"we decided to follow : if we wish to affect our outside reality, we must first look inside ourselves!

The commitment to change from within and the understanding that our circumstances truly are opportunities to evolve to a better self, those are the ultimate factors to succeed in the achievement of our original purpose (which by definition is the key to access personal and global fulfillment).

Whow! Pretty intense and "simple", isn't it?!

Well...since we are still here after nearly 6000 years of existence, I'll guess that it's easier said than done!

In this journey of transformation, we therefore need to become more aware and responsible for our words & actions, and most particularly the effect they may have on the universe.

As I explained to my girls the other day, our words & actions are like a boomerang. Consequently:

1-Whatever we send out will come back to us in a positive or negative way depending on what we through away in the first place.

2-Beyond ourselves, "our boomerang" will also affect others as it travel into the air.

It's actually with this thought in mind that my blog was created and still is as I write these words.

I wanted to give a voice to "my thoughts" and share a message of Light that will travel and reach anyone that wished to strengthen their own flame .

Nevertheless, I did not want to become another teacher. I rather like to think of myself as a pioneer that shares what she saw in the front line with the rest of the platoon.
Someone that is not afraid to share a piece of herself to reach victory.

In this fight against darkness, it is essential to choose wisely our arms.

As sure as spores will repopulate the earth with beautiful new leaves, once transported by the wind.
As sure our sharing & loving ways will spread the Light around the world.
This is my ultimate belief: when we put on the Light, the darkness disappears!

What is the connection with my title? (2)H2 + O2 <-> (2)H2O

In a chemical equation, there is a fundamental law that says that when we combine molecules together as above:"Nothing is lost, Nothing is created, Everything is transformed"

In other words, Energy is Eternal !

Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deja Vu.

Bonjour Friends

Although I am originally from France, I was very surprised the first time that I heard the expression:"Deja vu !"

A common expression which describe  this feeling of "seen before" like a past life or past events memories, I would have said that I had a "flash" or "flashback". Funny isn't it?!

In any case, "Deja vu" is exactly how I felt last week!

I find myself "re-living" a situation that had already occurred less than 2 years ago.

What a "coincidence"?! Isn't it? Exactly, at the time of the year (month of Virgo) when we are supposed to clear and order our lives, just before starting a new chapter refreshed and strengthen up.

Big or small, when a situation/challenge presents itself again, we must first stop and realized that we get a new opportunity to fix it.

What our past reaction has been and what our future one will be: this is truly what will determine our success or not!

Furthermore, to learn, grow and move on, there are two things that we should always have in mind.

1- Every time that we feel the urge to react in an unbalance way : Restrict.

Of course, at time challenges can get very scary, and we are human after all!
However, just for awhile, let observe the situation in a scientific way, putting aside our emotions.

There are three types of fears that most people are sensitive to:

The primal fears such as being sick, hungry or dying...that awaken the instinct of survival.
The modern fears as an effect of the world we live on: the stress to pay the bills, to keep our credits... and finally the egoistic fears: all the needs of love, respect, recognition...

What is the antidote to survive any of these infections ? It is the correct question to ask, which send me back to the second most important thing.


Each time we raise our vibration to a place of love and certainty, where we are whole, and we have plenty to share, we keep the doors opened for the Light to come in, (the solution has been created before the problem, remember?).
In addition, we'll stop with us the domino's effect that would otherwise affect others to fall too.

We are "trained" to always be scared about tomorrow, and what we may lose:
if we could bring ourselves to see that there is no reason to be scare since nothing really belongs to us, and that all our possessions even our soul is a deposit, we might finally appreciate without fear of losing it what we have.

There was once a kabbalist that understood that very well !

In order to not fund is happiness upon is belongings, he would wake-up each day, work for his leaving and will end it without a dime.
Getting back his body and soul, each morning was the promises that it would be a day blessed by the goodness of the Light.

I would like to dedicate this blog to "mon cheri", my rock.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tooth fairy and friends.

Bonjour Friends

Up to a year ago, if it was not for the support of very determined spiritual guides: True Friends from here and there, I'll probably still be waiting for a way to embrace what I believe is my destiny.

See, like everyone else there are two sides of me:

In one hand, I am just a young mom, a wife that works on creating a life filled with love and harmony (and let's admit it, has the tendency to please everyone to avoid conflicts). A real Pisces, will say my astrologer's friends, that absolutely doesn't like to make waves.

In another hand, there is a fiery Aries, a fighter that will do anything she can to put on the Light in the world and make the darkness disappear.

I believe, for that matter that we all try to juggle with the two aspects of ourselves.

In one side, our reactive nature wants to keep us in the same place, leaving the same patterns.
Then, on the other side our higher self, constantly pushes beyond our comfort zone!

In my "movie", could be because I have vivid past life memories and/or present experiences of discrimination, it took me a while to take an opened leadership for my life.

I might have looked confident and excited on the outside, but subconsciously I was also scared !

When we embrace our spiritual journey, and/ or start to stand out in the crowd: how many people start to look at us as some mystics leaving in wonderland ?

Waking ourselves up to spirituality, can provoke very strong reactions !

Suddenly, we might also become the disposable battery for some other type of people that love what they feel and get, but won't take responsibility for themselves to make this change.

My beloved teacher use to say:" There is a great difference between giving and sharing", a true channel will not just feed others. Instead, he will teach them to generate foods for themselves.

Nevertheless, in this journey to become a beacon of Light, there are lots of helpers ready to give us a hand too !

To illustrate this thought, I would like to share one of the stories that I had the chance to be part of. I named it: "The tooth "

About a year ago, I looked for a dental office to take care of some cavities. Soon after, my new dentist and her assistant "went to work". After the second visit, one of my teeth turned out to be a root canal, we decided that I will have to come back another time that week.

That day, there was a new guy assisting my dentist. Apparently, he was usually trained in another office.

As I was laying there, something not unusual yet surprising happened !

An old lady "standing" behind him started to talk to me, as they were working on my teeth.

She said that she was his grand-mother that she took care of him, since he was little, and that she loved him very much. She just hoped that he will trust himself a little more as well in his private life than professional one. ( Lots of his girlfriends tend to leave him, which make him feel unworthy, and when it comes to his work, he tends to doubt himself too,'s what she told me). She wants him to stand proud, because it has a lot to offer and all of this challenges are part of his process to get there.

How am I going to deliver this message ? I am thinking

As he glued back my provisional teeth, the fear kept growing in my stomach !
To make it even harder on me, his grandma was insisting.

I was sorry but...I just could not do it ! It's one thing to talk to people when they are coming to meet with you and another to speak to a total stranger.

So,I left.

Once in my car, as I was looking into my mirror the work they did, something unbelievable happened : My teeth just fall off, like she had never been glued !
As, I hold it into my hand, The grandma's voice resonated into my head :" Now, you can go back to the office and please, tell him what I just told you before!"

After an hour of waiting, (I guess it was the price to pay for hesitating)
The young assistant was, of course the one that took care of me !

This time, assured that I was doing the right thing, I introduced myself and explained to him, the previous events.
Not only, he was responsive, but he almost broke into tears, simply grateful like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders!

I never saw him again!

Children , believe for a while about tooth fairy and other friends. It is comforting to know that there are some magical spirits watching over us, which is the truth : The only thing we need to "see it", is faith.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.