Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Joy of Sharing

Bonjour Friends

Summer! Perfect timing for some... 'Time Travel'.
No need for luggage or airplane tickets, just an open heart and consciousness will get us there...

Back in 1998, although I'd already experienced:'The Awakening' as it is commonly called, my introduction to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, (and especially the revelation of my beloved teacher, who came through in a beautiful dream) took me to an unparalleled new level of understanding of the meaning and purpose of life.

Until today, this teaching, at the core of my existence, not only keeps opening up my spirit, but deepens my emphatic nature to love and feel connected to every single human beings.

Knowing, that beyond our differences and the egoistic illusion of separation caused by the physical realm, we all are -on a subconscious spiritual level at least- desiring the one and same thing:"To Experience Everlasting Joy and Fulfillment" as we once did.

Now, there was one particular enlightenment, regarding accessing that state of being that changed my previous understanding of life (a fundamental 'Secret' upon which the world was built) and which I felt must be re-awaken and shared today:

"To receive True Joy & Fulfillment, One must share their Gift of Light with others."

As I wrote those words, I can still hear the voice of my beloved teacher saying, that if we were able to see the ripple effect of our sharing actions, we will spend our days chasing after others for more opportunities to share.

It is actually based on that teaching that I started 'IC by Ilanit' (the blog).

A way to share with the world and without any limits, all the 'Love & Light' flowing through me.

By essence, 'A Gift' is something that one shares.

What will be the point, to only focus on getting profit from it or keeping it?

Dear Friends,

In a world mostly driven to 'Get or Take',  I'd like to invite you to ask yourself: "What is your gift? The one thing that never fails to bring you happiness, and then find ways and time to Share It!"

The joy and fulfillment you will feel is simply:"Divine".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.