Thursday, March 1, 2012

Energy shift

Bonjour Friends

Everything is Energy: spiritual teachings and science have agreed on it already.

For that reason, just like a radio does, some people can tune into the vibration emanating from a person or a place.

Empaths like myself will even share stories of objects "talking" to them and, how being in contact with someone, something or someplace triggers flow of emotions and images.

Now, if you were to ask me, I'll simply say:"The same way, one hair can give us the genetic code of a whole being; an object or a place can share its story as we scan its spiritual DNA".

However, there is another fact which spirituality and science agreed upon: object are of a lower vibration.

As a matter of fact, human beings are the only one with the unique divine spark also called: "Free-will".

Free-will has been define as the inner program of choice which makes us "The Creator" of our reality.

However, it's also the same free-will, that makes us analyse every situations and put us in the center of the inner battle between: Certainty and Doubt, Proactive and Reactive...

Now, let's imagine just for fun (but also to learn something about our nature) that we all had this choice.

Suddenly, we might hear a puzzle screaming at a kid: "Why are you breaking me into pieces?", "What have I done to you?", "Life is just not fair!"

Funny!? Right!?

As late Eli Kakou, a french comic would have say in his North African accent:" Faut rigoler!!! Aka we must laugh!!!"

Laughing, including at ourselves, is actually not only very therapeutic but a great tool for clarity as well!

How often do we take life too seriously?

We not only imprint ourselves we those "bad feelings" as we do, but also everything and everyone around us.

In "YOU are the ANSWER", a book that I am reading those days, Michael J. Tamura the author shares something very powerful saying:" you can acknowledge having a feeling of sadness, anger...but you don't have to be it!
Instead, you can remember that you're also a fulfilled spirit and while feeling the sadness, anger etc... Choose to be happy!"

Essential reminder (because we often forget!):

The purpose of our incarnated life is: "To earn the Light of fulfillment by overcoming our reactive nature:  Choosing to shift our energy to its divine mode instead!"

Love & Light always, Ilanit.