Thursday, July 30, 2009

As a flying unicorn

Bonjour Friends

One thing, I really enjoy doing with my precious "little" girls is to borrow books from the library for our special story time.
Every night, before putting them to sleep, we read few stories to each other.

Why am I talking about this ?

Well...Last week as I was reading the book my youngest daughter had chosen for me, the little voice inside my head rang the bell saying:" you should use this book as the foundation for your next message!"

So, here goes the story:

"Once upon a time, in a far away land lived a beautiful unicorn with an amazing gift! She could heal anything's by touching it with her horn.

The little unicorn should have been the happiest creature on the planet...but no!?!
She was too busy being sad ! Why couldn't she have wings ? It's the only things, she really wanted.

Every day, she would walk all around looking at flying creatures, crying about what she was missing.

Then, one day a beautiful flying horse fell from the sky. He was hurt: one of his wings was broken.
For the first time, the unicorn that saw his pain didn't think about herself. She used her special gift and healed the horse.

At this moment, she fulfilled her purpose and became a true channel of Light.(which brought her all the happiness, she was looking for so long!)

Now,the story won't be finished without an even more obvious happy end, to thank her, the flying horse that happened to have a special gift on his own too, ( he could grant wishes to whom as a pure heart and think of others before himself ) gave her what she wanted all along : A majestic set of wings".

Does this story remind you of anything ?

I personally believe that most of us spend our lives like the unicorn.
We are filled with blessings and received unique gifts but unfortunately,(thanks to the other voice in our heads), we look more into what is missing in our lives than appreciating what we have.

If we were more determined to discover and cultivate our own special seed, we will finally see how blessed we are,

In the world of spirituality, Appreciation is known as a powerful tool to connect to true happiness and generate abundance.

Since, it's common sense that likes attracts likes. Recognizing our blessings and sharing them won't leave us deprived, the opposite! Sharing creates a circuitry of energy: whatever, we put out there will come back to us and even more.

Kabbalist makes an analogy between the light of a candle and the Light force of the universe : Both can share and lite new flames without ever diminished their brightness.

Dear Friends,

We can illuminate the world .
By sharing the flame and let it swirled.
Turning 'The Light' on, and breaking the dawn.
Never stopping until chaos is gone.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Undercover mystery

Bonjour Friends

From the age of 14 , I spent many of my summer's vacations in the city of Cannes.
My grand-parents, who were like a couple of angels to me were the first one to take me there, and I fell in love with it!

Cannes, as you most certainly know, is internationally famous  for its film festival, but for me this city became magical for the spiritual revelations it brought into my life.

All these years, while I was there for a month, "The Palais des Festivals" will hold a major psychic/ esp events"
Talking about a coincidence ?!

So while other boys and girls were busy with teenagers matter, I was already preoccupied to find a deeper sense to (my) life.

(Not being 'Popular', certainly helped too!)

It actually took me a few years to realized, that all the rejections and hurts during that time were one  tangible  reason for me to look in another direction to find 'understanding'.

What did I learned from that time?

Life is not as we see it : Wait and Time will show it to you!

Some challenges may shake us up or some answers disappoint us but the Light is always in the business and everything has a reason.

Furthermore, we should approach life like a detective trying to solve a mystery and most importantly not accept the situation as it is.

Why do I say something like this ? Who want to live with chaos ?

You will be surprise to know, how many people learn to live with their 'darkness' without trying to change it! They rather hide behind typical alibis !

Oh! I am this way because this happened to me, or I am that way because of "my sign" or "my numbers"!

When I met someone like this, I am the first one to say : Step out of it, maybe it's time to take responsibility !

All the knowledge that we can collect about ourselves, are given to us to transform and overcome our nature, they should not be alibis to hide behind !

Today more than ever we have the power to do it!

The reason I use "Bonjour friends" when I start my post is to remember myself of the past and to work on the future (where we are all friends)

How do (I) we make it happen?
By "writing" Light on every pages !

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The phone is ringing !

Bonjour Friends

It's Monday July 13 2009, sometime after 2 am.
I was sleeping for a few hours already, when I was awakened by one of 'those dreams'.

This time, 'I heard' my next message as someone was reading it to me, and although, I was grateful for receiving another amazing gift, at first I tried to ignore it.(few more hours of sleep won't make me forget it!)

Well...Apparently, it wasn't good enough! After tossing and turning for a while, I eventually had to get up and write this NOW!

It's well known that 'The Light', The Universe, G-od ...talks to us all the time, and that we are the ones who aren't listening.

I have to admit here, that I learned that lesson the hard way, doing my best since to make sure I always remember it.

Now, truth is: it isn't always that easy! Most messages aren't sent in such an obvious way for us to get- Though if we learn how, they can be understood very clearly.

 Messages can come to us:
1- In the form of a dream (more or less coded)
2- As "nudge" of our soul, or
3- Through a succession of serendipity moments that some calls 'coincidences'.

I love this one in particular, it reminds me of the peek-a-boo game:
'The Light' is talking while hiding, and we are seeking to find it !

Does it ever happen to you to meet someone, 'out of the blue', in a place that you have never gone before, that knows a friend ....that do or have the thing or the answer that you were looking for ?!? (Okay, this one is a little pushy but did you get the picture ?)

Do you want more of those direct phone calls?": Learn to answer the phone when is ringing!

One day, before turning 18, in order to get confirmation that I should listen to these messages and make sure that they weren't produce of my imagination I decided to do an experience:
I purposely choose to not listen to it.
The only thing I can say is:" I never did the same 'mistake' again!"
So, here I am writing until 4 in the morning!

If one is sincere about 'listening', he/she will also have to learn to be truly open minded, because 'Pure messages' will often test our 'logic', and challenge our 'Personal Agenda.

To hear 'The Light' when It calls in:
we must drop our agenda (by giving up what we want, we might get lucky to receive what we really need!) and stop judging according to our believes and senses. (Msg/Answers don't always come to us in a conventional way).
Which, brings me to the other insight for today:"Don't judge 'Messengers' by their clothes!

Many messages and messengers are coming to us undercover!
The Light, "rarely" comes as a fairy flying from the sky, surrounded by sparkling lights!

How many stories did we eared of these individuals: True angels, that didn't look like the part?

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Friday, July 10, 2009

A tornado of doubts, a breeze of actions.

Bonjour Friends,

How is it possible to start a week filled with excitement and ideas, and to end it with no desire to write a single thing?

Somethings was going on?!
Here ! I got it !

'The other voice' was playing with my head once again, awakening terrible feelings in me like:
Why do you keep pushing ? Why don't you quit ?

Suddenly, all the achievements from the past and the promises for the future were about to evaporate in the sky!

How many of us experience these moments ? Why?

The most powerful trick of that 'Opponent Force' is called: DOUBT.

When you start doubting that 'The Light' within you as a  Everlasting Positive Effect, it's time to remember, that your efforts are surely revealing loads of Light ( which might be the reason for some challenges to arise) and soon you will see some results.

Now, although positive thoughts are a good way to start, taking 'ACTION', is necessary to reinforce this consciousness!

When we found ourselves in a tornado of doubts , let's slow down the winds to become a fresh breeze of spring and simply share.

As we know when we get lost, we must always go back to the beginning, or indeed go back to the initial reason we are here:

"We are Channels of Light , here to experience our Divine Attributes"

Practically, it means to: Let's get out of Ourselves by:

Helping someone.
Calling a friend and ask how is she/ he doing ?
Cooking a nice dinner for a love one.
Reading a story to your child like nothing else matters !

Then, observe what is happening.

My friends,
I am so grateful for writing those words.
To share them with you is a true "bonheur"
The Light flows inside us, to always remember ,
We just need to spread it into the world.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Words of Light

Bonjour Friends

Before seating in front of this page, my mind was loaded with so many details on how to address this new topic called:

World & Words: How do they affect one another?

At first, I wanted to talk about "The liberty of expression"and what some people went through to allow us this freedom, then I was to write a little historic about the power of words from the time of creation until today. Finally, I wanted to share some true stories about the importance of watching our words for our own good and for the effect they have on our environment.

Nonetheless, once I started to write I realized that I might as well keep it simple, because 'Words' are vehicles of energy, one must treat  them very cautiously!

In a time, where self-expression is the new tool to reach the world, we often forget that words are precious.

According to the teaching of Kabbalah, Words actually have the tremendous power to build or destroy, and once again, it is upon us to decide: How do we want to use this amazing power and affect the world ?

It is a choice that we make each day as we interact with people, as we express our voice:
Are we going to share words to arouse feelings of love and support rather than being the source of someone distress or sense of abandon.

Furthermore, don't think that it is foolish to believe or talk about a world of endless beauty where everyone live in a perfect harmony.

Like most:
I know about 'Chaos': Pain, Judgment, Hate, Jealousy, Critics...but I choose to see 'Light'.
Uttermost, I choose to use 'Words of Light' to strengthen: Unity, Certainty, Love & Healing... And, so can you!

"We often underestimate the power of a contact or a smile. A nice word or a sincere compliment, though they have the power to change a life" Leo Buscaglia.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit