Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The most precious gift

Bonjour Friends

If you are one of "my many Friends" reading this blog on a regular basis and / or, if you're living your life guided by spiritual wisdom, chances are that you already felt the awakening of your spirit, and its knock at the door of your body.

You somehow understood that it was time for your soul to take control over your destiny, with the help of The Light Force. (Of course!)

Let's go back in time for a little then:

How did it happen for you?

How did you search or meet with: "your teacher"?

Were you feeling lonely or isolated even when surrounded by people at the time?

Were you in an "eternal" search of purpose and worth as far as you can remember?

Was it a subtle yet constant feeling that something was missing in your life? Or a sudden, perhaps even dramatic event that push you into a quest for change?

Maybe were you just eager for more! After all, isn't life suppose to bring us fulfillment?

Did we not grow up believing that movies must end: "happily, ever after?!"

Whatever may be your story (and you are surely more than welcome to share it!), if you're already on the other side, working with more understanding to fulfill your purpose in this creation, that's by itself a wonderful accomplishment!

You are one of those who jumped into the driver seat, riding your car with the most wonderful co-pilot on your side!

However, my friends, many others are still left behind, still seating in the rear seat of life, whether they know it or not!

The thing is: by becoming "students"\" co-creator" of our destiny, we also became "teachers" for millions of souls still living in the dark!

It's a big responsibility, probably bigger than you even bargained for, you may say!

Yet...without a doubt: You / We are ready for this!

We have the wisdom and an endless power inside of us, screaming to do it! The question then is: Are we courageous enough to do so?!

In this time of emergency: "The end of days" as some call it, which is of course a code, some (We) have been chosen for a fantastic mission: Embracing The Light, Spreading this consciousness and bringing an end to pain and suffering into the world!

Yes, It's a really ambitious work that we are talking about but no worries, the way to get there is as simple as LOVE.

It says: "When the time has come to return to the source we originate from: ONLY our deeds of love shared with others will matter!" and...

The most precious gift we can share with someone else is to offer them the key that connect to their soul... The Light.

As a new soul and then another and... many more, board in this new journey to enlightenment:
May our unconditional love accompanied them and  may their light unify with ours and become this bright lighthouse shining in the dark showing us the way home.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A True Friend

Bonjour Friends

Since I was a young girl and, certainly even more once I embraced my destiny, I always found myself more involve with people for personal / spiritual matters than social ones.

I've never been part of a: "Let's get together & have fun's group"... However, I've always been surrounded with either spiritual minded people and / or with souls who trusted me with their most personal stories and...It has been an amazing gift!

Being there for someone & becoming the trusted space, where everything can be said freely is just a divine present that's worth gold!

When, We Connect from soul to soul: there is so much to learn, share and receive too!

Though, "listening" for me doesn't always mean that someone is talking (at least with real words), it's more like, turning down my own radio station to become more receptive of someone else tune, what comes next remains the same: offering support & love, to ignite the Light within someone else.

Psychic or not, to perceive the real need of our fellowman/woman, I would generally say: it is often in what people don't tell, that you can find what is truly significant.
It's commonly know as: reading in between the lines.  (It is actually said, that the divine light encapsulate in the scroll of the Thora /The Holy Bible, circulate in the white space between the dark Hebrew letters).

Creating a space for someone to breathe is the first step into becoming a beacon of light, simultaneously followed by:

1- Opening up our heart.

2-Deleting our personal agenda.

3-Asking for guidance

From Aaron the high priest and brother of Moses, we also learn an incredible requirement. To become this fantastic friend / channel and before saying any word, we must first step out of our own clothes and enter the attires of "our friend".

Guiding someone isn't about throwing general rules (even if they're excellent) but feeling what the person in front of us needs!

Often becoming a true friend, a channel of light, will also mean taking on different roles:
The gentle soul that guides without pushing; The loud coach who talks the talk and pushes our buttons or sometimes the quiet lover waiting into the dark until it gets lighter!

To know so, we must first realize that only the divine Light knows!

Then, we can pray with all our heart that we will be able hold the space between our friends and us for the divine to flow through it and allowed us the chance to do or say the right thing.

Being: "A True Friend" is priceless, a delight for our soul, the world and, the Light itself!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.