Thursday, October 21, 2010

Above & Below

Bonjour Friends

To be completely honest with you, this time around, I felt very conflicted about publishing my blog.Why...???

About a week ago, I received my original inspiration, but after writing it on paper, I felt that the content might be too sensitive and also too long for some of my readers.

Yet! Something was pushing me to share it. A voice inside of me was whispering that someone needed to hear those words.

Eventually this morning, I got my solution.

I will write my article in two parts. In the 1st one, I'll share as usual my message. In the 2nd one, I'll take the ones that have the time or the desire on a road trip through "My story".

Above & Below: (part 1)

As spiritual or positive thinker, one can be, Life might "surprise" us, with some ultimate challenges making us lose our knowledge and abilities to handle it "Pro-actively".

On top of this list is without a doubt: "illness and death".

Before the age of 25, I can record at least 3 events,(1 mortal car accident and 2 illnesses) that got me so close to it that it's a miracle that I am still here. (There was actually a 4th one that was shown to me and then confirmed: my birth was certainly dramatic and I almost didn't make it so did my mom).

In any case, it's my last experience that revealed to me what I was about to do in this lifetime.

As life was leaving me, I went through what people call: "a near death experience".

To this day, even though I never talk much about it, I remember the feeling of a warm presence around me,while hearing that it wasn't my time and that I'll still have lots of work to do.

Few days later, I came to Miami to recover and ...what a recovery!

My aunt and her family welcomed me like one of theirs, gave me a place to stay and grow and above all...They introduce me to: "Kabbalah".

With time: between my studies, "my row gift" and my knew source of wisdom, I saw my path traced front of me.

Since that day, "I never got sick", and whatever was the cause of my ailment: was it physical or spiritual?
(Lots of spiritual leaders go through hard times before getting their call, I was taught, the same way we get challenged when we are about to reveal lots of Light.)

It made me promise myself to do everything I can to share my vision of the world that exist behind the curtain, and help everyone, and especially the one in pain, have a test for  "The Light" which is truly our legacy.

I do miss, what I know is our real home.

Nevertheless, our world provide us with unique opportunities to transform and earn "The Light".

We all have a mission on Earth: big, small it doesn't matter!

We just need to do our best to accomplish it, asking "The Light" & our "Helpers"to be there for us, in that journey of going back home.

Above & Below: (part 2)

Sunday 10/10/2010

It's night, I am sitting at my desk. I just received the inspiration for my blog. Here what I wrote:

"Bonjour Friends

The story, I am about to share with you is surely one of my first memory growing up, with the spiritual world.
I was no older than 13, when one of my classmate (a boy, I knew since Kindergarten) got sick.
Nobody told us much about it, day when he came back to school wearing a wig, I also heard for the 1st time the word: "cancer".
Soon after that, we stop seeing him or even talked about it.

Months later, my family took us in vacation to Israel for summer.
In the first week of our arrival, we went to Jerusalem and here is what happened that day.
As I was standing in front of "The wall": "I saw my friend"!
He looked beautiful and seems to glow: something was so peaceful about him!

Words are quite limited, but it didn't matter then (or even now) since I knew, I won't be able to share this story anyway.

Back to the house we stayed, my dad felt that something had happened to me.
I remember telling him: "I prayed for M. today" what else could I say?

This is when my dad told me that M. had passed away a week before our trip.

Monday 10/11/2010

It's 3:45pm, I need to go somewhere before picking up my daughters from school. The street I am suppose to take is crowded with cars, "I decide" to change my plan!
I'll go check some books from this bookstore that is closing in few days. As I get to the kid area, almost no books are left. I have a very little time left but decide to look at the "spirituality" section. as I browse through the books, one is literally "popping out", it's title:"The miracles of Archangel Michael". coincidence or sign that I need to share my story? Well... let me share what happened the following days for you to decide.

Tuesday 10/12/2010  

My 10:30 meeting just arrived. We start with the reading and discuss lots of topic together.The energy is flowing. Suddenly, like only a few do, she asked me if I know who she can call for guidance?
Since she is opened, I check at her field of energy and tell her that one of her grand-mother is always there for her and she also mention ( Can you guess who?): "Angel Michael!".

She is stupefy, so am I ( I will never be enough grateful for those moments!) She was very close to her Grandma who teach her to call on a regular basis "Michael" for help!.

Thursday 10/14/2010 

Last and not least pieces of this puzzle.
It's 12:30 PM, I  just met this  nice lady via some friends, we instantly started talking as we know each other forever.
She's a nurse working in an hospice, as I spoke to her about spirituality and Kabbalah, she also share with me one of "her stories.", in particular, the passing of her last night patient and all  the wonders she witness that night, ( that lady was in a coma for a while, but that night she opened her eyes, looked at her husband, said goodbye and left) .
As she talk, "I know " that her mother passed away too but...she's in fact still very close to her!
My "New Friend" knows it but can hardly hold a tears...of joy and emotion".

Today, Dear Friends

I hope that my story will help you see "a little"of the world as I do, but most importantly as beautiful and endless it really is.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walking the path

Bonjour Friends

Do you often feel that you know something, (and I am not talking here about the Ego: "I know" but the knowledge of the soul that is teaching us), to discover via some events of your life that you might just start to "gets it"!?

Well...I don't know for you, but...It happens to me all the time!

Does it means that we didn't really get it before or are we just reaching a new level of understanding, as we evolve in our spiritual ladder of transformation?

Kabbalah which means, (Remember?)
:To receive, is teaching us that the process of life can be represented in the form of an onion.

Furthermore, each learning and pro-active actions that we undergo remove one layer and gets us closer to the heart.

(Actually, if I have to be more accurate, I will explain how each layer has its own 10 levels... but don't count on me to go there!).

Our job then, is to remove those layers that are obstructing the Light and reach for the heart, where everything is clear and simple and where Love & Unity are the only things that is real.

Talking about heart, here what I wanted to share with you today.

After my last article, I realized more than ever, (and thanks to you for sharing some of your thoughts with me), that nothing is more important!

It also reminded me of a lesson, I learned many years ago:

When I was a University's student, I worked as a tutor for a family that had 3 kid. My youngest student was very smart, he also became very undisciplined in the classroom before I started to work with him, consequently his grades started to lower and it's how his parents contacted me.

I of course worked with him, (and brother & sister) on his academics, but the more time I spent with him, the more I came to realize that behind this " unfocused child" was a soul screaming for something else than a teacher. He was asking to be seen!!!

I am a mother, I know the love parents have for their child as well as the love that we may have for some others people of our lives.

Yet...Sometimes we may get caught up in a life where we forget to pay attention to our surrounding.

Let's be honest here: How often, are we getting blind or too busy for the things that are front of us?

As a spiritual counselor, I am the first person to talk about the "big picture", to act and work for the global consciousness, inviting people to step out of their routine.

Nevertheless, Dear Friends, let's remind ourselves to see what is front of us and most importantly to look:" inside the eyes of others".

Many inspirational books talks about the journey of "Mans" searching for their path, realizing at the end of the story that it was right under their feet from the beginning of their journey.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.