Friday, May 29, 2015

Focusing on 'The Good'

Bonjour Friends

Did you ever have to mediate 'a fight' between 'Little Ones'?

If you have not, let me very quickly resume what you will most likely witness 99% of the time.

Although you might have asked 'the main actors' to calm down, so you can learn what happened, almost immediately 'The Victim' will scream at your ears;"He/She started it!', while 'The Other One' will answer, in the same tone of voice:"Yes! But...It was his/her fault, because He/She did say 'this or that' to me...."

Eventually, after you decided on how to handle the situation,( which often was caused by nothing but a lack of communication/sharing skills) 'Both side' will agree over one thing: "It isn't fair!"


Well...Not so much! Especially, when 'The little Ones' aren't so little anymore.

Truth be told, how often do 'Grown-ups' behave that way?

Refusing to take responsibility or agreeing to meet the other person half way to discuss 'the issue' like 'adult', making sure that a consciousness of Mercy & Sharing prevails over Judgment & Separation.

Sadly, we live in a world were people 'judge' all the time (most often based on their side of the story and egoistic desires) and, hold grudges until 'The End of Time"! (Not to mention the extreme category who right away go for 'The kill' - For real of metaphorically)

Now, as we have learned: "Change starts with Us", and...

...Although not everyone is meant to be close, and some relationships have a specific purpose with a beginning and an end, we should always make sure to always have 'Human Dignity' in our heart for one another.

We know, from our spiritual studies, that it is in fact essential not only for 'worldwide spiritual reasons', but for our own well-being to start with.

When learning about  'The law of attraction', we understand that focusing our energy on Judgment, Anger...will attract what?

'That's right! More judgement!"

In addition, to this understanding, I'll add something by starting to quote my beloved teacher:"Remember that Nothing happens Suddenly!"

So when a 'major chaos' appears in someone's life, the first thing he/she should look to resolve and  heal is 'The little chaos' he or she has been holding onto for way too long!

As for Now, let's one and for all decide to focus our heart and soul on 'The Good' only, so 'The Light Force' will forever stay with us!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.