Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breaking Free

Bonjour Friends

When I was a teenager...( I know, here comes another flashback! Well..Lately it seems to be the favorite destination of my subconscious, and as we say: "Past holds the key of our Future")
...I used to read a lot.

Besides "classics", for a little while, I had a special interest for those books, where the reader was the creator of his own adventure.

At the time, I remembered, they were very popular! The concept was very innovative and highly interactive too!

The reader would start reading the first chapter as for any other book, yet at the end of it, he would have to choose between 3 options: The choice will determine which door/chapter to take next!
At the end of each chapter, "you" will influence the fate of "The hero" and become the one to reveal his destiny.

Sometimes, the end wasn't what you had expected.
Sometimes, your choices took your hero to a "dead-end" sending you back to the previous chapter.
Some other time, you'll get your happy-end, right from your first shot!

In any cases: Nothing was irrevocable! and that was the beauty of it!
Your hero might get lost or might lose a fight...he could always start all over again and finally make it, at the end!

Those books are a good metaphor for life!
Which can explain, the reason, that "I thought" about it!

We're all the hero of our own story.

Here and there, we confront ourselves to choices; however, we don't always act as the reader/creator of our book.

I have met with lots of people, that literally get paralyzed or sick into their stomach or elsewhere, due to the stress of making the "wrong choice".

As I say to them: At this moment, they/we forget that the Light Force of the Creator is an Overlooking, Endless source of love and protection, always ready to catch us!

Worst...We allowed doubt, fears, uncertainty... to become our master.

I was taught that if we make a choice in life with 100% love and pure intentions, there is no mistakes!

Another door will open from it, or we might be sent back to pick again!

Furthermore, staying in the middle of the road, consumed by all sort of negative feelings is the true mistake!

Breaking free is jumping and realizing that a majestic set of wings made with light is helping us fly!

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Heaven on Earth

Bonjour Friends

Before I start "riding my boat" and invite you to join me in this new journey of discovery, I'd like to take a pause to appreciate all the love that I receive each time that I am writing.

As time is passing by and the more people that I meet, I get to see better than ever the perfection behind chaos, and the tremendous amount of love locked inside our challenges.
As difficult as some situation may be (and I will never say they're not!) Keeping the faith that a sweet truth will reveal itself is essential in our process of connecting to the Tree of Life.

Personally, in addition to this feeling of peace, being able to share the learning that I get from all these different experiences and recycle it into a source of solace and guidance for others awakened an even great sense of joy in my heart and soul.
Furthermore: Thank You. We are now ready for our new trip!

Once, around the age of 14 or 15, my French teacher asked our class to write a short story as part of our homework. To be honest with you, I do not remember if there was a theme assigned to it, but I clearly remember what I wrote as if it was yesterday.

My story was about a young girl, sweet and smart, yet somehow disconnected to the rest of her "friends".
One day, something incredible happened to her. She was in her room, working on a science project about: The Aurora Borealis using a computer as her source of information. (Funny when I think about it, since at the time Internet didn't exist and I almost never touched a computer myself!)

Suddenly, as she was writing, the picture on her screen started to shine and transformed into a door that sucked her in.
She, then found herself traveling into time and space through a cosmic tunnel!
When she reached the other side, everything around her was more beautiful, peaceful and colorful than anyone could dream.
For the first time, she felt home... Unfortunately, before she knew, she was back to her room.
Everything around herself was the same as before, yet she was a complete different person.

After I wrote this story, I felt that one day I would love to write about it.
I wanted to share with more people, not only the story but also the feeling behind it, as the experience had happened to me.

Today, I do believe that this story was more than a product of my imagination.
I would say that it was "a revelation", not my first but definitely a memorable one.

I also know that this place exists and that the door to access it is hidden inside each one of us.

"The other side", "The World to come" or "Nirvana", or whatever name you are calling it can be reach while we are here.
It's called "Heaven on Earth"

How do we bring it into our lives? You may ask.

Paradoxically, each time that we face our own "craziness" and that we seize the opportunity by overcoming our human nature, we tap into this divine dimension, we get a test of it!
It's furthermore, up to us to make it last!
Did you ever experienced this feeling when your all reality change after a choice that you made and at this moment you feel "the King/Queen of the world"!
Well...This is it!

This was my "Ancient" story, my Today blog, my Forever dream: The reason for me to live.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.