Thursday, September 8, 2011

Returning Home

Bonjour Friends

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a man who lived his days in a total state of satisfaction.

He had money, yet wasn't rich and... even though he could have been, he never tried.

He wasn't in conflict with anyone. However, he never really connected with anybody.

He was "simply happy", in the lonely castle he had built for himself.

Now, some might think he accomplished what we all are trying to do:"live in peace and harmony with others and ourselves".

Well...I can already tell you:"Think twice!"

One day, unexpectedly, a great soul:" a kabbalist", happened to stay for a few days in his town.

Everyone living there was eager to meet with him.  They, all wanted to learn how to improve their life, except for our "happy" man!

Nevertheless, probably more by curiosity than anything else, he decided to visit the kabbalist on the very last day of his stay.

As he sat front of his table, he didn't say a word... didn't ask one question.

The kabbalist looked at him perplexedly.

What is it? Finally, asked the man, wondering why "the very special soul" didn't have anything to tell him.

The kabbalist, still quiet, looked at him with deep sorrow in his eyes.

"I am sorry". He said. "There is nothing I can do for you my child. This life is a complete waste, the way you are now!"

The man, suddenly saw the pain he had caused. His life had: No purpose...

For years, I always carried this story with me, wondering:
What am I suppose to do, to fulfil my destiny? How can I share more, and reveal my true nature as a spark of Light ? (A question, I believe we should all ask ourselves regularly).

Today, probably more than ever before, the world need us, to take this responsibility!

It's a "big job", that our generation has to accomplish, however, if the curtain of darkness seems ticker, it's only because a tremendous amount of Light is ready to be reveal, which will transform it forever .

Just like a child "returning home", we must apply ourselves to learn, grow, transform and share before we do so.
In this process, let's not listen the voices saying:" It's too hard or too late!". 

...After realizing "its mistakes", our man begged with all his heart for another chance.

"Today, your only option to correct your selfishness" Said the kabbalist is to choose to die, (which he accepted joyfully).

As he laid on the floor, eyes closed, thinking it was the end, the kabbalist said a prayer and opened his mouth, putting a spoon of milk and honey inside.

When we are ready to feel the pain caused by our ego and sacrifice it: we get a taste of the Garden of Eden, the land where flows milk and honey: Today and Forever.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.