Thursday, January 17, 2013


Bonjour Friends

Even though, I had many encounters with its meaning long before, it's only in 2001 that I heard of this word for the first time.

How do I remember that?

Serendipity was the title of this cute romantic comedy, where the two main characters were experiencing as the definition states: "Happy Accidents", leading them to find something good while not specifically searching for it.

What a word?! What an amazing feeling! Won't you agree?

When such a divine providence takes place, how to not remember how much The Light Force that surrounds our Universe "Loves us"?!

Whatever is it that "we find", whichever area in our life it may touch, the feeling of joy it creates is endless...Purely divine.

Personally, it always makes me want to dance and/ or smile - Especially if it comes as a  ray of sunshine in a darker sky.

It is just so amazing, how those little occurrences help us reconnect with the fact that "The Light" never gives up on us and is, without a question: "The hope, we all need!" in our lives.

However,...What about these other moments? When our heart is filled with: Doubts, Fears and/ or pains?

What happens to All this Love?

Well...It's still there!  We just need to remove the drapes covering our own heart!

Life is sinusoidal!

Because our "physicality" is quickly reactive and highly "emotional", we constantly go through ups and downs.

Furthermore, each time, we respond  instinctively to external stimuli, we  "lose" our memory of the Truth!

To recover it though is pretty simple:

"Just like appetite comes by eating":  Love is felt by sharing it!

So...Next time when we feel low, instead of dragging ourselves into it even deeper: Let's do something nice for someone else!

When we share with an open heart, the love we feel "we are missing".
Before knowing it, we'll see that it's always been there, right inside of us, this all time!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.