Friday, June 1, 2012

A binary numerical system

Bonjour Friends

Back when I was in school, I remember learning once about another mathematical system of counting which uses only two symbols: 0 & 1.
It's known as the binary numerical system and used by almost all modern computers.

Like most though, I never "consciously" had a need for this information, except that years later, when I found my spiritual deck in the port of  Kabbalah, I got reminded of it.

Each day of our lives, not to say hours/minutes, are about making repetitive choices between two poles of energy:
0 or 1, Sad or Happy, Angry or Zen, Reactive or proactive, Darkness or Light...

Even today with this article, I had to choose between two angles.

Initially, I was inspired to talk about: "The repetition of our negative patterns vs the positive ones". The title would have been:"Oops, I did it again!". I would have probably talked about how each one of  us struggle sometime, to end certain patterns and as a French expression states how:"when we chase the natural by the door, it comes back by the window".

However, I decided to choose differently!

While some choices are easy and logical, some on another hand might require a lot more courage and perseverance in order to be done with it, just like certain of our patterns.

During such episodes, we must raise our level of certainty to the highest place and know in our heart that if  we apply ourselves, we'll eventually reach the core of the problem and transform it. Occasionally, it's as peeling an onion, one layer at the time. Each layer might even bring up some tears, but.... caramelized onions can be the sweetest thing present in so many delicious recipes.

Furthermore, being happy versus being sad is the produce of a choice we made, not the result of some external events! Being happy, starts within and get fulled by a goal larger than ourselves.

In that journey called life, we might feel as if we don't have always a control of what is happening, but we can always decide how we are going to feel about it, remembering the most important lesson that nothing happens to us but... for our own personal and spiritual growth!

In any given day, we must always remember as well, that the Light force of the universe wish only the best for us, making sure to provide "all that we need" which is endlessly more than what we usually want.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.