Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life's Explorer

Bonjour Friends

I am late!!!

It was "Back to school" for the kid this week, which meant lots of work for "Mom".

After all...Since I am "An Independent writer", what is the problem?

In life we have official responsibilities to honor with: our boss, our families..., and we also have commitments that we take with ourselves like taking care of our bodies, souls...

Even though their implications are different (one has usually more immediate consequences than the other), they're both important to respect and we should always give 100% of ourselves in both cases, trying to follow through.

Another thing that we can learn, is that even if we should always push ourselves, have discipline and met our goals, sometimes life is also teaching us that we need to let go and ride with the flow.

( Getting guilty or upset never help! )

In addition and since there is a timing for everything, we maybe simply haven't met it yet!

Based on the same spirit, when our lost of faith keep "accelerating" this is the time when we should "slow down" our dark feelings. When life sends us challenges after challenges, it's important to remember the first rule of swimming class: learning to float.

From time to time, I hear in meetings sentences such as: "I can't take it anymore!"or "I just want to know when life is going to stop throwing rocks at me!"

Usually the same people might have experienced, hope and excitement as they started in a spiritual path but after a while, they have lost their faith in the divine providence...

Opportunities to learn and transform became unreachable mountains, making them feel that they are drowning.

To those who experienced enlightenment and "lost it" or to those who never had a test for it in the first place, I would like to share those few words.

In the world we live, "Peace" is found inside the work we do and the challenges that we face.

Yes, it's true! Some test are tougher than some others but do we have faith?

When we are facing bravely every moment of our lives, we find true peace of mind.

Kabbalah explains that we incarnate in this world to earn the Light of our Creator.


By recollecting the sparks concealed in the dark and restricting our reactive nature doing it.

Just like a kid saying to his parent: "I want to do it by myself"! We asked to figure things out and to become: "Life's Explorer".

To finding what we're truly looking for and experiencing lasting fulfillment.

With Love & Light, Ilanit

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Many pieces, One big puzzle

Bonjour Friends

Since I was a little girl, until I graduated High school, I received a "Jewish education" in addition to the Academic programs, from the private school my parents sent me.

During those extra hours, I learned to read and write in modern and cursive Hebrew, to converse some, but most importantly, I studied the meaning of Holidays, prayers and commentaries of the Tora/ Bible.

Later on, as I was introduced to the teachings of Kabbalah, it brought a new prospective on all those early explanations.

It, actually opened up my mind to a larger vision and understanding that was closer to my personal feelings on the meaning of life, its rules and the "Oneness" that I was looking for.

Nevertheless,I do remember that few of those early studies were right on the same target, revealing some secret messages underneath the surface.

Once, one of my "Tora's teacher" made our class study a "Michna" that was explaining that in order to fully connect to the Light Force of the Creator, One must learn to "Love" unconditionally.

Yet, there were 3 types of love, one must achieve.

(Kabbalah explains that the world rest on a Tri-principle: The balance of The right, The Left and The Central column being the key of our spiritual work.)

Back to our verse, here is what it says:

1- There is the love for Our Creator as a whole.

2-The love of our neighbor as an extension of us.Finally,

3-We have to love Ourselves.

Studying this verse, revealed that one can't go without the others.

There's a fine inter-dependency between them.

Think about it!

How can we say we truly love The Creator or ourselves if we don't love others and vice-versa.

Nevertheless, if we must be honest, it's not always easy to love someone else or be "friend" with anyone.

Well...Listen to this:

The Hebrew word for "friend" is "Chaver" which has the same root than the word "Chibur"/"To connect", and what's connect us all?

Unfortunately, because we live in a world of illusion and separation, (even scientist are saying that we only see a portion of the reality, and things are not always as they seems) we often can't see that connection.

As it can be described beautifully:"We're all pieces of a big puzzle, different yet complimentary".

Furthermore, when we face in our daily life challenges with others: "Tikkuns/Karmas" etc... Let's keep in our heart a piece opened to love and not "hate".

The other night, I watched a movie on the life of President Nelson Mandela and was moved in the depth of my heart on how a man, who had all the reasons "to hate" find the inspiration to transform his experience into his biggest strength, incarnating supreme forgiveness and an ultimate faith on the divine plan for the all world to see.

Let's remember, when we face the dark face of humanity that in the supernal dimension, we're all One!

Sincerely, Ilanit.