Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's take a ride!

Bonjour Friends

When someone decides to put their soul into the driver's seat, great things are about, and will happen: Light will suddenly illuminate the usual darken road in a way never experienced before.

Often, moreover, the journey might still be like driving at night: we know where we start and what is the destination but the light beams seem to show us only a short distance at the time!

Isn't it after all, what we really need?

During this trip, we must have FAITH!!!

Each bump, is part of the big picture and not giving up is essential to complete our journey.

Last time, after publishing my newest post, I received few emails from "Friends", among all the nice words was the first harsh one, I had ever received since I started writing...and I am not talking about a critic made on my syntax.

No!!! I am talking about a true personal attack!

At first, I felt very hurt and confused and my human nature would have made me do something anti-spiritual due to the anger, Except! That I learned long enough to switch on auto/soul-pilot!!!

One of the first things we can learn from this experience is that being spiritual is not removing our nature: it is to transform it!!!

Because my soul was securely driving the car, in a second I realized that it was a great opportunity to actually: "Walk the talk!"

Do you remember, what I was saying in my last post? "I laugh at myself when I see my Ego bruised" and it's what I did!

It is said by ancients Kabbalists, that we should make sure to have " enemies" during our lifetime! I also read that we should be concerned if we spend more than 40 consecutive days without any challenges (It doesn't have to be catastrophic but enough to keep us uncomfortable.)

Why is that?

"Enemies/Challenges", are a sign that we are, in fact, connecting and revealing Light in our lives and ultimately in the world.

I also learned, that our human nature is "so sensitive"that one critic, one "wrong word", may cause us to react in an extreme, making us throw away all that we did or received in a second.

Think about it!

How often do we question the future of our relationships or any commitments for one argument? How eventually is it the result of taking things "too personally"?

Today, I am going to leave you with these questions to answer, hopefully, it will awaken lots of positives re-commitments as it did for me.

I'd like to dedicate this blog to Nicole, Laurent, Uriel, Salome, Yehuda, David & Mimi.
It says that the best way to thank someone and wish them good is to share with another, the Light you received from them.
I'll make it my life! Je vous aime.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Laundry day

Bonjour Friends

As I surely mentioned it in the past, I can clearly record my "spiritual awakening" at the age of 12.

When I was shown that there was a lot more to life than what our eyes can see (or hear), I started to learn, to understand about the power of the Light Force of the Creator surrounding and within myself.

Even though, looking back shows how I've been involved in many incredible life's story, I still look at it with amazement, like watching "The Divine Masterpiece".

Actually, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work as a devoted Light's mail carrier.

For centuries, many great teachers and Kabbalists strength, the importance of humility, and the restriction of "The Ego" in order to succeed in our spiritual journey.

Furthermore, to make sure not to take credits and honors that don't belong to me, I like to laugh at myself when I face my "human mistakes" and, welcome with joy the bruising of my ego.

For this same reason, I also make sure to follow the advice that I received from one of my first teacher: "Share-Appreciate and move on to the next"!

Today, I decided to do even better than that, I plan to share with you, one of my "True personal stories".
Hopefully, it will help illustrate my point:

As spiritually evolve as one may be, there are tons of space for growth...and so much more messages to listen and learn from!

Few weeks ago, one Sunday morning, I was doing laundry.
I live in a "Condo". Furthermore, I am sharing the use of the laundry room with the other residents of my floor, to do so, I have a prepaid laundry card. (Those details are of course for my readers that don't live in the US)

After I put my last load to dry, as I was walking to my apartment, a message suddenly popped into my head saying:"Ilanit, you must put back your card to its place right away, if not, you won't find it, next time you need it!"

I got home and guess what?!
For some unexplained reasons, I didn't listen!

Shocking?! I know!

Well...Wait until I tell you what happens next!

Few days later, when it was time for more laundries, "Surprise!": I couldn't find my card.

The good part was that it wasn't lost!
Yet! I didn't know where it was!

I started to look around my house and suddenly stopped: I won't do the same mistake! I will ask and listen!!!

So...I sat, closed my eyes and "talked to the Light".

I asked to see the place, where I had left my card and most importantly to be forgiven for not listening in the first place.

In the next few seconds, I received my answer:

My card was in a jacket that I wore on that " laundry day".

I give you just a "cute little story" but to show how powerful it is if we open our heart to read the message hidden in it!

The Light Force of the creator is constantly talking to us, we're often the one not ready to pick up the phone, and if it is not enough, it's with constant forgiveness that we are welcomed home!

May we truly appreciate, all the love and guidance we receive every second of our lives and answer back, by sharing words of kindness and support to others.

Love & Light.
Sincerely, Ilanit.