Sunday, March 29, 2009

Generation Facebook

Bonjour friends

Does this sound familiar to you ?
Name: Ilanit Fridman
Birthday: March 19, 19..
Relationship Status: Married
Activities: Intuitive Counselor (M.Ed), Numerologist, Writer
What' s on my mind now?

So many things, but should I share them? I am not sure, this is the right place to do it?!

Today, in a society where communication knows no limits, there is one thought that keeps hammering itself on my brain: Are we really using technology to connect more with each others? or Are we the victims of more separation?

With all those new live chat and online communities, suddenly everyone can connect or reconnect with everyone!

Suddenly, we receive 'invitations' to become friends with people we hardly know or ironically who made our life a nightmare at some point.

We can talk to people who lives in the other side of the globe and listen to all their stories, when most of us don't even know our own neighbors, not to be hardly honest our own surrounding.

What is this phenomena telling us?

From the day that we are born, we all want to feel that we belong, that we are not alone in this world. We want:"To love and being loved in return!"
But like everything, there is rules in this universe and in this case: What we give is what we get!

Furthermore, all the things that we want (Love, attention, support...) we should start to share them.(live or online)

From a spiritual point of view words have power and meaning, so when we ask: How are you? or What's on your mind? We should really care, if not: let's not ask!

Also, when we see people writing about themselves on those walls, especially when it sounds like they're trying to reach out for help (and truly there is no need of a psychological degree to see it)what are we doing about it? Don't we have a responsibility as their "friend"?

Are we going to read between the lines and answer this call ? or... Are we going to become  this "Generation Facebook": Reality Online where no one cares!

It is said about Moses, that it was so sensitive to every single being, that he could even feel if a sheep was missing! (And back then he didn't have a computer or even a cellphone to locate them!)

Today, my friends,because of technology we can finally say: "One world"
Let's now share our heart and make it:"One Soul".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Monday, March 23, 2009

From the heart

Bonjour Friends,

I have been home for almost a month... and believe me, it's not because I was getting lazy.
On the contrary!
I was caring for my daughters that were sick around the clock .
I will spare you the details, but such situation give a all new definition to the expression:"That wasn't easy!"

In life, I'm pretty sure,we all experienced moments when we fell out of control.

During such days, I can't tell for you, but I usually try my best to respond with a spiritual attitude,

This time, for example, I kept on telling myself that life has its reasons, and that I should use this opportunity to strengthen my certainty and patience, and...that everything will be fine but... sincerely, (because I wasn't seeing my girls doing better),
It was like time had frozen, and I was stuck in 'The twilight zone'!

In life, when the pressure gets so overwhelming, most people might wish to go back to the past where everything was easier, and/ or jump into a brighter future.
Either way, 'Traveling to the past or the future', the wish is the same: "Being anywhere else but in the present".

Yet, is it the answer?

Scientist as well as Kabbalist believe that time is an illusion: the same month, week, day or hour can appear slow or fast, good or bad etc... depending on our perception.

Therefore, instead of trying to control "Time", which we certainly can't,( not at least in the way we attend to), we could learn to embrace what's happening right now and, remember that each situation has a purpose and a timing.

Some challenges are short, some are long but it's like the movie "Groundhog day": if we keep on finding ways to bring 'The Light' into it, we'll eventually move on to the next scene.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Bonjour Friends

Last Monday, "A thought" crossed my mind as  I was putting on my costume for Purim (the cosmic event which directly connects us to the power of joy and certainty).

I got thinking how ironic it is, that most culture in the world carry this concept of dressing- up for one 'special day', since we tend to spend most of our lives wearing masks.

Some philosophers even compared life to a "Comedia dell'Arte" (Italian for improvisational theater), where we all are playing different characters depending on the scene.

At time, we are the lover, the son/daughter, the boss...wearing each time a different masks.

Furthermore, if life is just a masquerade:  How can we recognize the truth in ourselves?

First, we need to understand that there is two aspects within us -like two sides of a coin- what the sages of Kabbalah called: "The Light" and "The Opponent".

Unfortunately, pressured by a desire to fit and look good, many individuals are in denial of  their dark side.  They will do everything they can to suppress it, in order to remain an icon of perfection (at list in public) and even though it might turn out to be a great mistake overtime.

See...I, too often witnessed those in denial of their internal issues (anger, depression, resentment...)turning into a ticking bomb in the long term!

Therefore, being aware of our 'inner opponent' is the first step to ignite "The Light" within and regain control of who we truly are. The second step is of course to work on it.

When, the first theaters were built, the actors used to live on the road going from place to place leaving in carriage for days. Then, to prepare for the show, in order "to look good" they put on a lots of make- up and perfume, to cover-up the fact they didn't shower for weeks!

Covering-up: Is it really the way to a Better and True self / life?

Taping into 'The Divine' starts by knowing that we are Righteous Souls working hard to overcome challenges and physical limitations to reveal their Eternal Perfection.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mirror, Mirror....

Bonjour Friends

This week, I was thinking about how much our relationships with others are paradoxical and complicated. We can feel instantly connected with someone we just met, and without affinity with someone who shares the same blood.

Some people make us feel good and secure, while some others make us feel stress and unfit.

No matter how close or far the connection with the people of our lives is, spiritual teachings, as well as psychology agree:"Others are mirrors of ourselves".

Then... How come those "outsiders" (family, partners, boss...) appear to be the cause of our misery more than our support system and continuity?
Seriously!? Those people don't look anything like us! Not in the way they talk or behave.
We surely are different as: "The Beauty and... The Beast", and on top of that, they have 'the unique gift' to push our buttons like no-one else!

Well...Here a few things we should consider with an open mind to see what this is all about.

As a mirror do, people send us a reflective image of us. Even in the tale I just mentioned, the two characters are first shown to be opposite, but as the Beauty starts reaching to the Beast, she sees him in a different light, until his true kindness and hidden beauty is finally revealed.

The similarity is in our essence and appearances are just an illusion to create separation.

Once we go beyond the surface, and learn to look at life with a spiritual eye, we can see the true nature that we are all made off.

Then why does our surrounding keep triggering our own beast? Even when we do our best to think as them as part of us.

The answer is simple: The universe is helping us, transform our reactive nature by making us face those challenging interactions.

What I learned is that it is okay to feel pushed over the edge or frustrated when facing certain people in our lives.
Yet, we shouldn't runaway from the uncomfortable it causes us, neither should we 'emergency patch' the problem: It will come back!

Our job is to go to the root of the problem that is laying inside of us and fix it!

In this journey, the more we know about ourselves and the laws of the Universe, the more we have a chance to see the world pushing us to grow.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Monday, March 2, 2009


Bonjour Friends

Do you ever find yourself talking with someone, addressing a topic that was on their mind?

Can you see how your words help them understand something, and lift clouds above their head?

This, my friends is one of the aspects of listening to our intuition.

When you are in tune with a person's wave and channel the words they needed to hear, you allowed the Universe to flow through you, fulfilling at this exact moment your purpose to become a beacon of Light.

In different occasions this week, I spoke about the "Lost of excitement", which I thought might be the message , I needed to share on this page as well. Hopefully, it will resonate with you too.

If we think about it, everything is about relationships: the one we have with our close one, with our co-workers , with ourselves and by extend with our spirituality/ Divine Spark within.

As we start any new adventure (love, work, study...) we are filled with energy: Life is bright and loud as fireworks!

Nonetheless, as time pass by, many will start to feel less excited, and will even consider to move on, especially if now there is 'electricity' in the air..

Well... Let me break a news: I don't say always, but often enough, we don't need to look for something new (partner, job or spiritual path), we just need to reconnect with the one we already have.

The excitement, once felt and now lost, is probably hiding from us, covered up with multiple layers of resentment and separation.

Today my friends, the choice is simple:

1- Giving up (and possibly doing the same later)
2- Recapturing those sparks of Light lost in time.

If you choose option number 2, here are a few tips to help you in this quest.

Step 1-
Before anything else, take some time as you will do for a meditation,seat in a quiet place and start visualizing yourself "Now". Focus on the relationship you want to improve, then travel back into your memory to see yourself at the time it all started. See and feel every details as if it is happening right now!
(Usually, one session is already enough to reboot your desire, but you can always repeat it as much as you need)

Do something you'll have done at the beginning of that relationship (something romantic for the one you love, an extra work for the boss that offer you this job, a new spiritual commitment, etc..).

Sounds exciting ?! I am happy you feel that way.

However, let me warn you about something: feeling back in track doesn't mean the other half involved will respond instantly to it too.

If it happens, you'll need to develop the mental of a fighter that want to win his title back and work harder on :

Keep fighting for those 'Sparks of Light lost in time'!

A true champion might lose a game does not mean he'll lose the championship!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit