Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trilogy of life.

Bonjour Friends

This week was "Back to school" for my girls (and many other children) and somehow, I felt the same way too!

Although, I knew that it was only a gleam of what was in store for us in less than a month.

Kabbalah, gives grand importance to "Time" and explains that each day has a particular vibration and that specific dates are like unique windows of opportunities for all humankind, to grow and transform.

New year, New moon, Holidays, Birthdays become a gift from the universe to us to affect life at the seed level.
As always, if we truly want to connect to it and become the creator of our reality, it starts with our desire!

No matter, how old or knowledgeable we are, if we open our heart and quiet down our ego, we will soon realize that every day, everyone and everything are opportunities to learn something new and evolve to a better self and get closer to 'The Light'.

This week, I had few experiences that teach me new things about myself and the "Human-Divine nature", all were somehow connected to the topic "Mind, Body and Soul": Three separate components that are meant to work as one !

I, understood more than ever, that is fundamentally a question of finding balance.

The dynamic between those three, if we don't overlook at it can switch from the side of the Light (when they work in harmony) to the side of the opponent that will use one or another to challenge us.

As kabbalah is teaching us, succeeding in the game of life is to learn the rules of the game and find balance between the three columns system that sustains the world.
Right or the energy of sharing, the Light inside/ the soul. Left or the energy of receiving, the body and central or the power of restriction: activating the mind to choose between the two main thoughts (proactive vs reactive)

I learned that it is our job to feed each one of them: Body, Mind and Soul, and make them work for us and not against us!

Sometimes, our mind and soul can be at peace with a particular event or challenge, it doesn't mean we haven't been affected at all, which can explain most of the illness that people may experience and vice-versa !

A precious key, in this journey of experiencing endless fulfillment is: Forgiveness.

We may not feel that we hold on emotions and traumas.

We may not know, how to forgive or may not want to forgive, but forgiveness for ourselves and for others is essential in order to get closer to 'The Light', to heal from inside out and rebirth to a new-self.

Forgiveness can help us take, as it was always meant to be, our place in the world as Angel of Light.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blank page

Bonjour Friends

Earlier this week, when I asked what should be the content of my new post, an unexpected thought crossed my mind. Why not sending a blank page instead of my usual writing? Followed by the question:"What feelings or thoughts this "empty" page awakens within you?

Obviously, I choose to discuss it instead !

Somehow, every day is like a blank page. We never know what tomorrow is going to bring us ?

According to the teaching of Kabbalah, which can be found in other spiritual teachings, each day is a new opportunity to start our lives all over again.

Unfortunately, as one of my teachers used to say; we spend our lives like "monkey that don't want to let go of their bananas"even if it means to lose our freedom and to lock ourselves in a jail.
Our egos, too often can't give up on pride, control and the famous infamous: Me, Myself and I.

As I always say to the kid that I teach every week-end, life is like a basketball game: on one side of the court, we have the Light-team on the other the opponent one.
The opponent wins the point each time it prevents us to shoot the basket, it can't just shoot the ball itself.

Basically: each time that we react to one of it tricks by getting angry, mad, jealous,self-centered,etc... we are missing the point. (Oh! Don't worry we'll get other chances, it might just be a little more challenging next time!)
With every situation, we decide who gets the point !

If we want to win the game, we first need "to stop" before reacting!

One of the worst tricks (if we understand that the higher score is achieved when there is total love and unity between the team-players), is to allowed separation, like fighting with our friends, lovers, husband or wife etc... to determine "who is right?"

How many people, around the world heard or experienced this situation ?

Arguing with someone we love and causing damages to the relationship, to not even remember how it all started in the first place!

Unfortunately, when each day become 'another day' ( same robotic routines, same fights, same old grudges...) we somehow cancel our right to experience:" A new day, A new life!"as we are now prisoner of our own egoistic jail.

We keep adding layers between us and the Light-Trophy !

In the french culture, a blank page is also called a virgin page, offering "coincidentally" the same opportunity than the month of Virgo: a month that invites us to clear up the space before starting a new chapter of our book!

By looking within ourselves: trying to learn from our past and setting up new goals for the future, we'll get closer to fulfill our destiny.

Six months ago, my first post talked about plugging ourselves to the Light/GPS, to get guidance and stay safe when the road gets bumpy and confusing.

All we need to access the guidance of"The Endless Cosmic GPS", is to rise our vibration to the level of the Light force of the universe, by increasing first and foremost our desire to share and love unconditionally.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shine out greatness

Bonjour friends

Every morning after preparing my daughter's hot cocoa and before jumping into my day, I first consecrate some time to establish a spiritual connection with the Light force of the universe.

Before checking my emails and getting ready for another race against time (like it is something physically possible!?!) I am trying to set up the tone of the day by clearing up my mind and by turning on the Light.

What I realized (even for someone that knew how"to fly"), is that too often while we are at one place, meditating, part of our mind is running in a different direction!

As a multitasking person, I sometime feel my brain is starting to smoke!

My question then is to know: how can we expect to experience mind over matter in our daily lives, when we can hardly sustain a meditative thought for more than few seconds?

First of all, let's not feel so bad about it, because that's not the point !

In my opinion, having this reflexion alone is already a hug step toward getting closer to the Light and elevating our consciousness.

It's also an opportunity to finally see the forgiveness and unconditional love the creator has for us!

Then, because it is difficult to hold thoughts, we can also realize the importance of taking action!

To illustrate this idea, let me share with you what happen to me this week.

My daughters being still in vacation, I spend all of my days with them, taking care of my other activities at night.

Now, maybe because a lack of time and also tiredness, I couldn't get a thing out of my mind with my writing!

On Wednesday,I didn't feel that I had received any specific message, I even say to myself :"I have nothing special to share this week!

Then I realized what I had just said !

How could I not see all the amazing miracles that keep coming into my everyday life, and that would do an amazing topic!?!

It is said according to kabbalah that a rich man, is one that has ears to hear, a mouth to speak and nose to breath...and us? We usually have a lot more than that!

Personally, not only I am alive, but I have a loving family, a circle of friends that keep growing and the irreplaceable presence of the Light in my life.

Suddenly, I started to clearly understand something. Our human nature usually craves for "fancy (fatty) food" rather than the fullness of "pure fresh row food" so to speak.

We are going through the same eternal dilemma between the piece of chocolate cake and the nice red apple.

We tend to desire more the instant and obvious meal to feel fulfilled rather than the more delicate one (than will give us satisfaction without the side effect)

In other words, we are instinctively more attracted to things that sparkles to think our lives fabulous !

Once I had been realizing this, I decided to challenge myself by putting some extra effort in a work that I though was already completed.

And guess what happen then ?

Not only that it came out even better, I also received my story.

We all expect greatness !
Nevertheless, most of the time we don't make the effort to get there.

My friends, it's time to come out of our comfort zone and push the extra mile.
To join our hands and souls together, and make it happen...
It doesn't matter how long or hard it is, remember to always keep a smile !
Revealing the Light and making life on earth: heaven.

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drops of water

Bonjour Friends

People often assume that being on a spiritual path (all the more being a 'Lightworker') makes you go through life without encountering bumps on the road.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

By definition, if we (re)incarnated in this physical realm, it means that we're in the same boat!

And, although, our level of spirituality will tremendously help when it comes to :"The how to deal with the process?" to unraveled 'The hidden gift' each challenge carries, it will not exempt us of 'The Work' in any circumstance!

No matter, who we are or what we do, we all have some 'dark zones' which needs 'Light'.

Now, if we were capable of truly knowing that everybody experiences struggles, beyond the appearances (rich, beautiful,smart...) , we will finally fill the space between us!

The great sages of  Kabbalah have talked about our time as the last stage of the correction: If we finally remove the separation that exist between individuals to unify as One humankind: The world will permanently be free of chaos.

As I got reminded in a humbling way this week, we make it happen : one drop at the time !

Even when we don't see any major change inside or outside of us, it should not stop us to continue the work.

If we compare a "breakthrough" to the spelling of a cup of water filled drop by drop, it's with patience and commitment that we will get to see the miracle taking place.

In this journey of transformation, we should ever react base on what we see or don't:
We never know how many more drops need to be added to the cup before it spills ?!

As a true channel of Light that is only acting upon Love, we need to know in our heart that it's just a matter of time: The water will spill and the Light will forever shine.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.