Thursday, December 24, 2009

Force of Nature: a movie, our lives.

Bonjour Friends,

If you wonder why I didn't write last week, here some pieces of information that might give you hints to figure out the answer.

Did you ever watch this movie? "Force of Nature".

Ben Affleck, the main character is on his way to his wedding when he met Sandra Bullock, a "free-spirit". Suddenly, anything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong.

Nothing is certain anymore: Can he make it on time for the ceremony? Should he still marry even?

Well...without spoiling the story (if you didn't see it) what is the messages behind all these "hurricanes"? What does it mean, when things get upside down in our lives? What is the right answer to follow?

The movie maker, obviously made a choice, even though two scenarios were possible.

1-The Light/ Force of Nature, was sending messages to the character to stop him to marry.

2-"The opponent",was playing tricks to prevent him from fulfilling his destiny.

Life is quit an adventure? Isn't it?

There are so many choices to decide from, to figure "the answer" to our "flood"of challenges!

It's okay to say it out loud: We need help!

We certainly can't do it alone, at least not in an intellectual way only.
If we want answers, we need to connect to the realm of endless possibilities: the Light within.

Obviously, there are lots of tools that I could mention here to do so, but one prerequisite must first be reminded: to get the Light, we must elevate our vibration above our nature and become "like the Light".

What does it mean?

When we transform our instincts/desire to receive for oneself alone to a true desire to share, we want (material, physical, spiritual...) things, to help others, we'll get the universe to work for us, and we'll receive all the answers we need: what we give is what we get!

In any case, when "make a choice with 100% desire to be with the Light, it  would never be a mistake! The path we are on will take us home any ways.

Another movie's quote comes to my mind as a conclusion:"Life is like a box of chocolate..." though I would add: Bite fully on it, savor it, even if the one you just picked, isn't your favorite flavor the next one might be the best ever yet! So, stay open to the possibilities: we are all on a journey of discovery.

Have a beautiful week
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pushing the rock

Bonjour Friends

The truth is that I should be in bed right now.
I caught one of those colds that makes you feel as you have been hit by a train.

I really thought about it, and then I couldn't do it!
This thought actually transformed herself into my weekly insight, and I had to share it with you.

Why could I not keep myself away from this promise to write weekly?

After all, It's not that I am writing for a magazine, or that I am even getting paid for it?

Well...our spiritual journey is a personal one first. When we commit to transform our nature and spread Light around us, It's a choice we made between us and the Universe: it's the perfect example of using our free will.

Nevertheless, we all know that "what we give is what we get", the choice becomes then: "simple".

Yet! When we share, we should do it without expecting anything in return  Sharing our gifts with the world (love, Time, Money, Talents...) is a rewarding blessing on his own.

Sometime, though we might question: Why are we still pushing ourselves when our world is scrambling around us?

To answer this question, I would say that once again, we should not trust our senses because we never get to see the whole picture.
We might not see the result of our actions (most of the miracles we experience in life are hidden to us), the opposite is also true, we don't see the impact of what we didn't do.

We live in a world ruled by the laws of cause and effect, and either way it would be consequences from our choices .

It says in the Bible about Jacob, after he went through lots of challenges, that "He sat".
Life can be so pressuring, leaving us on our knees, right?

It also says that at the minute that Jacob sat, he lost his ability to see the big picture/6th sense.

Remember we are here to push the rock that blocking the light, the universe will move it when it's the right timing.
Meanwhile, we just need to push.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Athletic spirit for the soul

Bonjour Friends

I don't know if it's the effect of my education or an early intuition, maybe some past life memory? I just know that as far as I can remember, I've always been a highly committed person, a hard worker.

Since the day I started school, I've always given 100% of myself, and not only for the things that I loved or felt comfortable with but as well the others.

I was taught that "Discipline and Perseverance" help us to perfect ourselves and allowed us to test true freedom.

After all: Did we not ask to come in this world to earn "The Light"?

In this journey, without even learning about it, I also knew that we needed to give a place to everything:
"Body, Mind and Soul" are one ensemble that required equal work and interest. They are like muscles that support each other.

Talking about muscles: after having a stiffed neck for days, I realized last week that it was time to give back a place to my actual muscles in my schedule.

As I mentioned it in the past, I used to run in high school. Back then, I could run the equivalence of 10 football field in less than 20 minutes.

So...Monday, I decided to run again. Right?!

I went to the football field, close to my home and started running. The truth, I could hardly finish the first straight line, I had to walk...I then decided (not without a little pinch in my heart) that I would start slowly, walking maybe 3 times a week for 30 minutes and see what will happen from there.

Why am I telling you this story?

Spirituality in lots of ways is like running a marathon.

1-Spirituality require discipline and commitment. It's not like "a class" to add in our curriculum.

2-Spirituality must become part of us: a consciousness to give the best of ourselves at all time.

3-The more we practice, the stronger we get. In the spiritual language, it's called: "expanding the vessel".

4-Finally, if we think we had fallen, it's only a trick of you know whom? ( the opponent voice in our head, of course!)

When an athlete gets injured, he knows it might take time but with perseverance and discipline, he would get back where he was and possibly even higher.

On Wednesday, I walked for 30mn and run an extra field without even a stop, in addition I received the inspiration from this week blog!

Do you still have doubts that we will make it ?

What are you waiting then ? Put on your sneakers: Together let win the spiritual marathon of life and bring the gold/Light back home.

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Treasure box

Bonjour Friends

Thursday November 26, 2009: 4th Thursday of November is Thanksgiving day.

For those of you that are reading my blog and that are not American (by birth or by living) you probably wonder: Why am I talking about this? What does this topic have to do with you or spiritual growth in general?

For a start, if you like American movies and TV shows (like I did even prior my move to Miami), you probably already know about Thanksgiving, (at least you know about the gathering, the traditional turkey and maybe even about the pumpkin pie).

Thanksgiving is a major holiday and an important part of the American culture.

Yet! Behind the history, there is a beautiful and universal message that we can all learn from.

Thanksgiving is a reminder to connect to a pair of fundamental principles (necessary for any human being wishing to fulfill their spiritual mission), I am naming here: "Appreciation and Sharing".

Personally, when I am hearing those two words that are connected like a soul mate couple, I actually can't help myself to think of one of my first kabbalah teachers who always says:

"Thanks" are nice but the best way to show appreciation more effectively is through actions/sharing.

To acknowledge and multiple our blessings, we should consciously do selfless act of sharing.

As we do, there are few things we should keep in mind:

1-Little or big, physical or emotional, sharing can change a person's life if it truly comes from the heart.

2-Sharing can't have an agenda.

3-Don't expect any rewards. When we give, we get (not always in the way we were expected to)

4-As we share. Keep the ego down and the humility up: "we are only Channels of Light".

Our generation is meant to teach/ re-educate the world and elevate the global consciousness to the next level, where "Loving-caring-Sharing" becomes again the normal.

During this process, let's remember that every act of sharing, is like a gold coin that we add in our spiritual bank account, and our saving is the asset always available to us when we need a miracle.

From all the sharing, nothing is more powerful than helping someone connect to the Light force of the Universe.

With Love.
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Channels of Light

Bonjour Friends

On Tuesday November 17 2009 (2 days ago), I was sitting in my favorite bookstore in front of the"Blogger for Dummies".

Thanks to my friend that I won't name but that surely will recognize himself for challenging me! Over the week-end, he said to me, and I quote:"I dare you to read this book!"

How could he not know (or could he?) that it was the exact type of pressure that I needed to move out of my comfort zone!

From time to time , we all need something or someone to push our buttons and keep us moving! (growing, evolving...)

In my journey, my friend and messenger for the day said something I already knew intuitively: "It is time for the next level".
He just wanted me to seek for new information on how to give more exposure to my blog and by the same occasion to affect more people's life.

Why am I telling you this? you already had guessed it must be some spiritual insights there that we can all connect to.

As a consequence of this conversation, I realized that everybody has fears and/or scary thoughts that tend to "freeze" us, keeping us in a "safe" place, when we should jump instead.

I do.

39 weeks ago was my first initiative to break out of the ice!
Starting my blog was the most natural step to take after coming out officially as "an Intuitive Counselor".

Yet, after the first jump, I sort of stop in my progression.
I kept it safe in the cocoon of "my friends"(people that I know, or that I worked with).

Furthermore, 39 weeks later is the perfect time to birth that baby and send it to the world! and you are more than welcome to help.

We all have those moments, when we know deep inside that it is time to take risks and challenge ourselves, although it feels very scary!

Life is like this mountain that we are meant to climb. We are all here to constantly elevate our consciousness and climb the ladder of transformation, one step after another.

Relationship, work, spirituality...anything that we think of can be improved, and we should never stop until we reach endless fulfillment for ourselves and the world.

Risk of failure, uncertainty, abandon, lost...and other definitions of the word fear might haunt us, they should never stop us.

When we are feeling scared to successes, let's remember that we are only channels of the Light. "Our success" are given to us as a promise from The Creator to be here for us.

"The Light is Here, The Light is There, The Light is Everywhere",
All we need to do
for it to flow through
is to keep our channels open and, consistently find ways to share.

Have a beautiful week.
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Bonjour Friends

Sometime more than some others, I find it difficult to put on paper "my thoughts" with the same fluidity than when they cross my mind.

During those moments (like today), I wish I'd have some magical way to express/translate into words some of the intensity that I experience within...if only those thoughts could fly like fireflies dancing in the night sky! my high school french teacher used to say: (which it's also true about our Creator) When the phrasing becomes too long and/or too complicated, break it into shorter sentences and keep it simple!

So, allow me to start from the beginning as the simplest way to do it!

Last week-end, I was having a little chat with an "old" friend, reflecting since it was my youngest daughter 5th birthday on: How much time can fly!"

Yet, aren't we forever 21 as we often joke ?

I realized just then that from the point of view of the soul, it' s true that time doesn't exist. Immortality doesn't have an age !

Furthermore, It makes perfect sense to feel always young inside.

Personally, in a more accurate way:" I feel equally young than old" at the same time, exactly as I did when I was not even 21!

Nevertheless, let's go back to the reason for this interlude. As a consequence of this time travel, I came up with my weekly insight/ memory.

When I was 17, one of my teachers makes us study a verse of the Michna (commentary of the Bible from different sages) that had stuck with me since.

It says that there three categories of love that can help us to connect to the oneness of the universe.

1- The self love, which is not to confuse with egoistic love but truly the way to respect our true nature: Light undercover flesh.

2-Love for the Light force of the universe, which is again in our own benefit. Appreciation is the only way to keep the gift we received.

3-Love for others, not for need or interest but as the extension of ourselves.

When life gets complicated and challenges darkened the picture all around,, let's go back to one simple rule of creation. Let's remember that the whole point of our incarnation that unify us all is embodied in the verse "love your neighbor". "The rest is only commentary"

Dear friends

Little Lights flying in the sky.
Open your wings and shine
Illuminate the world like a myriad of fireflies.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Like a waterfall

Bonjour Friends

The same way than Freudian psychology established that the human's mind store experiences and react according to three levels of consciousness (conscious, subconscious & unconscious), the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that the soul has three levels too (Nefesh, Chuach & Nechama).

The first one is the part that we inherit at birth and the two others one are the parts that can be recollected as we evolve spiritually, through our learning and our actions.

3 : Isn't it the tradition number that defines humankind as well? I am talking of course of the famous trilogy: Body, Mind & soul.


3 is definitely a number that can rise lots of questions and give extraordinary answers too!

The whole human purpose can actually be explained out of this number.

As human, we incarnate on this planet to fulfill a certain mission (personal and global), and to find an equilibrium of the 3 columns system which the world rest on.

When, in one hand we are restricting the desire to receive for oneself alone and then, in another hand, we are transforming it into a desire to share, we get to recreate the circuitry of energy that we came to experience. We become "Creator", channeling the Light force of the universe to help other.

In a simple way, we have here the universal equation that influence in a way or another the whole world:

1-Ego. 2-Restriction. 3-Sharing

Okay ! Enough theory for today.
What are all those concepts good for ? What can we win from it ?

Let 's just say first that restriction of the ego and sharing, are not only about moral things to do!

Not at all! Like in electricity, this is a scientific system that will allow the Light to emanate inside our light bulb.

The best way to understand it is probably through the story that I named "The birthday party".

Imagine that you have a friend that you love more than anything in the world. This friend is and has always been there for you and his/her birthday is coming soon.
Each year, you always surprise each other. already start planning, anticipating his/her reaction...
It's the B-day, and your friend is totally amazed by all your attentions.

How do you feel?
I would say most likely, "As" if not more excited and happier than the day it was your own.

When we share, we are the first one to get!

Since I was a little girl, I never felt better than the moment that I share with someone a smile, a hand, a word...

I have never been good with small talk.
Nevertheless, when I meet a person open to spiritual talk, I then become like a waterfall.

The beauty of life is that when this desire to share start to flow into our veins, it then seems that the whole universe is becoming a field of opportunities to share with others.

Personally, I can find myself talking to people anywhere, "out of the blue".
At this moment, I always feel so blessed feeling a rush of Light running inside of me and shining out to reach another soul and reconnecting to the "One".

Thank you to all my friends, the ones from yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Have a beautiful week.
Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Then, Ego blossoms into Light.

Bonjour Friends

Today, I would like to start with a story, which is going to be the heart of the personal insight, I would like to share with you this week.

The following events are directly coming out of my life, yet in order to respect the privacy of the protagonists, it became a mixed of different similar stories that happen in my journey as an intuitive.

About few weeks ago, I received a phone call from this person (a friend of "A Friend") that wish to meet with me for a reading.

I first explained my worked( goal, consciousness...), which is kind of different than going to any regular psychic and make sure that we are on the path.

As I always say:"I am not here to feed the instant need of "knowing" of a person, I am more like a cook that awakens people's abilities to prepare their own special dish(Of course, you always have people that just want some fast food/ answers)

Nevertheless... My vision is about helping people to see the big picture and to learn that there is a system that will take us to a nourishing place if we learn to work with it.

It's about knowing why we're here, what we need to learn and transform to become a better self and yes! All along fulfilling our destiny.

So far, after those explanations, we seem to agree! I would read the map, she would drive the car!

Looking at my schedule though, I probably won't be able to meet with her before 3 weeks.

It is apparently too long, that person wants to meet as soon as possible !
I agree to call her back if there is any change in my schedule.

A week passed then a second start, at that point I don't think I would meet earlier than the following week, but then on the Tuesday (of the second week), I got a phone call , one of my Thursday meetings needs to reschedule.

As soon as I hang up, I call this friend to let her know that I have an opening.

I dialed the number, yet get transferred to the voice mail, as I record a message, my inner voice is telling me that something happened, the person somehow is now scared of "knowing" and changed her mind.

Days passed, no calls back!

Over the week-end, I meet our mutual friend and got my intuition confirmed. She backed out!

Living a spiritual life requires to switch our consciousness and to take responsibilities. It also invites us to see ourselves through honest eyes, and wanting to change.

Ultimately, both need to be worked on simultaneously ! And it's not always easy.

Our ego (fears to change, to let go, to forgive...) will make sure to prevent us from that transformation.

As unbelievable as it is, this parasite within us wants us to stay in our chaos rather than change !

Are we going to let this happen? Of course not!

Then, you are ready for the last chapter of my story.

As I was feeling really sorry for that person that let her fears took over, the Light was turned on again!

See...Time in the process of transformation is the answer.

As it said:" People avoid change until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing".

This week, I got a phone call, my "new friend" wants to meet with me.

She knows how much she is scared to let go of her"addiction" as she says, but she also knows that it's inevitable if she really wants to connect to the Light and her true self.

Knowing is the first step of changing !

Have a beautiful week
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Domino Effect

Bonjour Friends

Today, I would like to share, not only the personal insights I came up with during the past week but also the story hiding behind it. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as I did!

Everything started last week-end, one night sometimes after dinner and before bedtime (for my two girls), we decided to sit on the living-room carpet to play dominoes and spend some family time.

After playing few games, my husband offered to show something "cool"!
He organized the dominoes in a chain and reveal to the amazement of our daughters, what is happening once we push the first one, or what I call "the domino effect".

After few other tries, I didn't have the time to say what was on my mind, that my husband thought of it !

He went to our computer, goggles: "Domino", and here was a list of videos of the most unbelievable dominoes creations.

As we were watching together few recordings of "this one guy"(that didn't only tape his worked once completed but also his preparation), I heard my inner voice talking:"This is it, this is going to be your next subject!"

At that point though, I didn't know which direction it will take. As once the great Kabbalist named Rav Ashlag said:" For one truth that we see, two are still hiding from us."

Obviously," the domino effect" can perfectly illustrate the concept of cause and effect: each of our actions will start a chain of reaction affecting ourselves and others, all depending on our consciousness of course.

Nevertheless, it's only few days later that I got more hints on the direction to take for my blog.

Among the different meetings and conversations that I had, a same subject kept coming back!

Undeniably, most of us are chasing certain things in life to get to a place of results. When, in fact, the process to get there is as if not more the true source of satisfaction.

See..."This domino guy", spend days and weeks on his creation, with love, patience and perseverance his building with anticipation his edifice, restricting the urge to give up, even if it has to start all over if some pieces fall before completion.

Yet! How long is the chain last once he pushes the first domino ? A couple of minutes, that's all!
Then, it's already time to think about its next project !

So much to learn and reflect from it ! Isn't it?

As this guy, we should enjoy the process.It's here to build our excitement and appreciation for the result, and will make it only more enjoyable!

Life is a constant work.
We here to create, share, push and never stop !
Thinking of the next, will make us be Light, now.

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shot season.

Bonjour Friends

From running around tables to activate a protection shield for the whole year, to a run around town to recollect and glue back sparks of light lost in time, for different Friends (and myself also).
It has been quite a week!

Endurance never been so perfectly embodied physically, mentally and spiritually in my life.

During days like this, I am feeling so blessed about my past that provided me with challenging experiences, tremendously helpful today.

As time is passing by, I understand more clearly than certain events of my life transformed me without having to think about it!
At the same occasion, they also gave me the freedom to focus more on others now with something to share (not only from the mind but from the heart) .

I don't know for you ? Suddenly, I really felt from inside out a change of energy in the cosmos the last few days:
As pressures go higher, it seems that unachievable goals are getting closer !

And here goes for the whole paradox of life ! The same way than a scientist is making vaccines by extracting the antidote from the virus itself, we get the materiel to do it too!

Nothing like facing a good challenge to make us grow and change and hopefully get vaccinated !

Unfortunately, we can say, all the love and sugar coating of the world won't achieve what a challenge will, and that is a fact !

Nevertheless, it's up to us to change this truth.
It's our call to choose the easy way rather than the hard one.

How ? You may ask. By practicing perseverance at every level and going for the extra mile!

Making ourselves "uncomfortable" rather than letting the universe doing it for us.
For each one of us, it will of course mean something different. So let's...

1- Look for our area to improve and/ or restrict.

2- Stretch and challenge ourselves.

3- Keep practicing, since it the way to get perfect.

During this time, we should not pay attention to a certain voice that will try to convince us : what all this effort for ?!

My friends,
it's time to believe in ourselves, beyond the surface we are made in the likeness of the purest and endless light.
As it says: And Man and Women were made at His own image. He then looked around and saw that everything was good/whole(ly) !

Love and Light always, Ilanit

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the eye of the cyclone.

Bonjour Friends

To be perfectly honest with you, which is an important part of sharing by example, I battled intensively this whole week to bring myself to write these words today !

Not that I didn't have any insight to share, but more because there was this feeling from within causing turbulence inside my head and trying to pull my spirit down.

You know what I mean, right?!

Sometime, for no apparent reasons, nothing changed around us, and yet we just feel out of breath to push in this marathon without a finish line.

See...Even now as I am writing, I can still hear that other voices telling me to drop my pen! much as this voice is loud, I am not letting this happen: I am going to fight !

"Coincidentally", last week a friend told me:" Thank you for your words. When I am feeling down, I am turning to your blog to give me hope ! That's the reason you created it, isn't it? To share love and hope?!

Yes! It's the reason why.

I personally believe, more than answers to their problems, people need the moral support that everything is going to be fine. Everyone knows that at the end, we are the one with the answer (provided by the Light force of the creator, of course!)

All we need then, is some love and a faithful friend to strength our desire to fight.

When people are asking me:"Can you see the future?".
I answer:"I know the future!"

Since, we are the creator of tomorrow, the future would be as we make it!

No matter what is the answer, it will be good if we are letting go of our personal agenda and are willing to work on it!

If we find ourselves surrounded (or not) by a storm of events: to find peace and joy , let's not run away from it!

It says that the safest place during a storm is the center of it!

Being in the eye of a storm, looking within ourselves what caused it, working on taking the lead of our own boat is the only escape to reach the Light.

As a perfect captain, let's never abandon the ship.
Remembering that after the storm, always comes the sun !

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Video game

Bonjour Friends

Earlier this week, as I was starting the process of "downloading" my new post, asking my inner self/ Light's guidance, what should be the content for this week? A conversation I had recently with one of my friends came back to me.

As he was complimented me on my work, He said something that caused a strange, nevertheless, meaningful reaction.
"You surely are going to receive amazing insight this week " He said. Considering the high level of energy available in the air ! (According to kabbalah, this month is known as the seed level for the all year)

As I answered a yes, I realized that I could hear simultaneously a doubtful voice whispering to my ears: " So far things have been good, and you have been pretty "inspired" though tomorrow might be another story, empty of enlightenment."

What an awful thought.

I knew, it couldn't be possible!

Yet, I suddenly understood that often this type of thoughts is the reason which put us down without the energy to make it happen! (whatever it is that we need to make happen).

In one hand, we dream of an happy life, yet in another, we too often believe the voice that says:"it's too good to be true".

Furthermore, how do we reverse our internal psychology from doubt to certainty ?
(Since certainty is the number one step to transform our reality !)

1-We need to change our believes and the way we express ourselves.

Does it sound familiar to you, sentences such as? I hope, I wish, Maybe...

From this day forwards, we need to say: I know...!

The etymology of "to know" is "Sophia or wisdom".
In ca 360 BC, Plato and others philosophers of his generation believed that "Humans" were the product of an infinite force that gave us the soul and half-gods (Demiurges) that fabricate the body.
The work of a philosopher was to rise above the confusion that caused the body to get back in touch or "becomes a friend" with the supernal wisdom (Sophia).

2-In that process, to of seeing or hearing the truth, we need to act with certainty and excitement, knowing that there is a solution.

If life is like a video game, where each one of us is the hero of his own story fighting against cataclysms.

Let's then remember:

1-The creator of that game, made those challenges "to entertain us"as we become a superhero.

2-There is always a solution, which he desires for us to find, so this game will be played by many.

Take on your remote.
Know, there is an exit.
Keep playing.
Until you find it !

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sometime Stop means Love.

Bonjour Friends

I don't know about you, but I don't spend a day without being amazed and excited with which perfection the world function.
Yes! Even when it means to be surrounded by challenges.

Actually, it's this organized system that regulates everything behind the scene that is my constant inspiration for my writing and the "code", I always try to decrypt for myself and others.

Sometime, the stories and events of the world around me, my family, my friends, the people that I work and interact with becomes the words on my paper.

Sometime, it's my own personal experiences (past and present) that provide me with a material to discuss.

"My dreams", finally are my ultimate source of life's insight.

What becomes pure magic ?

It's the combination of all of them to create a momentum, when suddenly reality becomes clear as crystal!

Today, was for me one of those moments when we almost can see through the curtain.

Different experiences, made me realized something in a way I never understood so clearly before.

Many people, (including myself) mix- up being spiritual with having a good morality.

Consequently, we tend to act "extra-good"( never being upset, never saying no, being patient, having self-control etc...)

No matter, what the situation is (an angry person, someone that keeps asking for our energy without ever giving anything back...), we believe that working on ourselves, and loving our neighbor means to accept beyond what is acceptable.

We believe this is being spiritual. Well...It is not always true!

"Being good" in it spiritual sense means being complete, which send us back to the original dynamic of: we are here to learn to balance the two poles of energy inside of us, to harmonize the desire to share vs the desire to receive, by using restriction.

Furthermore, for certain persons and / or in certain situations, "being good": it's to say no!

It's to confront in order to recreate balance.

By experiences, certain situations required a different approach, sooner than later if we want to solve the issue and shine light on it.

The perfect story to illustrate this "anti-good" attitude is the one of the father with his son that wanted to itch his eye with a knife.
Loving someone pro-actively is to not always agree on everything. If we don't, it will only cause damages for anyone involved at some point.
In this case, does the father should accept the request or should he says no, even if it means a big temper tantrum ?

As we entered the new year (5770) according to the point of view of creation, we are highly influenced to take the lead for ourselves and the world to open up our heart and soul to new ways, beyond what has been ours until now and to shine Light in the world as never before.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, September 17, 2009

(2)H2 + O2 <-> (2)H2O

Bonjour Friends

Do we (you) choose to live our days according to the spiritual rules of the universe for a while, or do we just awaken our consciousness to it, one law is unchangeable, no matter which "philosophy"we decided to follow : if we wish to affect our outside reality, we must first look inside ourselves!

The commitment to change from within and the understanding that our circumstances truly are opportunities to evolve to a better self, those are the ultimate factors to succeed in the achievement of our original purpose (which by definition is the key to access personal and global fulfillment).

Whow! Pretty intense and "simple", isn't it?!

Well...since we are still here after nearly 6000 years of existence, I'll guess that it's easier said than done!

In this journey of transformation, we therefore need to become more aware and responsible for our words & actions, and most particularly the effect they may have on the universe.

As I explained to my girls the other day, our words & actions are like a boomerang. Consequently:

1-Whatever we send out will come back to us in a positive or negative way depending on what we through away in the first place.

2-Beyond ourselves, "our boomerang" will also affect others as it travel into the air.

It's actually with this thought in mind that my blog was created and still is as I write these words.

I wanted to give a voice to "my thoughts" and share a message of Light that will travel and reach anyone that wished to strengthen their own flame .

Nevertheless, I did not want to become another teacher. I rather like to think of myself as a pioneer that shares what she saw in the front line with the rest of the platoon.
Someone that is not afraid to share a piece of herself to reach victory.

In this fight against darkness, it is essential to choose wisely our arms.

As sure as spores will repopulate the earth with beautiful new leaves, once transported by the wind.
As sure our sharing & loving ways will spread the Light around the world.
This is my ultimate belief: when we put on the Light, the darkness disappears!

What is the connection with my title? (2)H2 + O2 <-> (2)H2O

In a chemical equation, there is a fundamental law that says that when we combine molecules together as above:"Nothing is lost, Nothing is created, Everything is transformed"

In other words, Energy is Eternal !

Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deja Vu.

Bonjour Friends

Although I am originally from France, I was very surprised the first time that I heard the expression:"Deja vu !"

A common expression which describe  this feeling of "seen before" like a past life or past events memories, I would have said that I had a "flash" or "flashback". Funny isn't it?!

In any case, "Deja vu" is exactly how I felt last week!

I find myself "re-living" a situation that had already occurred less than 2 years ago.

What a "coincidence"?! Isn't it? Exactly, at the time of the year (month of Virgo) when we are supposed to clear and order our lives, just before starting a new chapter refreshed and strengthen up.

Big or small, when a situation/challenge presents itself again, we must first stop and realized that we get a new opportunity to fix it.

What our past reaction has been and what our future one will be: this is truly what will determine our success or not!

Furthermore, to learn, grow and move on, there are two things that we should always have in mind.

1- Every time that we feel the urge to react in an unbalance way : Restrict.

Of course, at time challenges can get very scary, and we are human after all!
However, just for awhile, let observe the situation in a scientific way, putting aside our emotions.

There are three types of fears that most people are sensitive to:

The primal fears such as being sick, hungry or dying...that awaken the instinct of survival.
The modern fears as an effect of the world we live on: the stress to pay the bills, to keep our credits... and finally the egoistic fears: all the needs of love, respect, recognition...

What is the antidote to survive any of these infections ? It is the correct question to ask, which send me back to the second most important thing.


Each time we raise our vibration to a place of love and certainty, where we are whole, and we have plenty to share, we keep the doors opened for the Light to come in, (the solution has been created before the problem, remember?).
In addition, we'll stop with us the domino's effect that would otherwise affect others to fall too.

We are "trained" to always be scared about tomorrow, and what we may lose:
if we could bring ourselves to see that there is no reason to be scare since nothing really belongs to us, and that all our possessions even our soul is a deposit, we might finally appreciate without fear of losing it what we have.

There was once a kabbalist that understood that very well !

In order to not fund is happiness upon is belongings, he would wake-up each day, work for his leaving and will end it without a dime.
Getting back his body and soul, each morning was the promises that it would be a day blessed by the goodness of the Light.

I would like to dedicate this blog to "mon cheri", my rock.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tooth fairy and friends.

Bonjour Friends

Up to a year ago, if it was not for the support of very determined spiritual guides: True Friends from here and there, I'll probably still be waiting for a way to embrace what I believe is my destiny.

See, like everyone else there are two sides of me:

In one hand, I am just a young mom, a wife that works on creating a life filled with love and harmony (and let's admit it, has the tendency to please everyone to avoid conflicts). A real Pisces, will say my astrologer's friends, that absolutely doesn't like to make waves.

In another hand, there is a fiery Aries, a fighter that will do anything she can to put on the Light in the world and make the darkness disappear.

I believe, for that matter that we all try to juggle with the two aspects of ourselves.

In one side, our reactive nature wants to keep us in the same place, leaving the same patterns.
Then, on the other side our higher self, constantly pushes beyond our comfort zone!

In my "movie", could be because I have vivid past life memories and/or present experiences of discrimination, it took me a while to take an opened leadership for my life.

I might have looked confident and excited on the outside, but subconsciously I was also scared !

When we embrace our spiritual journey, and/ or start to stand out in the crowd: how many people start to look at us as some mystics leaving in wonderland ?

Waking ourselves up to spirituality, can provoke very strong reactions !

Suddenly, we might also become the disposable battery for some other type of people that love what they feel and get, but won't take responsibility for themselves to make this change.

My beloved teacher use to say:" There is a great difference between giving and sharing", a true channel will not just feed others. Instead, he will teach them to generate foods for themselves.

Nevertheless, in this journey to become a beacon of Light, there are lots of helpers ready to give us a hand too !

To illustrate this thought, I would like to share one of the stories that I had the chance to be part of. I named it: "The tooth "

About a year ago, I looked for a dental office to take care of some cavities. Soon after, my new dentist and her assistant "went to work". After the second visit, one of my teeth turned out to be a root canal, we decided that I will have to come back another time that week.

That day, there was a new guy assisting my dentist. Apparently, he was usually trained in another office.

As I was laying there, something not unusual yet surprising happened !

An old lady "standing" behind him started to talk to me, as they were working on my teeth.

She said that she was his grand-mother that she took care of him, since he was little, and that she loved him very much. She just hoped that he will trust himself a little more as well in his private life than professional one. ( Lots of his girlfriends tend to leave him, which make him feel unworthy, and when it comes to his work, he tends to doubt himself too,'s what she told me). She wants him to stand proud, because it has a lot to offer and all of this challenges are part of his process to get there.

How am I going to deliver this message ? I am thinking

As he glued back my provisional teeth, the fear kept growing in my stomach !
To make it even harder on me, his grandma was insisting.

I was sorry but...I just could not do it ! It's one thing to talk to people when they are coming to meet with you and another to speak to a total stranger.

So,I left.

Once in my car, as I was looking into my mirror the work they did, something unbelievable happened : My teeth just fall off, like she had never been glued !
As, I hold it into my hand, The grandma's voice resonated into my head :" Now, you can go back to the office and please, tell him what I just told you before!"

After an hour of waiting, (I guess it was the price to pay for hesitating)
The young assistant was, of course the one that took care of me !

This time, assured that I was doing the right thing, I introduced myself and explained to him, the previous events.
Not only, he was responsive, but he almost broke into tears, simply grateful like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders!

I never saw him again!

Children , believe for a while about tooth fairy and other friends. It is comforting to know that there are some magical spirits watching over us, which is the truth : The only thing we need to "see it", is faith.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trilogy of life.

Bonjour Friends

This week was "Back to school" for my girls (and many other children) and somehow, I felt the same way too!

Although, I knew that it was only a gleam of what was in store for us in less than a month.

Kabbalah, gives grand importance to "Time" and explains that each day has a particular vibration and that specific dates are like unique windows of opportunities for all humankind, to grow and transform.

New year, New moon, Holidays, Birthdays become a gift from the universe to us to affect life at the seed level.
As always, if we truly want to connect to it and become the creator of our reality, it starts with our desire!

No matter, how old or knowledgeable we are, if we open our heart and quiet down our ego, we will soon realize that every day, everyone and everything are opportunities to learn something new and evolve to a better self and get closer to 'The Light'.

This week, I had few experiences that teach me new things about myself and the "Human-Divine nature", all were somehow connected to the topic "Mind, Body and Soul": Three separate components that are meant to work as one !

I, understood more than ever, that is fundamentally a question of finding balance.

The dynamic between those three, if we don't overlook at it can switch from the side of the Light (when they work in harmony) to the side of the opponent that will use one or another to challenge us.

As kabbalah is teaching us, succeeding in the game of life is to learn the rules of the game and find balance between the three columns system that sustains the world.
Right or the energy of sharing, the Light inside/ the soul. Left or the energy of receiving, the body and central or the power of restriction: activating the mind to choose between the two main thoughts (proactive vs reactive)

I learned that it is our job to feed each one of them: Body, Mind and Soul, and make them work for us and not against us!

Sometimes, our mind and soul can be at peace with a particular event or challenge, it doesn't mean we haven't been affected at all, which can explain most of the illness that people may experience and vice-versa !

A precious key, in this journey of experiencing endless fulfillment is: Forgiveness.

We may not feel that we hold on emotions and traumas.

We may not know, how to forgive or may not want to forgive, but forgiveness for ourselves and for others is essential in order to get closer to 'The Light', to heal from inside out and rebirth to a new-self.

Forgiveness can help us take, as it was always meant to be, our place in the world as Angel of Light.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blank page

Bonjour Friends

Earlier this week, when I asked what should be the content of my new post, an unexpected thought crossed my mind. Why not sending a blank page instead of my usual writing? Followed by the question:"What feelings or thoughts this "empty" page awakens within you?

Obviously, I choose to discuss it instead !

Somehow, every day is like a blank page. We never know what tomorrow is going to bring us ?

According to the teaching of Kabbalah, which can be found in other spiritual teachings, each day is a new opportunity to start our lives all over again.

Unfortunately, as one of my teachers used to say; we spend our lives like "monkey that don't want to let go of their bananas"even if it means to lose our freedom and to lock ourselves in a jail.
Our egos, too often can't give up on pride, control and the famous infamous: Me, Myself and I.

As I always say to the kid that I teach every week-end, life is like a basketball game: on one side of the court, we have the Light-team on the other the opponent one.
The opponent wins the point each time it prevents us to shoot the basket, it can't just shoot the ball itself.

Basically: each time that we react to one of it tricks by getting angry, mad, jealous,self-centered,etc... we are missing the point. (Oh! Don't worry we'll get other chances, it might just be a little more challenging next time!)
With every situation, we decide who gets the point !

If we want to win the game, we first need "to stop" before reacting!

One of the worst tricks (if we understand that the higher score is achieved when there is total love and unity between the team-players), is to allowed separation, like fighting with our friends, lovers, husband or wife etc... to determine "who is right?"

How many people, around the world heard or experienced this situation ?

Arguing with someone we love and causing damages to the relationship, to not even remember how it all started in the first place!

Unfortunately, when each day become 'another day' ( same robotic routines, same fights, same old grudges...) we somehow cancel our right to experience:" A new day, A new life!"as we are now prisoner of our own egoistic jail.

We keep adding layers between us and the Light-Trophy !

In the french culture, a blank page is also called a virgin page, offering "coincidentally" the same opportunity than the month of Virgo: a month that invites us to clear up the space before starting a new chapter of our book!

By looking within ourselves: trying to learn from our past and setting up new goals for the future, we'll get closer to fulfill our destiny.

Six months ago, my first post talked about plugging ourselves to the Light/GPS, to get guidance and stay safe when the road gets bumpy and confusing.

All we need to access the guidance of"The Endless Cosmic GPS", is to rise our vibration to the level of the Light force of the universe, by increasing first and foremost our desire to share and love unconditionally.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shine out greatness

Bonjour friends

Every morning after preparing my daughter's hot cocoa and before jumping into my day, I first consecrate some time to establish a spiritual connection with the Light force of the universe.

Before checking my emails and getting ready for another race against time (like it is something physically possible!?!) I am trying to set up the tone of the day by clearing up my mind and by turning on the Light.

What I realized (even for someone that knew how"to fly"), is that too often while we are at one place, meditating, part of our mind is running in a different direction!

As a multitasking person, I sometime feel my brain is starting to smoke!

My question then is to know: how can we expect to experience mind over matter in our daily lives, when we can hardly sustain a meditative thought for more than few seconds?

First of all, let's not feel so bad about it, because that's not the point !

In my opinion, having this reflexion alone is already a hug step toward getting closer to the Light and elevating our consciousness.

It's also an opportunity to finally see the forgiveness and unconditional love the creator has for us!

Then, because it is difficult to hold thoughts, we can also realize the importance of taking action!

To illustrate this idea, let me share with you what happen to me this week.

My daughters being still in vacation, I spend all of my days with them, taking care of my other activities at night.

Now, maybe because a lack of time and also tiredness, I couldn't get a thing out of my mind with my writing!

On Wednesday,I didn't feel that I had received any specific message, I even say to myself :"I have nothing special to share this week!

Then I realized what I had just said !

How could I not see all the amazing miracles that keep coming into my everyday life, and that would do an amazing topic!?!

It is said according to kabbalah that a rich man, is one that has ears to hear, a mouth to speak and nose to breath...and us? We usually have a lot more than that!

Personally, not only I am alive, but I have a loving family, a circle of friends that keep growing and the irreplaceable presence of the Light in my life.

Suddenly, I started to clearly understand something. Our human nature usually craves for "fancy (fatty) food" rather than the fullness of "pure fresh row food" so to speak.

We are going through the same eternal dilemma between the piece of chocolate cake and the nice red apple.

We tend to desire more the instant and obvious meal to feel fulfilled rather than the more delicate one (than will give us satisfaction without the side effect)

In other words, we are instinctively more attracted to things that sparkles to think our lives fabulous !

Once I had been realizing this, I decided to challenge myself by putting some extra effort in a work that I though was already completed.

And guess what happen then ?

Not only that it came out even better, I also received my story.

We all expect greatness !
Nevertheless, most of the time we don't make the effort to get there.

My friends, it's time to come out of our comfort zone and push the extra mile.
To join our hands and souls together, and make it happen...
It doesn't matter how long or hard it is, remember to always keep a smile !
Revealing the Light and making life on earth: heaven.

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drops of water

Bonjour Friends

People often assume that being on a spiritual path (all the more being a 'Lightworker') makes you go through life without encountering bumps on the road.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

By definition, if we (re)incarnated in this physical realm, it means that we're in the same boat!

And, although, our level of spirituality will tremendously help when it comes to :"The how to deal with the process?" to unraveled 'The hidden gift' each challenge carries, it will not exempt us of 'The Work' in any circumstance!

No matter, who we are or what we do, we all have some 'dark zones' which needs 'Light'.

Now, if we were capable of truly knowing that everybody experiences struggles, beyond the appearances (rich, beautiful,smart...) , we will finally fill the space between us!

The great sages of  Kabbalah have talked about our time as the last stage of the correction: If we finally remove the separation that exist between individuals to unify as One humankind: The world will permanently be free of chaos.

As I got reminded in a humbling way this week, we make it happen : one drop at the time !

Even when we don't see any major change inside or outside of us, it should not stop us to continue the work.

If we compare a "breakthrough" to the spelling of a cup of water filled drop by drop, it's with patience and commitment that we will get to see the miracle taking place.

In this journey of transformation, we should ever react base on what we see or don't:
We never know how many more drops need to be added to the cup before it spills ?!

As a true channel of Light that is only acting upon Love, we need to know in our heart that it's just a matter of time: The water will spill and the Light will forever shine.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As a flying unicorn

Bonjour Friends

One thing, I really enjoy doing with my precious "little" girls is to borrow books from the library for our special story time.
Every night, before putting them to sleep, we read few stories to each other.

Why am I talking about this ?

Well...Last week as I was reading the book my youngest daughter had chosen for me, the little voice inside my head rang the bell saying:" you should use this book as the foundation for your next message!"

So, here goes the story:

"Once upon a time, in a far away land lived a beautiful unicorn with an amazing gift! She could heal anything's by touching it with her horn.

The little unicorn should have been the happiest creature on the planet...but no!?!
She was too busy being sad ! Why couldn't she have wings ? It's the only things, she really wanted.

Every day, she would walk all around looking at flying creatures, crying about what she was missing.

Then, one day a beautiful flying horse fell from the sky. He was hurt: one of his wings was broken.
For the first time, the unicorn that saw his pain didn't think about herself. She used her special gift and healed the horse.

At this moment, she fulfilled her purpose and became a true channel of Light.(which brought her all the happiness, she was looking for so long!)

Now,the story won't be finished without an even more obvious happy end, to thank her, the flying horse that happened to have a special gift on his own too, ( he could grant wishes to whom as a pure heart and think of others before himself ) gave her what she wanted all along : A majestic set of wings".

Does this story remind you of anything ?

I personally believe that most of us spend our lives like the unicorn.
We are filled with blessings and received unique gifts but unfortunately,(thanks to the other voice in our heads), we look more into what is missing in our lives than appreciating what we have.

If we were more determined to discover and cultivate our own special seed, we will finally see how blessed we are,

In the world of spirituality, Appreciation is known as a powerful tool to connect to true happiness and generate abundance.

Since, it's common sense that likes attracts likes. Recognizing our blessings and sharing them won't leave us deprived, the opposite! Sharing creates a circuitry of energy: whatever, we put out there will come back to us and even more.

Kabbalist makes an analogy between the light of a candle and the Light force of the universe : Both can share and lite new flames without ever diminished their brightness.

Dear Friends,

We can illuminate the world .
By sharing the flame and let it swirled.
Turning 'The Light' on, and breaking the dawn.
Never stopping until chaos is gone.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Undercover mystery

Bonjour Friends

From the age of 14 , I spent many of my summer's vacations in the city of Cannes.
My grand-parents, who were like a couple of angels to me were the first one to take me there, and I fell in love with it!

Cannes, as you most certainly know, is internationally famous  for its film festival, but for me this city became magical for the spiritual revelations it brought into my life.

All these years, while I was there for a month, "The Palais des Festivals" will hold a major psychic/ esp events"
Talking about a coincidence ?!

So while other boys and girls were busy with teenagers matter, I was already preoccupied to find a deeper sense to (my) life.

(Not being 'Popular', certainly helped too!)

It actually took me a few years to realized, that all the rejections and hurts during that time were one  tangible  reason for me to look in another direction to find 'understanding'.

What did I learned from that time?

Life is not as we see it : Wait and Time will show it to you!

Some challenges may shake us up or some answers disappoint us but the Light is always in the business and everything has a reason.

Furthermore, we should approach life like a detective trying to solve a mystery and most importantly not accept the situation as it is.

Why do I say something like this ? Who want to live with chaos ?

You will be surprise to know, how many people learn to live with their 'darkness' without trying to change it! They rather hide behind typical alibis !

Oh! I am this way because this happened to me, or I am that way because of "my sign" or "my numbers"!

When I met someone like this, I am the first one to say : Step out of it, maybe it's time to take responsibility !

All the knowledge that we can collect about ourselves, are given to us to transform and overcome our nature, they should not be alibis to hide behind !

Today more than ever we have the power to do it!

The reason I use "Bonjour friends" when I start my post is to remember myself of the past and to work on the future (where we are all friends)

How do (I) we make it happen?
By "writing" Light on every pages !

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The phone is ringing !

Bonjour Friends

It's Monday July 13 2009, sometime after 2 am.
I was sleeping for a few hours already, when I was awakened by one of 'those dreams'.

This time, 'I heard' my next message as someone was reading it to me, and although, I was grateful for receiving another amazing gift, at first I tried to ignore it.(few more hours of sleep won't make me forget it!)

Well...Apparently, it wasn't good enough! After tossing and turning for a while, I eventually had to get up and write this NOW!

It's well known that 'The Light', The Universe, G-od ...talks to us all the time, and that we are the ones who aren't listening.

I have to admit here, that I learned that lesson the hard way, doing my best since to make sure I always remember it.

Now, truth is: it isn't always that easy! Most messages aren't sent in such an obvious way for us to get- Though if we learn how, they can be understood very clearly.

 Messages can come to us:
1- In the form of a dream (more or less coded)
2- As "nudge" of our soul, or
3- Through a succession of serendipity moments that some calls 'coincidences'.

I love this one in particular, it reminds me of the peek-a-boo game:
'The Light' is talking while hiding, and we are seeking to find it !

Does it ever happen to you to meet someone, 'out of the blue', in a place that you have never gone before, that knows a friend ....that do or have the thing or the answer that you were looking for ?!? (Okay, this one is a little pushy but did you get the picture ?)

Do you want more of those direct phone calls?": Learn to answer the phone when is ringing!

One day, before turning 18, in order to get confirmation that I should listen to these messages and make sure that they weren't produce of my imagination I decided to do an experience:
I purposely choose to not listen to it.
The only thing I can say is:" I never did the same 'mistake' again!"
So, here I am writing until 4 in the morning!

If one is sincere about 'listening', he/she will also have to learn to be truly open minded, because 'Pure messages' will often test our 'logic', and challenge our 'Personal Agenda.

To hear 'The Light' when It calls in:
we must drop our agenda (by giving up what we want, we might get lucky to receive what we really need!) and stop judging according to our believes and senses. (Msg/Answers don't always come to us in a conventional way).
Which, brings me to the other insight for today:"Don't judge 'Messengers' by their clothes!

Many messages and messengers are coming to us undercover!
The Light, "rarely" comes as a fairy flying from the sky, surrounded by sparkling lights!

How many stories did we eared of these individuals: True angels, that didn't look like the part?

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Friday, July 10, 2009

A tornado of doubts, a breeze of actions.

Bonjour Friends,

How is it possible to start a week filled with excitement and ideas, and to end it with no desire to write a single thing?

Somethings was going on?!
Here ! I got it !

'The other voice' was playing with my head once again, awakening terrible feelings in me like:
Why do you keep pushing ? Why don't you quit ?

Suddenly, all the achievements from the past and the promises for the future were about to evaporate in the sky!

How many of us experience these moments ? Why?

The most powerful trick of that 'Opponent Force' is called: DOUBT.

When you start doubting that 'The Light' within you as a  Everlasting Positive Effect, it's time to remember, that your efforts are surely revealing loads of Light ( which might be the reason for some challenges to arise) and soon you will see some results.

Now, although positive thoughts are a good way to start, taking 'ACTION', is necessary to reinforce this consciousness!

When we found ourselves in a tornado of doubts , let's slow down the winds to become a fresh breeze of spring and simply share.

As we know when we get lost, we must always go back to the beginning, or indeed go back to the initial reason we are here:

"We are Channels of Light , here to experience our Divine Attributes"

Practically, it means to: Let's get out of Ourselves by:

Helping someone.
Calling a friend and ask how is she/ he doing ?
Cooking a nice dinner for a love one.
Reading a story to your child like nothing else matters !

Then, observe what is happening.

My friends,
I am so grateful for writing those words.
To share them with you is a true "bonheur"
The Light flows inside us, to always remember ,
We just need to spread it into the world.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Words of Light

Bonjour Friends

Before seating in front of this page, my mind was loaded with so many details on how to address this new topic called:

World & Words: How do they affect one another?

At first, I wanted to talk about "The liberty of expression"and what some people went through to allow us this freedom, then I was to write a little historic about the power of words from the time of creation until today. Finally, I wanted to share some true stories about the importance of watching our words for our own good and for the effect they have on our environment.

Nonetheless, once I started to write I realized that I might as well keep it simple, because 'Words' are vehicles of energy, one must treat  them very cautiously!

In a time, where self-expression is the new tool to reach the world, we often forget that words are precious.

According to the teaching of Kabbalah, Words actually have the tremendous power to build or destroy, and once again, it is upon us to decide: How do we want to use this amazing power and affect the world ?

It is a choice that we make each day as we interact with people, as we express our voice:
Are we going to share words to arouse feelings of love and support rather than being the source of someone distress or sense of abandon.

Furthermore, don't think that it is foolish to believe or talk about a world of endless beauty where everyone live in a perfect harmony.

Like most:
I know about 'Chaos': Pain, Judgment, Hate, Jealousy, Critics...but I choose to see 'Light'.
Uttermost, I choose to use 'Words of Light' to strengthen: Unity, Certainty, Love & Healing... And, so can you!

"We often underestimate the power of a contact or a smile. A nice word or a sincere compliment, though they have the power to change a life" Leo Buscaglia.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yours, Mine, Our fairy tale

Bonjour Friends

As I was studying for my Master in Education and Psychology, I took a class on;" Children's books" which taught us to analyze the hidden messages behind the most well-know fairy and folks tales.

Those stories were written as an entertaining way to address more serious prospects of life, such as: Love & Hate, Lost & Found, Life & Death, 'Light" and 'Chaos'...

Fairy tales were suddenly, far more complex than epic stories for children, though you might wonder what can we get from knowing this today?

Aware of it or not, those stories affected us in a deeper way than we think.
Honestly, who doesn't dream to found the most beautiful royal love? Who doesn't wish to be a powerful superhero?!....

No need to hide! It's great to have dreams!
The only problem though is that when we grew up, we somehow forgot the whole story, to just remember the end, you know the famous ..."And they lived happily ever after.The End", which causes most of us, to suffer from what I will call:"Fairy tales don't exist syndrome"!

Let's take our friend "Cinderella": Do you remember the whole story?

Now, how does she behave when things were 'difficult'  to say the least!?
Is it with self-pity, anger, jealousy or by blaming others?

No! It's with love, kindness, and abundant happiness that she considers each creature that crosses her path ! Which reminds me of another very special person.

Long time ago (somewhere between 1718-1800), in Anipoli, a small town of South-Eastern Poland lived a righteous man  (a person who lives according to the rules of the Universe) by the name of Rabbi Zusha, beyond all the challenges he encounters,(and he had many) he was well known for his unique spirit, his constant care and his famous expression "Everything is for good!"

What is the similarity between this too ?

Imaginary or real, both teaches us that Love, Kindness, Joy and Modesty are the key to more blessings and True Happiness.

I truly, believe that we are all meant to experience the most beautiful life!
By appreciating and sharing what we have, we can only convince the Universe to give us more.

And now, as in every story :

Let's all share our special song.
Some rhymes to echo our soul
There is no need for drum roll.
Only Love to spread along!

Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The climb

Bonjour Friends

Each day is a Unique Gift of Light. Embrace it as if it was your first, yet, Share your all as if it was your last!
Pretty strong statement, isn't it?

Actually, it's a universal concept that has been mentioned in daily prayers from the time of creation.

The question is: How many of us are living according to it?

Spiritual teachings from around the world agrees in lots of matters, one of them is the power of our consciousness and desire. According to Kabbalah, we can transform ourselves and the world in a split of a second!
Our lives can turned around if we choose to. We only need to transport ourselves in this higher dimension, where we are in touch with our true potential and true reality.

How can we do it with so much chaos around?

Some of you probably know that I was born in Paris and lived there until I completed my formation. Until that time, my life from within looked very much as a spiritual booth camp that I survived without the tools I have today.
The only thing I had at the time was my love and certainty in a higher force that I knew was protecting me!

Could it be the answer in a simplest form?

What's amazing about this period of my life, is the way and the timing, on how things started to switch around. "Out of the blue" I found myself visiting Miami, moved there soon after, and started a whole new chapter of my life.
Passing the details, it was almost as I had traveled in a time machine and jumped into a future that I never thought about before.
Prior to that day, nothing had prepared me to this evolution or should I say revolution!
Today , when I am thinking about my life back then, it's almost like looking at another life! (Except for the accent and my love for "croissant"!)

Did you ever experience this type of feelings ? Looking at your past as it was someone else?

Sometimes, past events or "past life" are painful or don't reflect who we are now, but eventually they are part of our story.
By understanding the dynamic, they created within us, they can give us the key to unlock our present and built our future.

For this reason, I would like to take you with me back in time in order to support the thought for this week.

As, I was mentioning it last time, my first spiritual experience (that I was aware of) took place as I was twelve years old.
Sadly, I can remember it as it was yesterday. One morning, I woke up from a dream filled with details about a terrible event, only to see it happening in the real world few hours later.

Pretty disturbing for a first revelation.
This "gift" as people like to call it, is not always glitter and magic.
What you do with it, can be !
I believe that we're all extraordinary in our own special way ! Beyond our gifts, it's our desire to share a part of us with others and become a channel for the Light that makes us special !

Since that day, I personally understood that I had a responsibility in this world. It's how, I started to study and embraced my spiritual journey.

Paradoxically, as my first teacher was always telling me: (when I started to study kabbalah), spirituality is not about flying in the sky. We don't become spiritual by going to meditate in a mountain, but rather down to earth when we are facing our challenges and still try to make a difference in the world.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost: How many people are using spiritual tools, but after a while forget the purpose?!

"Becoming spiritual" is the way to fulfill our mission and reveal endless light in the world. It's also supposed to bring us closer to others.

However, there is always some individuals that get confused !

Those people become either disconnected from the rest of the world, or constantly on a search for the next "spiritual high". It becomes an addiction or another type of separation.

For this reason, we always need to remind ourselves that spiritual tools are not the purpose, but the way to access it!

Spirituality is a work, that carry the most fabulous reward : if we stay focus on the goal to achieve, we will eventually experience all the wonders that we can imagine and even more.

Together, let's climb the mountain and reach the ultimate level of elevation: One Heart, One Soul

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twinkle Little Stars

Bonjour Friends

At the dawn of  a cosmic revolution, the world is experiencing lots of turbulences,

Beyond the appearances, those are 'invitations' sent by 'The Light' to join the path of enlightenment; 'Pushes from the Universe' to switch our consciousness.

As a result, and for the first time, we hear on a global level, 'Talks' about what  needs to be done in order to preserve our environment and ourselves.

Politics invites people to 'go green', holistic medicines raises from the ground, and organic foods are the new fast-food of the past.

Now, to succeed in this transformation, I say:" we should remain alert because as it says: "when we chase a natural behavior by the door, it tries to come back by the window".

In that attempt, it is important to understand that spirituality cannot be treated as 'a thing'!

It is not a new discipline , we check on our schedule which we will eventually replace for 'the next best thing' coming along.

Spirituality is not a superficial practice in vogue: It's a way of living inside and out!

It is a nature that we develop when times are good but most importantly when they are challenging.

From the age of twelve, I embraced my spiritual journey: I wanted to learn more about this Light that I felt was surrounding me, though my world was constantly at war.

Seeing the true beauty and perfection of the world is usually harder when things seem to fall apart, when our environment itself is "arming" us.
Moreover, it is during those challenging times that we express our true color.

Once a kabbalist said: "Whoever smile without a reason will receive from the universe a reason to smile". (Unfortunately, the opposite is also true).

Behind these words hides an unbelievable secret: our 'reality' should not determine our state of mind, rather our state of mind is the one that creates our reality!

Therefore, we must keep in mind at all time:
1. Our senses are showing us an upside down reality.(Don't ever fall for it!)
2. The Light force is always in the business.(Everything is always for the greatest good)
3. Enthusiasm* is a major key in this process.

Enthusiasm from the Latin word entheos or G-od within!
All together, with our light like little stars, we can brighten up the sky,

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Monday, June 1, 2009

On your mark, Get ready, Set and Go !!!

Bonjour Friends

The countdown started. Three months of 'break' are about to be launch and my brain is already racing! I have to go over so many things this week, before wearing my "Supermom summer suit".

I still need to: publish my message, complete few charts, schedule meetings, go shopping (as an army is coming over), look for kid's activities, volunteer ... and I don't even mention all "the unexpected"!

Do I look stressed out? Why should I? Multitasking became the norm today, isn't it?

We are moms/dads, housewives, workers (doing one or more jobs to generate a living)...
The list is long, but no complains here!

Actually, it is not the quantity of work that generates our stress, but the pressure that comes from our mind.

My beloved teacher once said that our generation lives in a very exceptional time.
We are the actors of the ultimate show: "The grand Finale", but before we lift the curtain to reveal the whole picture, everybody needs to work on the last details, with more pressure than ever before

Truthfully, it's exciting, yet stressful at the same time.

During this critical time, we especially need to focus on restricting our impulses !

We all get our share of challenges, and it might feel at time that it never end, but ultimately, the real challenge is our thoughts and the way they affect our behavior.

Today, we should embrace our lives, as we were running a marathon.

When I was in high school, I did some running competition, I still remember the physical pain, when my muscles started to burn, yet the real challenge was the internal fight !
Although, if you keep running until the end, not only do you feel good, but you're achievement seems to help getting back all your energy ! I remember, I could sprint the last 100 meter, as I just started to run.

So how, do we take control over "our thoughts" ?
Like running, it's a matter of training/perseverance.

On this subject, researchers have been teaching us, that we need 21 days to take a new habit.

Furthermore, I'd like you to join me for this"thoughtful" challenge.

From now on:.

1.When a though come to you : acknowledge where it is coming from. Observe what you feel and what you want to do.
2. Remember that you always have a brighter alternative than being reactive
3.If you can't get it out of your mind, do something else (preferably something that is going to keep you very busy physically and mentally)
4.Practice meditation everyday. Learn what other tools work for you, to empower your soul.

Leaving the "mind over matter", is a constant work!
Our society easily accepts that we must regularly train our physical body to keep it strong.
Now, it's time to understand that it is the same with our spirit, so...

Let's the marathon begin !
See you at the finish line.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit