Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fearless Ride

Bonjour Friends

About a month ago, I received an email from someone dear to my heart.

After reading some inspirational quote, some conflicted emotions awoke inside of her, which send her on the look out for some guidance.

How (could she) / can we, develop our openness of heart- which is of an higher value than our instinct for self protection- without leaving a door open from being hurt?

How many times in fact, did we try to have more trust in the human nature for being good and kind and obtained the exact opposite effect?

It seems that some of us are even more subject to it than some others , as if a sign was planted on their lawn saying to The hurts:"Open House!"

Each question has many answers. However, when I asked, here is one of the aspect that was brought to my attention which was also refer as the new message to share in "IC by Ilanit".

Somehow-that we think we can  or will rise above our circumstances- we all, in a way or another, are reactive to our past experiences and/or past lives.

When we got hurt at some point in our lives, that memory is recorded in  our soft or hard drive.

Then, it is no wonder, that we start to develop a carapace more or less thicker depending on the level of pain we felt.

The problem though is that "this protection" is also preventing us for accessing and tasting certain levels of Light encapsulated in that darkness.

When we close ourselves, we add "a coat" to our heart which only benefit our personal opponent that now has a hold on us and that spark of Light!

The fear of being hurt, eventually prevents us from true freedom and total enlightenment.

Now of course, it isn't an easy situation to be in and there is many teachings about what it means "to be open", how ? with who?...

In addition,it is true that "some eyes" are watching us at this exact time, causing us to falter.

Nevertheless, just like a kid learning to ride a bike, if the fear of falling (which most likely will happen) scares him off , it will also deprive him from the greatest joy of riding freely and happily whenever and wherever he wants.

May those fears that block us be unlock this year.

May Love & Light be revealed Today and Always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving a Mountain

Bonjour Friends

You may have started to wonder where I have disappeared, (or not)?!

The thing is; I found myself covered under a pile of work, which some of them requested for me to: Surrender!

Though, as my grand-father always said:"Work isn't a problem, "Work gives us health!'

In Europe, for example- which I haven't see as much in the US- Problems start when people are going into retirement and are suddenly left without a tangible goal.
Often time, the only distraction  become: addictive TV programs or the weekly visit to: "The family Dr". How sad?!

Furthermore, it is legitimate to say that: work isn't the problem...especially when we see results.
The challenge takes place only when the "pile of work" transforms into an "Unclimbable Mountain"!

How do you deal, with this massive obstacle standing right in the middle of the road, when all you want is to reach the other side of 'The bright enchanted Forest'?

What to do, when no matter how hard you try or how many tricks you pull out of your hat and it is still impossible!

It can apply, when it comes to find your soul mate:

How many first date do you need to go through without any follow-up, not even a phone-call or worst after another relationship leaves you with nothing but another broken hope and heart!

For someone else, the gigantic rock will stand in the pursue of success or simply financial security etc...I am sure, you have some idea of similar scenario on your own!

Obviously, it isn't an easy or comfortable place to be, and some 'magical words and concepts' throw in the arena such as: Patience, Faith, Karma, Letting go, Sharing...won't always help feel better!

The reality isn't that simple!

However, for some reasons, this subject reminded me of a teaching I learned from a movie/book, I watched few years ago, named: "Under the Tuscan Sun".

At some point in the story, the main character, a women that went through "getting lost" before "being found", verbalized her desire for: Love, Family, Happiness!

Wishes that gets fulfilled by the end of the story... just not in the way she might have wanted (her best friend give birth to a baby, a wedding takes place and a newly found family surround her all under her own roof!)

The conclusion, I was left with is that blessings are all around us, not always in the form we hope...

Nevertheless- just like it is at the end of this story- if we sincerely learn to appreciate all of those blessings, then an opening in made for us in the universe to receive the same joy they bring in the form we were hoping for and... The Mountain is simply moved from the way!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainbows, Flowers and Butterflies

Bonjour Friends

The story I am about to share with you today comes directly from my own "memory box", and it is certainly one of the most personal and emotional I have.

As always, my deepest wish is to affect and awaken with a "gentle impact", the one who will read these words and allow each one of us to feel the healing of "Love & Light" shining through.

When I started middle school, (which no-coincidentally correspond to "The spiritual majority" of a person according to The Bible), my life- that was already filled with some challenges at home- took a not so easy turn, to say the least.

When puberty was like a volcano erupting for most boys and girls, I was targeted according to the same classmates I had known since kindergarten as: "the ugly duckling".

Names and practical jokes was fusing  just "for fun" or ''prestige" and if today there is a word for such a situation and some attempt of educational prevention for it, in my time, I really had no one to talk to: "What problem could children possibly have at this age?"

Facing those challenges alone for which I was truly unprepared in so many levels, I recently remembered a brief period of time before I gave-up to tears and prayers, when I tried to stand against such negativity attacking me.

Indeed, I remembered asking the girl sitting next to me to teach me: how to curse, in order to answer back to those who were teasing me! What happened next was even more pathetic.

Probably because I didn't have it in me, and I have to say till this day I never was really able to say any "bad words", my cursing attempt made everyone laugh at me even more.

Out of resources, this is how I was led to look deeper into my soul and when my inner dialogue with The Divine got louder and clearer.

This is also how I started intuitively to apply the message:"If  life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!"

All this emotions I was exposed to, became like an open door to feel even more what I was missing and really longing for, as well as what everyone else was feeling too!

Somehow, the more I was harshly hurt on the outside, the more sensitive and yet strong I was feeling on the inside, which I'll only realized years later.

Life isn't always as it seems, some priceless blessings comes into the worst wrap and can take a lot of time to open.

However, in order to see it and reveal the blessings they contain in them, we must first switch the perception we have of  our reality.

Once we do, even if it is cold and rainy outside, all we'll see is: Rainbows, Flowers and Butterflies.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Bonjour Friends

As many of you may have realized, after years and years of writing, my ultimate purpose for all this work has and simply is: To Share The Light!

When some people- often time as a result of our modern societies- measure their success according to their material achievements, I prefer- like some others- reaching my goal  by affecting as many single soul as I can, and for some years now, I have been doing it around the clock.

Then... Like today, "something shows up" and prevents me to do it "on time"!

"Few days behind", some may say, especially when it's a personal goal: what's the big deal? "Just go with it!"

Yet...Do you ever wonder what's this thing in life? It always seems that something goes "unexpected", especially on the day you need them to go as usual?!

Have you ever went into traffic, on a road always clear, "that" morning you want to be on time!

What about you ladies? Have your perfect skin ever got "messed up", when you're about to meet what seems to be a nice date?

Guys, wait a minute: I didn't forget you! What about this computer getting stuck, when you're about to make this big offer?

Life is filled with "those" moments! Truth is, when you rationally think about it, they are not the worst challenges:No! just the annoying one!

However: What is the real problem behind them? What are they telling us about ourselves?

Many years ago, I read an amazing book called:"The Celestine prophecy", by an other named James Redfield. In this spiritual adventure, there was a very descriptive part about: "Energy and Control" which I found very much eyes opening!

As human, our body consciousness grows to believe that: Control, in all its forms is"the way" to get energy.

However, each single day of our lives "The Light" is telling us:"My dear children, I love you, I created this world because you asked me to. Now, just follow the road and if you just let go, I will take you back home!" and...

Us, as any other kids here is what we say:"I want to do it by myself!"

From, time to time though, we get a reminder saying:"Let go of the...(it starts with E and rhymes with go), is what we'll learn hopefully:

There was no need to rush this morning, your meeting has been postponed at the last minute.
Your date which now is your husband, proved to be a man who loves you for what's inside of you, even though he can't ever say enough how beautiful you are! and you guys, when you're computer was down, you received this phone called with essential informations for your next big deal!

So...yes! Expect life to go unexpected! but most importantly when it happens "Let go" and trust "The Light", you are set on a perfect path!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Bonjour Friends

In France, where I grew-up the word commonly used for a refrigerator is:"Frigidaire".

Beside learning some French, you may ask: Does this info has any spiritual value?

For a start, let's just say: It's a great reminder for keeping an open-mind.

Life will surprisingly teach and deliver messages of Light out of the most unusual places if we free ourselves from our preconceptions.

In that case per se, it's the story behind this word that is interesting.

See..."Frigidaire" wasn't originally the translation for refrigerator but the name of the first (if not only) company making and selling them.

Do you warm-up a little or are you still cold on today's topic?

How often do we amalgam things in our societies?

If asked, one will say:"Oh! sure, I am spiritual, I  practice yoga or meditate as often as I can!". Then, another one will add:"No doubt, I believe in God, I'm saying a prayer every night and/or go to Church, Shul...every week!".

Now, let's think about it. Are those practices really what makes a person spiritual or connected to The Light Force? Or are they: beautiful yet simple tools to reinforce this connection?

The real question to ask ourselves then is: "How do we deal with life beyond those special moments in time and space?" After all, isn't it what we do outside those spiritual windows, the most significant?

Unfortunately, it's been known for a very long time now, that people tend to divide their life, with often an offset between the different compartments, which can also explain why it said that most individual come in & out of "Temples" unchanged!

I know! That's a tough one to hear! However, the great sages of the world had a point!

Taking responsibility for a real change in ourselves and ultimately in the world, isn't let's face it an easy task!

In that journey, it's often easy to fall asleep at the wheels of our vehicle or simply drive on auto-pilot satisfied with those moments of spiritual greatness that makes us better than the guy next door!

Now, one rule I learned in order to stay awake and on top of our game is: To shake things up!

Routines are important to teach us discipline and perseverance but to spice them up now and then, with elements of surprise will keep our senses on alert  as well as our personal opponent at check.

My friends, let's remember that we ALL deal with an inner opponent that will try every single trick to challenge us in that journey to fulfill our spiritual mission remain alert  let's not forget this humbling lesson as we schedule our alarm clock to never fall asleep: Ring! Ring! Ring!   

Friday, July 6, 2012

Like a Rose

Bonjour Friends

It's been what seems a long time since my last message...Long enough that some of you even wrote that you are missing me, which warmed my heart just when I needed it the most.

For the past 3 weeks, I was visiting Israel and even though so much had happen on both levels: physical and spiritual which I wanted to share; my throat was tight and my hands shaky! So...I waited!

See...Every step of the way since I was little until today, I learned about:"The Power of Words".
I could of course detail on it, but is it really necessary?!
As it simply says:"Words can built or Destroy!"

The thing is:"Words"are the divine aspect within, that make the human species different than the others: Free-will/ consciousness being the component that will determine what we'll do with it!

Moreover, when Some individuals have unique spiritual healing qualities: Everyone has one divine respons/ ability: We all have words that can affect the world!

As I grew-up, "Mamie Rose", my grandmother, was a women of a few words, even when: "She Saw & Knew a lot".
When she crossed over on Wednesday June 13, 2012, while I was flying in the sky, few hours before landing in The Holly land, She once again taught me, as the beautiful channel that she is an amazing yet subtle lesson:"Life goes On Eternally. Believe with a heart filled with joy & Keep pushing!"

We might encounter "thorns" on the road of life, but just like a rose: there is the most beautiful aromatic flower flourishing at the end of the stem that will awaken all our senses.

What a lesson! What a timing! Mamie Rose chose to depart this word exactly 8 days before the wedding of "my baby-sister", "La Poupillia" as she reminded me she used to call her! Telling us as it was famously said:"The show must go on!"

However...How do we keep pushing, when a part of us seems missing?

Well...We ask for help (their help) and pick up the phone!

Not all of us can hear a loud answer, when dialing "the world behind the curtain" but it doesn't mean that our beloved one (family, friends, guides, ancestors....) can't hear us! Always eager to help from the place where resources are endless!

So Friends, Don't hesitate! Take the time to light a candle and talk quietly or loudly as you wish to the one "who glided next door": Words of Love are our divine legacy with the power to reach any destination!

Mamie Rose: "Je t'aime! You're with me Always & Forever!"

Love & Light, Ilanit.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A binary numerical system

Bonjour Friends

Back when I was in school, I remember learning once about another mathematical system of counting which uses only two symbols: 0 & 1.
It's known as the binary numerical system and used by almost all modern computers.

Like most though, I never "consciously" had a need for this information, except that years later, when I found my spiritual deck in the port of  Kabbalah, I got reminded of it.

Each day of our lives, not to say hours/minutes, are about making repetitive choices between two poles of energy:
0 or 1, Sad or Happy, Angry or Zen, Reactive or proactive, Darkness or Light...

Even today with this article, I had to choose between two angles.

Initially, I was inspired to talk about: "The repetition of our negative patterns vs the positive ones". The title would have been:"Oops, I did it again!". I would have probably talked about how each one of  us struggle sometime, to end certain patterns and as a French expression states how:"when we chase the natural by the door, it comes back by the window".

However, I decided to choose differently!

While some choices are easy and logical, some on another hand might require a lot more courage and perseverance in order to be done with it, just like certain of our patterns.

During such episodes, we must raise our level of certainty to the highest place and know in our heart that if  we apply ourselves, we'll eventually reach the core of the problem and transform it. Occasionally, it's as peeling an onion, one layer at the time. Each layer might even bring up some tears, but.... caramelized onions can be the sweetest thing present in so many delicious recipes.

Furthermore, being happy versus being sad is the produce of a choice we made, not the result of some external events! Being happy, starts within and get fulled by a goal larger than ourselves.

In that journey called life, we might feel as if we don't have always a control of what is happening, but we can always decide how we are going to feel about it, remembering the most important lesson that nothing happens to us but... for our own personal and spiritual growth!

In any given day, we must always remember as well, that the Light force of the universe wish only the best for us, making sure to provide "all that we need" which is endlessly more than what we usually want.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Secret Black Box

Bonjour Friends

In the introduction of my last article, I pointed out that some of our "erased" memories are actually locked-up into our unconscious mind.
For some reasons, I also felt compelled to say that it might be: "potential material" for a future article. (Little did I know, I would receive so much info to open up about it).

"Coincidentally" and almost simultaneously after I wrote this, some discussions took place in my life, that hinted, I should certainly write about it and I should do it: Now!

When I moved to Florida almost 13 years ago, one of the expression that surprised me the most, the first time I heard it was:"You hurt my feelings!"

Growing-up, "we" never really talked about our feelings and here, not only we were but surprisingly, we were making it as serious as a physical pain.

Moreover, as I started to meet with more individuals, I realized that even though people talk about it, it doesn't mean they take care of the effect it may cause in their lives.

When a situation gets too sensitive, we often "reject it!", filling up some "Secret Black Box" buried inside of us.

When: a brother/sister "abandons" us; a husband/wife deceives "The dream"; a parent denies its support...We often lock the door or fight with them 'til the world's end!

Either way, we're loosing sparks of Light to the other side.

Just like "a Jedi", being spiritual is not only following a book of rules or even being a good person: No!
It's about recollecting those sparks lost in the dark as well.

Why and How? You may ask, especially if you learned to live with (out) it.

The answer is simple: Energy never disappears!

If you didn't swallow the pill, don't be surprise to experience stomach issues.
If you often hear things you don't like (truth or false), it might be the reason for your repetitive ears infections and what about all those headaches?... I am pretty sure you got the picture now!!!

My friends, those examples are the nice ones!
However, physical and psychological ailments (big or small) always have an origin and explanation rooted at the level of the soul, just like a manifestation always begins with a thought.

To heal, we should always embrace and work on both levels: Physical & Spiritual.
Sometimes with different tools at the same time.

One last thing, I'd like to add here (if you wonder): In occasions some conflicts can't get addressed directly and found peace in this reality in order to solve "the situation".
However, there is many other ways to solve them, and reveal The Light they have inside!

Remember:"When we fly above the clouds, the sun always shines!".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life is a Long, (Quiet?!) River

Bonjour Friends

Memory is without a doubt a very interesting human feature.

While some encounters/ events are "erased" from our database, others on the contrary will stay with us forever.
Psychology might of course bring up that those memories have been locked into our unconscious mind, but...this isn't today's topic (Maybe some other time?!).

For example, back in France, when I was only a teenager, I remember hearing about a movie with the same title I chose for this article:"Life is long quiet river".
I don't know why I did, since I've never even watched it (even once able to do so), but somehow this title got me to wonder.

First of all, knowing how French comedy are written with a speciality for "real/ dysfunctional lives": Life could be anything but "Quiet!".
Second of all, between my personal experience and  the ones I knew of: "Quiet" wasn't and still isn't the first adjective that comes to mind to describe "Life". Don't you think?


Most spiritual teachings agree that "Our Ego" (the challenger within/ the body consciousness/ the desire to receive for oneself alone...) is the one to be held responsible for such turmoils.

If each one of us were able "to receive" every situations (the ones that pushes our buttons and the others) as if they were "A Gift"... Rolling with it: Life would become this river.

"Our Ego" who oppose "Our True self", is the cause for our reactivity and consequently our chaos...Not our challenges!!!

When, "our need to control and/ or the fear to loose it" takes over, this is the time that water turns into a boil.
When we get madly upset, auto-destructive, unforgiving, violent...All our Light  energy evaporate into the air just like steam.

However, and this is an extremely important note to remember: "killing or annihilating the ego (as many have suggested), isn't the solution!".
We must learn to put it at contribution, because if we threaten the ego, we might end up unsuccessful in the fulfilling of our soul purpose.

See...Our spiritual work is:"to shape this ego", so it will integrate the oneness of being and ultimately the oneness of the Universe.

How do we do that?

Here, what I found to be 3 essential steps:

1. Nourishing the soul.
Before any challenge, one should make sure to incorporate spiritual Wisdom & Practice into his life. Learning and acting to built his/her spiritual bank account.

2. Pouring water on fire
When a challenge occurs make sure to have a plan ahead to help you shut down the reactive system. Let's face it, just telling ourselves: "Do not react" isn't always working!

3.Learn and move on.
When our inner waters come back to normal, one must take the time to identify his/her reaction: what caused it, How did you feel...learn from it and go back to 1.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Energy shift

Bonjour Friends

Everything is Energy: spiritual teachings and science have agreed on it already.

For that reason, just like a radio does, some people can tune into the vibration emanating from a person or a place.

Empaths like myself will even share stories of objects "talking" to them and, how being in contact with someone, something or someplace triggers flow of emotions and images.

Now, if you were to ask me, I'll simply say:"The same way, one hair can give us the genetic code of a whole being; an object or a place can share its story as we scan its spiritual DNA".

However, there is another fact which spirituality and science agreed upon: object are of a lower vibration.

As a matter of fact, human beings are the only one with the unique divine spark also called: "Free-will".

Free-will has been define as the inner program of choice which makes us "The Creator" of our reality.

However, it's also the same free-will, that makes us analyse every situations and put us in the center of the inner battle between: Certainty and Doubt, Proactive and Reactive...

Now, let's imagine just for fun (but also to learn something about our nature) that we all had this choice.

Suddenly, we might hear a puzzle screaming at a kid: "Why are you breaking me into pieces?", "What have I done to you?", "Life is just not fair!"

Funny!? Right!?

As late Eli Kakou, a french comic would have say in his North African accent:" Faut rigoler!!! Aka we must laugh!!!"

Laughing, including at ourselves, is actually not only very therapeutic but a great tool for clarity as well!

How often do we take life too seriously?

We not only imprint ourselves we those "bad feelings" as we do, but also everything and everyone around us.

In "YOU are the ANSWER", a book that I am reading those days, Michael J. Tamura the author shares something very powerful saying:" you can acknowledge having a feeling of sadness, anger...but you don't have to be it!
Instead, you can remember that you're also a fulfilled spirit and while feeling the sadness, anger etc... Choose to be happy!"

Essential reminder (because we often forget!):

The purpose of our incarnated life is: "To earn the Light of fulfillment by overcoming our reactive nature:  Choosing to shift our energy to its divine mode instead!"

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Forgive. Love & Pray 2

Bonjour Friends

From time to time, a spiritual person might find herself  "inexplicably" propelled into a conflict.
"Out of the blue", someone with no reasonable ground, except an uncontrolled anger, might start to yield, curse or attack her.

At the time of the event and probably even after, it might not make sense, why did this person "lost it", and ventilate in such a way.

As a spiritual being, you most likely tend to be gentle, a good spirit always concerned to radiate an aura of love and peace from inside out.

So of course, when such situations happen, you might think either way that you've been at the wrong place, the wrong time (although in your heart, you know that it can't be since coincidences don't exist) or, you might already assume that you're paying the price of some karmic debt.

What if there was a third option at play?

Many spiritual people are also called: Lightworkers.
They don't need to work "officially the field", often they will be acting undercover. However, they all signed the same contract with "The Light". Before coming into the world, they all promised to use their inner spark to affect, heal and guide others.

In some cases, when put in front of an angry person, it might actually mean that they're playing the role of an air purifier for this individual loaded with darkness.

Some other day, she might actually be a very nice person but apparently some event triggered dark feelings that maybe she wasn't even aware of.

Now that YOU know it: Help is on the way!

See... If you can actually put your own feelings aside, you might realized that she needs help, and that day was maybe planned for "revealing the concealed" and for you to use your gift to help her.

That you know her or not, you might have some responsibility to bring light into her life.
You can simply choose to have forgiveness for her and, also send Love and Light her way in your prayers.

Who knows? You might be the one that will save her life!

More than a year ago, my building's office forgot to inform the security that I was expecting a delivery so...When the truck came, they didn't let him in. Once aware of the situation, I tried to call the office but no one answered. I took my phone, and decided to see what was going on for myself.
The office manager was in what appeared a serious meeting with a lady I knew and who I assumed was her daughter.

When I tried politely to get their attention, they kept asking me to wait. At that point, the delivery guy was pressuring me to leave on the phone.
I could feel the tension raising, still I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Not knowing what was going on in my own movie and obviously upset, the young women came out in a fury and started to yield her rage in my face, as she did the negativity I experienced left me in shock and breathless.
Her mom as she came toward me only said:" I don't know what just happened, she's usually so calm! I'm really sorry!"
The all event was surreal!
Once home, after all this emotions, I knew it was time, to clear my energy field and re-center myself. As  I did, I  received an unexpected request: Pray for her!
So, I did.

Months later, when I met the mother, she shared that her daughter has been "unpredictably" involved,  in a life and death situation and, that she miraculously survived against all logic!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love & Pray

Bonjour Friends

As many have said before me:" Intuition is everyone's birthright"!

Receiving informations beyond the logic of our five senses is actually something natural, and an aspect of our divine legacy as well.

In our modern societies, however, it's been often dismissed or worst, rejected in a box with many other taboos.

Today though, because it is "The Time", when:"After a long sleep, the spirit of the world will awaken to a new consciousness and a new world will be rebuilt", I felt that I had to bring out this subject dear to my heart.

Let me ask you a question then: How often can you see or feel things before they happen to you?
"Depends", "Comme-ci, comme-ca", you might say in French.

Now, let's repeat the same question replacing:"you"at the end of this question by "someone else".
A lot more! Isn't it?! (As we all know, we often see better for others).

For Lightworkers as myself, such experiences are what our days are filled with, yet... This "knowing feeling" is not really different than for anyone else.

Lightworkers might get some more details and learn to translate them in order to give guidance and understanding...the essence though is similar.

As our soul connect to someone else's,  their joy and pain... becomes part of ours.

Being what has been called a "empath" make me feel people... "My Friends", as if I knew them:"forever and always", and the truth: it is sometimes very overwhelming!

The hardest part I'll say, just as you might have experienced it in your own life, is to see a loved one  taking a direction or making choices that seem dangerous!

Even though, I know, and we should all remember it: "The Light is always in the business!":
What should we do, when someone you care for ask your advise and don't listen or don't even give you this opportunity?

It can be a son or a daughter, a parent or a friend, in any case the feeling of being powerless is always heartbreaking.

Well....It is for that reason that "Prayers" were created!

"Praying for someone else with all our love is one of the most powerful thing to create miracles!"

When it seems that we can only respect someone else free-will: "Love & Pray" has not limit but the sky.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.