Monday, December 13, 2010

Upside down Reality

Bonjour Friends

Do you ever experience those moments, where everything seems to work in slow motion?

Days, when you don't feel or see yourself achieving what your mind was set to do?

What I learned about such times is that you should not always relay on what your feelings are telling you!

For example, did you know that our eyes are perceiving the reality upside down and that our brain need to reverse the picture to truly see it as it is?

What can we learn from this scientific fact? You may ask.

1-Do not judge the reality with your five senses. (They're showing you only 1% of the reality anyhow).

2-"Slow or stagnant" is often the result of our perception, not a scientific measure.

3-Believe that if you put 100% of your heart in everything that you do, (with preferably a sharing intention and a desire to affect others in a positive way in mind): you will most likely achieve each day what you were meant to do.

4-Find the right balance between: Pushing and... Letting go.

For someone like me who lives according to intuitions & extra censorial perceptions, this lessons has been profoundly humbling, and reminds us that there is a difference between: "Emotions & Intuitions"

Years ago, as I was a "youngster" in the world of spiritual guidance, I also responded directly according to my feelings.

If during a meeting, I felt a "high" : I'll be happy and if some "unusual" messages/events was taking place it was just like icing on a cake!

On the other hand, if things were going "just smooth" but without any fireworks, I'll be wondering...

Luckily, with always such a kindness "The Light" allowed me to see that feelings are not always the expression of what is truly happening and to trust the perfection of the Universe.

Few times, I received for example eloquent feedback from the same people, I had felt unsure of the impact of the messages I had delivered.
At my own surprise, they share with me that they were able to see big changes in their life and learned profound lessons about themselves since we had met.

Well...We all can learn few more things here;

1-Just like a dish that doesn't present good but taste fantastic:The wrap of our "gift/work", we share with the world doesn't always reflect what is inside.

2-Certainty & Faith within The Light Force of the Creator is to know that our goal will be met or not according to a "Master Plan", that will always provide the best opportunities & conditions for our spiritual growth.

With this in mind, let's commit to do our best each days, hopefully as it says:"what we want will be what we need", but most importantly, let's appreciate with humility the present of endless love & blessings, "The Light" is sending us every seconds of our lives.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Bonjour Friends

Have you wondered where I've been for the past few weeks?

Let me tell you this: "What a ride!".

It's, furthermore legitimate that I needed a little time to digest & reprocess it all before going back there!!!

Once, I was done with "The biggest loops"of this new roller coaster life had brought me, the first thing I thought (Of course) was: "What a great lesson!"

I, also said to myself that you might be interested to hear "my story" which can undoubtedly help everybody!

As always, before getting to the core of the message, let me take you back where everything started and put up the decor of this new episode of "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit: spiritual Guidance to self-empowerment".

Even though, I have been blessed and witnessed such a growth in my life; particularly the past two years since I started this blog, I am always wondering and asking: What else can I do to touch more souls with the Light?

Since last Rosh Hashana which is known as the Kabbalistic new year, I have been praying with even more intensity to get to my next step with this same desire in mind.

As I was doing it for couple of months now, the same answer came to to me at different occasions and from different directions:

"Ilanit, you must look within you and heal yourself as well!"

The other answer was: "Don't worry, you already are walking toward your destiny, each days that you know it or not!".

Healing myself ? I thought. "How could I do that?"
"I know, I had my share of "boo-boos", but I am feeling okay with  pretty much everything".

I have been "into" spirituality since my teens which give me lots of insights, I have studied and lived according to the teaching of Kabbalah for now 12 years, I volunteer, tide, meditate, pray,share....What else?

Well... as we know, there is always room for improvement and sometimes we need to look even deeper inside ourselves to elevate those sparks of Light trapped in the dark.

And we all have some of those, under a form or another.

For years, even though I kept it to a personal level, I have been experiencing different ailments, but since my life has been so much more pleasurable than my earliest years, I never really wanted to give energy to it.

I often thought that "those disturbances" was part of the energy work that I do (the other side of the coin if you prefer), and rather ignored it, I guess.

Well...Even though it' true that there is always a spiritual aspect to anything, we do live in a material world and we still need to solve "problems"  big and/or small in that level too!

So..."By coincidence", a month ago as I was feeling "worst & more stress" than usual and still asking for "my key", my husband learned through a friend, about a very commune "parasite", that affect a great percentage of the population and that we are most likely unaware of, which described perfectly my condition.

As soon that I heard about this:"overgrowth bacteria" and its effects, I knew that it was the answer I was looking for, which was finally sent to me!

Well..."Knowing" is only the first step in any process, next comes "transforming"!

I have been for almost 5 weeks now in a "restriction/ diet", where sugars, dairy products ( just remember here that I am French),and carbs can't be part of, to get this bacteria to its normal level.

I  truly went through a"nightmare" as I started and felt as a hand was extracting my garbage out of my guts.(Sorry for the expression!) but afterward: the reward is just Fantastic!!! Physically, morally and Spiritually, I fell so much Light-er.

The lesson for me was to realize, that we might be feeling grateful for lots of our blessings and challenges that caused us hurt, humiliation, sadness, anger... in a close or far away past.


It 's true that our soul never suffer!
Our mind can get itself wrapped around the idea of : " Everything is for the best"...
Yet, sometimes our Ego finds ways to hold grudges in other places, sometimes for years if we are not aware and don't take care of it!

The truth is: we all need healing!

Body, mind and soul need to get unified to take us to our destination!

Our soul might be the driver, but the body is our vehicle to get there. 
Part of our spiritual work is to make sure that it is functioning well and that no"parasite" is cluttering it.

It is says that the biggest trick of our opponent is to make us believe it doesn't exist! So where does it hide then?

Dear Friends,

If you are interested to know more about this "healing process", I'll be happy to share with you the info, I have collected.
Remember also that it's a great time of the year to consider a spiritual reading.
As a new year present, I am happy to offer a 2011 Numerology progression for anyone that will schedule an  "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit" meeting.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Divine Legacy

Bonjour Friends

My writings/blogs are just like my little babies.

See... I love them, nourish them and share all that I have. Creating a circuitry of energy between them, me, and the world.

From the time of inspiration, till the publishing moment, I am infusing them with a delicate fragrance of "Love & Light" in the best of my abilities and then...I let them take the course of their life.

Behind the secret space of my heart, I undeniably and just like any loving mom, hope that they will fulfill their destiny and that they will Awaken, Comfort and Empower the souls that will read them.

Nevertheless, it is not without a certain emotion, when the time has come that I have to let them go. (Even if it only means, that it's time to open up myself to a new message).

In fact: Was it because we just celebrated my youngest daughter 6 years birthday or because I "witnessed" some very emotional events?

I did feel the past few weeks more nostalgic than usual, reflecting on: How fast time flies!

Yet, I wanted to focus on the bright Light, No matter how long or short, hard or easy:

"Life on earth with all its challenges is truly a glimpse of time compare to the Eternity of fulfillment, we did and will experience, once we'll reconnect ourselves to the Divine Light".

This reflective time, also reminded me another essential piece of wisdom:

"Live each day as it is your last. Act, Think and Share with an open heart because it is our divine legacy to this world, and while your there don't forget to Laugh!"

Dear Friends

We All  have our struggles, "Our Time" has been clearly defined as the most challenging yet.

Nevertheless, it only means one thing:

 "We are the bravest soul who has been chosen to reveal the True face of the divine on Earth".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Above & Below

Bonjour Friends

To be completely honest with you, this time around, I felt very conflicted about publishing my blog.Why...???

About a week ago, I received my original inspiration, but after writing it on paper, I felt that the content might be too sensitive and also too long for some of my readers.

Yet! Something was pushing me to share it. A voice inside of me was whispering that someone needed to hear those words.

Eventually this morning, I got my solution.

I will write my article in two parts. In the 1st one, I'll share as usual my message. In the 2nd one, I'll take the ones that have the time or the desire on a road trip through "My story".

Above & Below: (part 1)

As spiritual or positive thinker, one can be, Life might "surprise" us, with some ultimate challenges making us lose our knowledge and abilities to handle it "Pro-actively".

On top of this list is without a doubt: "illness and death".

Before the age of 25, I can record at least 3 events,(1 mortal car accident and 2 illnesses) that got me so close to it that it's a miracle that I am still here. (There was actually a 4th one that was shown to me and then confirmed: my birth was certainly dramatic and I almost didn't make it so did my mom).

In any case, it's my last experience that revealed to me what I was about to do in this lifetime.

As life was leaving me, I went through what people call: "a near death experience".

To this day, even though I never talk much about it, I remember the feeling of a warm presence around me,while hearing that it wasn't my time and that I'll still have lots of work to do.

Few days later, I came to Miami to recover and ...what a recovery!

My aunt and her family welcomed me like one of theirs, gave me a place to stay and grow and above all...They introduce me to: "Kabbalah".

With time: between my studies, "my row gift" and my knew source of wisdom, I saw my path traced front of me.

Since that day, "I never got sick", and whatever was the cause of my ailment: was it physical or spiritual?
(Lots of spiritual leaders go through hard times before getting their call, I was taught, the same way we get challenged when we are about to reveal lots of Light.)

It made me promise myself to do everything I can to share my vision of the world that exist behind the curtain, and help everyone, and especially the one in pain, have a test for  "The Light" which is truly our legacy.

I do miss, what I know is our real home.

Nevertheless, our world provide us with unique opportunities to transform and earn "The Light".

We all have a mission on Earth: big, small it doesn't matter!

We just need to do our best to accomplish it, asking "The Light" & our "Helpers"to be there for us, in that journey of going back home.

Above & Below: (part 2)

Sunday 10/10/2010

It's night, I am sitting at my desk. I just received the inspiration for my blog. Here what I wrote:

"Bonjour Friends

The story, I am about to share with you is surely one of my first memory growing up, with the spiritual world.
I was no older than 13, when one of my classmate (a boy, I knew since Kindergarten) got sick.
Nobody told us much about it, day when he came back to school wearing a wig, I also heard for the 1st time the word: "cancer".
Soon after that, we stop seeing him or even talked about it.

Months later, my family took us in vacation to Israel for summer.
In the first week of our arrival, we went to Jerusalem and here is what happened that day.
As I was standing in front of "The wall": "I saw my friend"!
He looked beautiful and seems to glow: something was so peaceful about him!

Words are quite limited, but it didn't matter then (or even now) since I knew, I won't be able to share this story anyway.

Back to the house we stayed, my dad felt that something had happened to me.
I remember telling him: "I prayed for M. today" what else could I say?

This is when my dad told me that M. had passed away a week before our trip.

Monday 10/11/2010

It's 3:45pm, I need to go somewhere before picking up my daughters from school. The street I am suppose to take is crowded with cars, "I decide" to change my plan!
I'll go check some books from this bookstore that is closing in few days. As I get to the kid area, almost no books are left. I have a very little time left but decide to look at the "spirituality" section. as I browse through the books, one is literally "popping out", it's title:"The miracles of Archangel Michael". coincidence or sign that I need to share my story? Well... let me share what happened the following days for you to decide.

Tuesday 10/12/2010  

My 10:30 meeting just arrived. We start with the reading and discuss lots of topic together.The energy is flowing. Suddenly, like only a few do, she asked me if I know who she can call for guidance?
Since she is opened, I check at her field of energy and tell her that one of her grand-mother is always there for her and she also mention ( Can you guess who?): "Angel Michael!".

She is stupefy, so am I ( I will never be enough grateful for those moments!) She was very close to her Grandma who teach her to call on a regular basis "Michael" for help!.

Thursday 10/14/2010 

Last and not least pieces of this puzzle.
It's 12:30 PM, I  just met this  nice lady via some friends, we instantly started talking as we know each other forever.
She's a nurse working in an hospice, as I spoke to her about spirituality and Kabbalah, she also share with me one of "her stories.", in particular, the passing of her last night patient and all  the wonders she witness that night, ( that lady was in a coma for a while, but that night she opened her eyes, looked at her husband, said goodbye and left) .
As she talk, "I know " that her mother passed away too but...she's in fact still very close to her!
My "New Friend" knows it but can hardly hold a tears...of joy and emotion".

Today, Dear Friends

I hope that my story will help you see "a little"of the world as I do, but most importantly as beautiful and endless it really is.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walking the path

Bonjour Friends

Do you often feel that you know something, (and I am not talking here about the Ego: "I know" but the knowledge of the soul that is teaching us), to discover via some events of your life that you might just start to "gets it"!?

Well...I don't know for you, but...It happens to me all the time!

Does it means that we didn't really get it before or are we just reaching a new level of understanding, as we evolve in our spiritual ladder of transformation?

Kabbalah which means, (Remember?)
:To receive, is teaching us that the process of life can be represented in the form of an onion.

Furthermore, each learning and pro-active actions that we undergo remove one layer and gets us closer to the heart.

(Actually, if I have to be more accurate, I will explain how each layer has its own 10 levels... but don't count on me to go there!).

Our job then, is to remove those layers that are obstructing the Light and reach for the heart, where everything is clear and simple and where Love & Unity are the only things that is real.

Talking about heart, here what I wanted to share with you today.

After my last article, I realized more than ever, (and thanks to you for sharing some of your thoughts with me), that nothing is more important!

It also reminded me of a lesson, I learned many years ago:

When I was a University's student, I worked as a tutor for a family that had 3 kid. My youngest student was very smart, he also became very undisciplined in the classroom before I started to work with him, consequently his grades started to lower and it's how his parents contacted me.

I of course worked with him, (and brother & sister) on his academics, but the more time I spent with him, the more I came to realize that behind this " unfocused child" was a soul screaming for something else than a teacher. He was asking to be seen!!!

I am a mother, I know the love parents have for their child as well as the love that we may have for some others people of our lives.

Yet...Sometimes we may get caught up in a life where we forget to pay attention to our surrounding.

Let's be honest here: How often, are we getting blind or too busy for the things that are front of us?

As a spiritual counselor, I am the first person to talk about the "big picture", to act and work for the global consciousness, inviting people to step out of their routine.

Nevertheless, Dear Friends, let's remind ourselves to see what is front of us and most importantly to look:" inside the eyes of others".

Many inspirational books talks about the journey of "Mans" searching for their path, realizing at the end of the story that it was right under their feet from the beginning of their journey.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bonjour Friends

One event, One word can change your life.

In 1998, without going over the details, I'll simply say that I got my heart broken.
My whole self was in pieces on the floor. It was so painful that even breathing was an agony.

While life had already brought me my dose of hurt and challenges, nothing felt as this one.

I remember crying like I never did and... praying!

Asking G-od to take my pain away, begging to connect to that divine realm where suffering doesn't exist.

I was longing for "Home" from the depth of my soul.

For some unexplained reasons, this world that has been my support my whole life couldn''t fill the lack I was feeling inside.

Why wasn't it enough this time?

I'll learn later, that even if we live in a "world of illusions", we still need this 1% reality to complete the 99%.

In other words, we can deny the physical because it is our vehicle to manifest the spiritual.
We can't just runaway or disconnect if we truly want to fulfill our purpose.

In any case, going back to that period, what happened next was a miracle: My prayers were answered!

Well...In real life, It took a little more time, mostly because I wasn't able to let go that easily but....

At the first opening on my side, The Light rushed inside and never left, as we can learn in the Midrash: "Open for me a door as big as a needle's eye, and i'll open for you a door through which may enter tents and camels"

With one trip, one chance that I took to come out of my limbo state, a world of possibilities was opening up.

Once introduced to the teachings of Kabbalah, I suddenly was ready to "Receive Life" and accepted to play the game, with it's challenges and victories!

I had received a new life!
A new path and purpose was  unfolding  front of my eyes.

Kabbalah which means in Hebrew; " To receive" helped me put all the pieces together and "my pains" actually became my biggest strength.

At the time, even if I had completed my learning in teaching and counseling, nothing could have given me the experience necessary to understand others better than life itself!

Again, this story, this piece of my life that I choose to share with you is showing us that "a good challenge" allows us to built our life solidly and durably.

When such " breaking moments" happens though, we should remember that only our Ego is "in Hell", our Soul in another hand is "in Heaven"!

12 Years had passed and I have been knowing for a while that: "Breaking my heart" has been the best things that had happened to me.

It actually lead me to the life of my dreams.

Today, I only wonder how to keep my heart opened and share this Light with others.

A new kabbalistic year has begun, I'd like to wish you all to: Connect, Live & Reveal this Endless Light for yourself and the world: Now and forever!

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life's Explorer

Bonjour Friends

I am late!!!

It was "Back to school" for the kid this week, which meant lots of work for "Mom".

After all...Since I am "An Independent writer", what is the problem?

In life we have official responsibilities to honor with: our boss, our families..., and we also have commitments that we take with ourselves like taking care of our bodies, souls...

Even though their implications are different (one has usually more immediate consequences than the other), they're both important to respect and we should always give 100% of ourselves in both cases, trying to follow through.

Another thing that we can learn, is that even if we should always push ourselves, have discipline and met our goals, sometimes life is also teaching us that we need to let go and ride with the flow.

( Getting guilty or upset never help! )

In addition and since there is a timing for everything, we maybe simply haven't met it yet!

Based on the same spirit, when our lost of faith keep "accelerating" this is the time when we should "slow down" our dark feelings. When life sends us challenges after challenges, it's important to remember the first rule of swimming class: learning to float.

From time to time, I hear in meetings sentences such as: "I can't take it anymore!"or "I just want to know when life is going to stop throwing rocks at me!"

Usually the same people might have experienced, hope and excitement as they started in a spiritual path but after a while, they have lost their faith in the divine providence...

Opportunities to learn and transform became unreachable mountains, making them feel that they are drowning.

To those who experienced enlightenment and "lost it" or to those who never had a test for it in the first place, I would like to share those few words.

In the world we live, "Peace" is found inside the work we do and the challenges that we face.

Yes, it's true! Some test are tougher than some others but do we have faith?

When we are facing bravely every moment of our lives, we find true peace of mind.

Kabbalah explains that we incarnate in this world to earn the Light of our Creator.


By recollecting the sparks concealed in the dark and restricting our reactive nature doing it.

Just like a kid saying to his parent: "I want to do it by myself"! We asked to figure things out and to become: "Life's Explorer".

To finding what we're truly looking for and experiencing lasting fulfillment.

With Love & Light, Ilanit

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Many pieces, One big puzzle

Bonjour Friends

Since I was a little girl, until I graduated High school, I received a "Jewish education" in addition to the Academic programs, from the private school my parents sent me.

During those extra hours, I learned to read and write in modern and cursive Hebrew, to converse some, but most importantly, I studied the meaning of Holidays, prayers and commentaries of the Tora/ Bible.

Later on, as I was introduced to the teachings of Kabbalah, it brought a new prospective on all those early explanations.

It, actually opened up my mind to a larger vision and understanding that was closer to my personal feelings on the meaning of life, its rules and the "Oneness" that I was looking for.

Nevertheless,I do remember that few of those early studies were right on the same target, revealing some secret messages underneath the surface.

Once, one of my "Tora's teacher" made our class study a "Michna" that was explaining that in order to fully connect to the Light Force of the Creator, One must learn to "Love" unconditionally.

Yet, there were 3 types of love, one must achieve.

(Kabbalah explains that the world rest on a Tri-principle: The balance of The right, The Left and The Central column being the key of our spiritual work.)

Back to our verse, here is what it says:

1- There is the love for Our Creator as a whole.

2-The love of our neighbor as an extension of us.Finally,

3-We have to love Ourselves.

Studying this verse, revealed that one can't go without the others.

There's a fine inter-dependency between them.

Think about it!

How can we say we truly love The Creator or ourselves if we don't love others and vice-versa.

Nevertheless, if we must be honest, it's not always easy to love someone else or be "friend" with anyone.

Well...Listen to this:

The Hebrew word for "friend" is "Chaver" which has the same root than the word "Chibur"/"To connect", and what's connect us all?

Unfortunately, because we live in a world of illusion and separation, (even scientist are saying that we only see a portion of the reality, and things are not always as they seems) we often can't see that connection.

As it can be described beautifully:"We're all pieces of a big puzzle, different yet complimentary".

Furthermore, when we face in our daily life challenges with others: "Tikkuns/Karmas" etc... Let's keep in our heart a piece opened to love and not "hate".

The other night, I watched a movie on the life of President Nelson Mandela and was moved in the depth of my heart on how a man, who had all the reasons "to hate" find the inspiration to transform his experience into his biggest strength, incarnating supreme forgiveness and an ultimate faith on the divine plan for the all world to see.

Let's remember, when we face the dark face of humanity that in the supernal dimension, we're all One!

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"All we need is Love"

Bonjour Friends

Here we are, another week, another piece "of article/of my heart"!

Some call it: blogging, I rather name: sharing the Light.

And...For those of you that are now familiar with my work; "My Friends", you already know that my favorite Mojo is: Love & Light!

Nevertheless, this week inner process was a bit different for me.

Since my last publication, as I usually do, I allowed my mind to wonder, here and there in order to connect to the Universal source of wisdom, trying to come back with something empowering and nurturing for the soul.

I would pick a thought that crossed my mind due to a conversation or an event of my daily life and let it take me to a place where one idea like a leaf, suddenly revealed itself, attached to a branch and becomes part of a magnificent tree.

Before I know it, I usually come back into this reality with a whole picture, excited by the idea to share it with you.

Well...This time wasn't that simple, and maybe that was the point!

(It might as well be, today undercover lesson).

Every time I tried "to see" the ramification of a thought, my mind will show me a part but never a completed image.

After few days of trying, it became each time even more challenging, more ideas and possibilities without a cohesion making me say: "This is it!".

At that point, I wasn't doubting that it would come to me (I already went through that and resolved this issue), but...I was wondering: When would I get clarity and discernment from all those options?

Does this ever happen to you? Knowing that every situation has a solution, yet being worry about it!

In my case my struggle came to an end, few days ago in the middle of a "Target's store" as if I needed a more subtle answer:"Stay simple and focus on the goal"!

I, "coincidentally" met a friend and started to catch up on life. Our conversation made me tell her few simple truths: spiritual achievement and sharing don't always have to be complicated, not everyone is meant to travel across the world to save it!

What most of us need though, is to be alert and present of their surrounding and decrypt the opportunities we receive daily.

Sometimes a little act of kindness, patience, or friendship can go a long way!

Those moments might not look as extraordinary as some others, it doesn't mean they are less in value!

And here comes a little story...

Once upon a time, a great kabbalist was ready to leave this world. He first gathered all his students and left them with a specific message on what they needed to do.

To one of them, he said: "You must change the world" and then he left.

For a whole year, the student traveled as far as he could to spread kindness.

Then, one night his teacher came to him into a dream saying:"Why did you go so far?"

To make the long story short, from one year to another, the student under the guidance of his teacher reduced his radius of work, from the world to his country, his town, neighborhood and family.

In the last dream, he understood from the words of his teacher that saving the world is about "saving ourselves"!

What does it mean?

Kabbalah says that our worst enemy is ourselves. It's our inability to "Love".

I know, it might sound cliche, yet true: "All we need is Love", with a capital L for Light.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sensible & Emotional

Bonjour Friends

How have you been for the past few weeks?

Do the words "Sensible & Emotional" come to mind?

Don't worry... You're certainly not the only one feeling that way!

You've been under the cosmic vibration called: "Cancer".

More than a thousand years ago, Kabbalistic astrology, (one precious tool from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah) revealed to us that the same way the Moon influences the tides of the oceans; the 7 main planets of our universe, which connect to the 12 signs of the zodiac influences us daily.

After all: Aren't we mostly made of water?

Nevertheless, this knowledge isn't about giving us our personal horoscope and/ or leaving us in a "victim" position of our fate.

No! On the contrary, it's about knowing the energy available, mastering its advantages and overcoming its challenges.

Since, "knowing" is a step closer to "changing", let me share with you the enlightenment this energy brought into my life.

During one of my meeting, I found myself sharing some very personal memories in order to guide my new friend.

Looking in my past, I realized that the 25th first years of my life have been truly a military spiritual workshop, a highly intense training for my future.

During that period, I saw and experienced lots of the human negativity causing psychological, emotional and physical pains.

The intimate presence of the Light force of the Creator in my life was actually the only brightness that kept me in place.

At the time though, I was believing that true fulfillment can't be achieved on this Earth.

Obviously, I hadn't found a spiritual teacher at the time, I would just pray everyday to find some peace.

Not always able to understand the gap between Light and darkness.

I, even found myself looking with envy the destiny of those people that choose to devote their life to God. Loving and sharing, yet protected by walls!!!

Well...I am Jewish, so... It couldn't possibly be my destiny!

(I hope, I don't offend anyone here, but my pains was that intense).

Back then, I was crying to find my Temple, knowing that the Light was the only source that could give it to me!

I didn't understand that "The Light is everywhere" means: Even in our challenges!!!

To sweeten our life, we must face our test and change our position from being the effect to being the cause!

Most importantly, we should not build walls around ourselves because we've been hurt.

Connecting to "The Light", it's about opening and removing the layers that surround our heart!

Once upon a time, a man was eager to get closer to the divine.
He decided that the world he was living in was inferior in value, so he left everything behind him.
He found himself a mountain and started a process of meditation to connect with the upper world, begging for God to reveal itself to him.
After days of fasting and meditating...a voice talked to him!
God! Is that you?! I've been dreaming for this moment to come.
Where are you? Can I see you?
Sure! said God
Look down your summit: Do you see the people bellow? I am right there!

Love & Light
Sincerely, Ilanit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's take a ride!

Bonjour Friends

When someone decides to put their soul into the driver's seat, great things are about, and will happen: Light will suddenly illuminate the usual darken road in a way never experienced before.

Often, moreover, the journey might still be like driving at night: we know where we start and what is the destination but the light beams seem to show us only a short distance at the time!

Isn't it after all, what we really need?

During this trip, we must have FAITH!!!

Each bump, is part of the big picture and not giving up is essential to complete our journey.

Last time, after publishing my newest post, I received few emails from "Friends", among all the nice words was the first harsh one, I had ever received since I started writing...and I am not talking about a critic made on my syntax.

No!!! I am talking about a true personal attack!

At first, I felt very hurt and confused and my human nature would have made me do something anti-spiritual due to the anger, Except! That I learned long enough to switch on auto/soul-pilot!!!

One of the first things we can learn from this experience is that being spiritual is not removing our nature: it is to transform it!!!

Because my soul was securely driving the car, in a second I realized that it was a great opportunity to actually: "Walk the talk!"

Do you remember, what I was saying in my last post? "I laugh at myself when I see my Ego bruised" and it's what I did!

It is said by ancients Kabbalists, that we should make sure to have " enemies" during our lifetime! I also read that we should be concerned if we spend more than 40 consecutive days without any challenges (It doesn't have to be catastrophic but enough to keep us uncomfortable.)

Why is that?

"Enemies/Challenges", are a sign that we are, in fact, connecting and revealing Light in our lives and ultimately in the world.

I also learned, that our human nature is "so sensitive"that one critic, one "wrong word", may cause us to react in an extreme, making us throw away all that we did or received in a second.

Think about it!

How often do we question the future of our relationships or any commitments for one argument? How eventually is it the result of taking things "too personally"?

Today, I am going to leave you with these questions to answer, hopefully, it will awaken lots of positives re-commitments as it did for me.

I'd like to dedicate this blog to Nicole, Laurent, Uriel, Salome, Yehuda, David & Mimi.
It says that the best way to thank someone and wish them good is to share with another, the Light you received from them.
I'll make it my life! Je vous aime.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Laundry day

Bonjour Friends

As I surely mentioned it in the past, I can clearly record my "spiritual awakening" at the age of 12.

When I was shown that there was a lot more to life than what our eyes can see (or hear), I started to learn, to understand about the power of the Light Force of the Creator surrounding and within myself.

Even though, looking back shows how I've been involved in many incredible life's story, I still look at it with amazement, like watching "The Divine Masterpiece".

Actually, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work as a devoted Light's mail carrier.

For centuries, many great teachers and Kabbalists strength, the importance of humility, and the restriction of "The Ego" in order to succeed in our spiritual journey.

Furthermore, to make sure not to take credits and honors that don't belong to me, I like to laugh at myself when I face my "human mistakes" and, welcome with joy the bruising of my ego.

For this same reason, I also make sure to follow the advice that I received from one of my first teacher: "Share-Appreciate and move on to the next"!

Today, I decided to do even better than that, I plan to share with you, one of my "True personal stories".
Hopefully, it will help illustrate my point:

As spiritually evolve as one may be, there are tons of space for growth...and so much more messages to listen and learn from!

Few weeks ago, one Sunday morning, I was doing laundry.
I live in a "Condo". Furthermore, I am sharing the use of the laundry room with the other residents of my floor, to do so, I have a prepaid laundry card. (Those details are of course for my readers that don't live in the US)

After I put my last load to dry, as I was walking to my apartment, a message suddenly popped into my head saying:"Ilanit, you must put back your card to its place right away, if not, you won't find it, next time you need it!"

I got home and guess what?!
For some unexplained reasons, I didn't listen!

Shocking?! I know!

Well...Wait until I tell you what happens next!

Few days later, when it was time for more laundries, "Surprise!": I couldn't find my card.

The good part was that it wasn't lost!
Yet! I didn't know where it was!

I started to look around my house and suddenly stopped: I won't do the same mistake! I will ask and listen!!!

So...I sat, closed my eyes and "talked to the Light".

I asked to see the place, where I had left my card and most importantly to be forgiven for not listening in the first place.

In the next few seconds, I received my answer:

My card was in a jacket that I wore on that " laundry day".

I give you just a "cute little story" but to show how powerful it is if we open our heart to read the message hidden in it!

The Light Force of the creator is constantly talking to us, we're often the one not ready to pick up the phone, and if it is not enough, it's with constant forgiveness that we are welcomed home!

May we truly appreciate, all the love and guidance we receive every second of our lives and answer back, by sharing words of kindness and support to others.

Love & Light.
Sincerely, Ilanit.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breaking Free

Bonjour Friends

When I was a teenager...( I know, here comes another flashback! Well..Lately it seems to be the favorite destination of my subconscious, and as we say: "Past holds the key of our Future")
...I used to read a lot.

Besides "classics", for a little while, I had a special interest for those books, where the reader was the creator of his own adventure.

At the time, I remembered, they were very popular! The concept was very innovative and highly interactive too!

The reader would start reading the first chapter as for any other book, yet at the end of it, he would have to choose between 3 options: The choice will determine which door/chapter to take next!
At the end of each chapter, "you" will influence the fate of "The hero" and become the one to reveal his destiny.

Sometimes, the end wasn't what you had expected.
Sometimes, your choices took your hero to a "dead-end" sending you back to the previous chapter.
Some other time, you'll get your happy-end, right from your first shot!

In any cases: Nothing was irrevocable! and that was the beauty of it!
Your hero might get lost or might lose a fight...he could always start all over again and finally make it, at the end!

Those books are a good metaphor for life!
Which can explain, the reason, that "I thought" about it!

We're all the hero of our own story.

Here and there, we confront ourselves to choices; however, we don't always act as the reader/creator of our book.

I have met with lots of people, that literally get paralyzed or sick into their stomach or elsewhere, due to the stress of making the "wrong choice".

As I say to them: At this moment, they/we forget that the Light Force of the Creator is an Overlooking, Endless source of love and protection, always ready to catch us!

Worst...We allowed doubt, fears, uncertainty... to become our master.

I was taught that if we make a choice in life with 100% love and pure intentions, there is no mistakes!

Another door will open from it, or we might be sent back to pick again!

Furthermore, staying in the middle of the road, consumed by all sort of negative feelings is the true mistake!

Breaking free is jumping and realizing that a majestic set of wings made with light is helping us fly!

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Heaven on Earth

Bonjour Friends

Before I start "riding my boat" and invite you to join me in this new journey of discovery, I'd like to take a pause to appreciate all the love that I receive each time that I am writing.

As time is passing by and the more people that I meet, I get to see better than ever the perfection behind chaos, and the tremendous amount of love locked inside our challenges.
As difficult as some situation may be (and I will never say they're not!) Keeping the faith that a sweet truth will reveal itself is essential in our process of connecting to the Tree of Life.

Personally, in addition to this feeling of peace, being able to share the learning that I get from all these different experiences and recycle it into a source of solace and guidance for others awakened an even great sense of joy in my heart and soul.
Furthermore: Thank You. We are now ready for our new trip!

Once, around the age of 14 or 15, my French teacher asked our class to write a short story as part of our homework. To be honest with you, I do not remember if there was a theme assigned to it, but I clearly remember what I wrote as if it was yesterday.

My story was about a young girl, sweet and smart, yet somehow disconnected to the rest of her "friends".
One day, something incredible happened to her. She was in her room, working on a science project about: The Aurora Borealis using a computer as her source of information. (Funny when I think about it, since at the time Internet didn't exist and I almost never touched a computer myself!)

Suddenly, as she was writing, the picture on her screen started to shine and transformed into a door that sucked her in.
She, then found herself traveling into time and space through a cosmic tunnel!
When she reached the other side, everything around her was more beautiful, peaceful and colorful than anyone could dream.
For the first time, she felt home... Unfortunately, before she knew, she was back to her room.
Everything around herself was the same as before, yet she was a complete different person.

After I wrote this story, I felt that one day I would love to write about it.
I wanted to share with more people, not only the story but also the feeling behind it, as the experience had happened to me.

Today, I do believe that this story was more than a product of my imagination.
I would say that it was "a revelation", not my first but definitely a memorable one.

I also know that this place exists and that the door to access it is hidden inside each one of us.

"The other side", "The World to come" or "Nirvana", or whatever name you are calling it can be reach while we are here.
It's called "Heaven on Earth"

How do we bring it into our lives? You may ask.

Paradoxically, each time that we face our own "craziness" and that we seize the opportunity by overcoming our human nature, we tap into this divine dimension, we get a test of it!
It's furthermore, up to us to make it last!
Did you ever experienced this feeling when your all reality change after a choice that you made and at this moment you feel "the King/Queen of the world"!
Well...This is it!

This was my "Ancient" story, my Today blog, my Forever dream: The reason for me to live.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Message of Faith

Bonjour Friends

For my birthday, one of my dear "friend/follower" who had unconditional faith in "my" intuitions and guidance for years, offered me "coincidentally" a book (that she thought, I would love) named "The Garden of Emuna".
( Emuna, commonly translate into Faith)

As I started to read it, I also felt the effervescence of my thoughts ready to explode in a flavorful cocktail, tasty for the mind and the soul!

I hope that you'll savor this first shot as much as I enjoyed mixing the ingredients together.

Growing up, back in France, I was raised into the belief of "One God" and the practice of Judaism.

Nevertheless, I was exposed from my parents to two different point of focus.

My dad, who received a religious education was "ordained" Rabbi when I was a teenager after what we call: a journey of returning.
He believed in the importance of following the rules for the sake of "honoring God"and the elevation of the soul... and of course if someone isn't:"punishment" will naturally take place!

My mom, who had a more traditional background believed that connecting to God is about: Love.
Actions of sharing and caring for others are the true goal to achieve. Following the rules is the way to get there, not the destination!

Beyond the differences, both in their own way did agree that the Light force of the Creator is the only source of life, present and future!

In the middle of this house, I emerged as a unique individual that felt had received a third element of knowledge, that could glue these two aspects and explained a new level of the divine in our lives.

The light of the Creator is an active force present in each one of us. Talking to us, pushing us...waiting for us to wake-up and do the right thing for ourselves!!!

The laws of cause and effect are "the tough love" we often need to learn, grow and evolve!

Moreover, whatever we do or don't is for us!

"The Light" doesn't need our prayers and actions: We do!

"The Light" doesn't need our passive faith either!

We're here to become the creator of our reality, proactive-actors of our movie.

In that journey: robotic prayers and heartless deeds are as lifeless than love and consciousness without actions.

Our daily spiritual work is to combine those two aspects into one, and activate the divine within us by becoming Alive!!

Having faith is knowing that every experience that comes our way is the expression of true love from the Creator, sending us the best scenario to create our perfect movie.

May we have the merit to see it and live it!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Team Light!"

Bonjour Friends

I am pretty sure everyone heard the expression: "Working to live versus Living to work", and... I assume that we all know what is the right choice to make!

Nevertheless, I also know that most of us often end up in the 2nd category.

Specially, in our time, we have all the good reasons in the world to push ourselves harder, right?!

The economy is "scary", we have bills to pay, and a job to find or save...

Well...According to lots of spiritual articles, our work represents only a fraction of the result.

Our work: the physical actions that we are taking, is only a window that we are opening compare to the Universe that reveal itself and manifest a house!

Does it mean, we can stay sleeping at home?

Of course not!

We need although, to keep in mind that our real job is to be a channel.

When, we start thinking about what we did as the source of what happened, we forget the most important factor in the equation:" The Light force of the Creator!
At this moment, we start thinking of ourselves as being "The One".

Many years ago, a dear friend to my heart, who, I believed saw through me from the beginning told me two very important things that stayed with me since and became even prophecy, and I would like to share them with you.

He first said to me as I was attending a major spiritual event: "We need to remove you from the front row!" (see...I was one of "these students"!)
Well...For my defense, I thought that I had to push myself harder to be a better channel for others.
Furthermore, I didn't understand his words at the time."Wasn't I supposed to be sitting there?"

In another conversation, he then added:" You don't always need to over think everything to get answers and results, just by listening and opening up your heart to people and life, you will know what to say, since, the Light will be the one talking!

In other words, if anyone make room from the Light, and reduce the "I", things will work out perfectly!

A year after this conversation, I was married and became a mother for the first time. I never sat anymore in the front row, yet! My abilities to feel and share the Light never been so responsive.

I learned to be an opened aqueduct, with people that were literately put in front of me.

What is the lesson of this story?

Our physical actions are important and need to be taken seriously, with consciousness and perseverance.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the Light force of the creator is the real one to manifest the result.
Team work, always make wonders: Let makes sure we don't forget about it!

Love & Light.
Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Switching Glasses

Bonjour Friends

In order to start, please let me rewind the movie back in time to March 19: My Birthday.

When most people usually can't wait to celebrate this day, this date haunted me like a ghost for years! Until...

Up to my mid 20's, my "birth" day was actually a reminder of all the things I wanted and couldn't have, versus all the things I didn't want and had too much! (and just to make it clear, I wasn't really talking about material things here.)

I was actually referring to this feeling of emptiness and disconnection that prevented me from being meaningfully happy opposite my excitement and desire for life, all locked inside.


Well...Many among us feel that way daily, they experience what we call: "The lack".

Luckily, soon enough things started to change...I started to change!

Once I was introduced to the spiritual teaching of Kabbalah, my birthday...My Life suddenly, took a completely new direction.

I switched my glasses, and learned to look at things from different prospective.

See..Until we consciously choose to turn the button on, in our mind, most of us tend to see life from the empty side of the cup rather than from the full one.

During my first year, I learned the true meaning of events like birthdays, holidays and other celebrations...They are windows of opportunities given to us to connect to the seed level, where everything is complete.

Furthermore, during these days, we can tap into a tremendous amount of energy and experience "A Rebirth"!

We can clean ourselves from the past, and be elevated to a new level of consciousness.

The secret to make the most of it is simple: "We need to give, in order to get".

The Universe has already opened up the gate: if we allowed the blessings to flow from us to another person, just like a pipe, we will experience as much as there is: unlimited!

When we are lacking, we often forget this basic rule.
We forget that we originally asked to incarnate in order to become ourselves a source of sharing and evolve from our previous state of being the receiver.

This year, all the messages of love and good wishes that I received from "YOU", almost brought me to tears.
Doing what I am doing, is already more than I ever dreamed!

I would like to conclude by saying that: " At all times, there are always more blessings than our eyes can see".
My daughters told me the other day, and I repeat it now: "God loves you, because God is Love, God is Light!"

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A present?!

Bonjour Friends

Today, I promised my youngest daughter that I would mention her in my blog. She got quite upset last time, when I referred to her sister's birthday and "forgot" all about her,( as you can see, I am having some serious fan here!).

Actually, when I thought about her reaction: (the superficial aspect of it and the meaning behind it), it became the source of my inspiration indeed.

So, before I go deeper into my thought, I would like to thank my "Little Sarah" for being the channel of this new insight.

If I were to explain as simply and shortly as I can the purpose of life, I would say that we all incarnate on Earth, looking forward to experience "Lasting Fulfillment",what kabbalah calls: The Light.

Yet, there is a trick!

In this journey, we will have to overcome our own personal reactivity, which is constantly triggered by all kinds of challenges and... still keep our spirit up.

When we act like "The Light" and overcome our "opponent", we get to reveal a tremendous amount of blessings for ourselves and the world as well.

This is the reason that kabbalist call it: "The game of life"!

In the process of being crowned "champion"and bring the title back home, lots of events will:

1-makes us lose our focus and sleep away from our true goal.

2-challenges us to access the next level of ourselves.

In that game, our human nature has a big part, which unfortunately often plays against us.
When we take things "personally": this person did this or that to me..., we kill the messenger and forget the message that was meant to be delivered.

The thing is: we react with our emotions and our five senses.
We right away identify challenges and challengers as something or someone here to hurt us!
As, something or someone that doesn't love us!

When we feel: angry, rejected, judged, unapproved, depressed...we let, the "one" same virus infects us repeatedly.

Like in any game, the ultimate opponent is very smart. Our work, is not to get fooled by becoming reactive.

When we feel flooded by emotions, let's take the time to pause and look at the situation in a different prospective, and not accept everything that comes towards us.

There was once a simple man living in a small city, he was loving and caring and more and more people were coming to him for his kind advises. Soon, he even found himself giving lectures for the whole community.
When, the leader of the town heard about it, he grew terribly upset and one day he decided to 'fight back' for his title.
During the whole lecture, he kept on troubling 'the simple man', who remained completely calm.
After the lecture, the leader of the town was even more upset and went up to him:" How could you not react to my aggression?" .
The man said kindly:" if you come to me with a poisonous present, and I don't take it, who stays with it?!"

Love & Light.
Sincerely, Ilanit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mazal tov

Bonjour Friends

On the week-end of February 15, my family and I took our first trip to Orlando to celebrate my 7 years old daughter's birthday, at "The Magic kingdom" of Disney's world.

Hopefully, you are ready for the ride, since this personal event is at the starting point of this new spiritual insight.

As we were strolling the park for hours, in an unusual "Floridian cold", thousands of others people were doing the same. It was Valentine and President day week-end, and the park was "unexpectedly" busy for this time of the year.

Moreover, despite the weather, the crowd, etc....we all waited ( mostly) patiently and happily on line for the enjoyment of a ride or a show that would last for maybe less than two minutes.

When I thought about it, it kind of became funny, and educative at the same time!

It also reminded me of a story that goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was a homeless person without a Pennie, Food or even a roof above his head. There he was, walking the streets in a total physical and mental misery.
One day, (since he had a good heart) he "magically" received from the sky a "Million dollar" check, but he had to wait for a couple of days before he could cash it.
From that moment, he was suddenly happy and a special light started to emanate from him.
During those days, with his new state of mind, better things started to happen for him, taking him out of his previous condition.

What had change? A check?! A piece of paper: a symbol that tomorrow all his suffering would be gone.

Life is often subjective! Isn't it? Everything can change, when "nothing" really did!

Happiness, fulfillment... is not only the result of a physical status.
It starts first and stays in our consciousness.

In that process of knowing that everything would be all right and rising above the"illusion" of our conditions, nothing can replace the kindness and support of a loving teacher.

Those channels of light can take different forms (a book, a guide, a sincere friend...).

Nevertheless, their words are the ones that we can turn to: to comfort us, to make us grow, to make us believe in ourselves more than we usually do.

In my journey, I have been blessed to learn from lots of amazing souls and still do, and i wish you all to do too.

Love & Light always, Ilanit

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet and Sour

Bonjour Friends

For those that wondered where I have been, just be ensured that I didn't go too far and will certainly ever go for too long.

The past few weeks, my schedule sort of change (all for the sake of sharing "The Light" of course) and hopefully you will forgive me for spacing up my "Intuitive Counseling" online.

Often, people ask me about my spiritual journey.
Well...Growing up as an Intuitive wasn't as some may think a Hollywood fairytale.

I would describe my experience more like sucking on a sweet and sour candy.

In one hand, no matter my scenario of life, I always felt surrounded by a halo of protection.
It was almost like having an ongoing dialogue with a palpable presence/presences,and being in touch with a source of endless love letting me know that there was a whole world beyond the one we see.
It was a reassuring voice that made me want to keep pushing the rock when everything was stressing me to give up.

As the years were passing by, I also quickly realize that my relation with other people of my generation was a little different.
Truthfully, I wasn't the "in" girlfriend but somehow the one we choose or find when it comes to talking about the personal matter: a confident.

In another hand,( without becoming a drama queen) if you think that I just describe my ups and downs, let me just tell you that this was only the sweet side of my life.

On the sour side, and I will pass the details, there was a lot more of challenging experiences.

How do I feel about it, today?

At peace, I should say with even, a hint of appreciation.

What about you? How do you feel, with your growing pains?

When we understand that our spiritual journey required challenges, since it's often the only way for us to wake-up-move and grow, we suddenly, can realize that everything is for the best!

Does it hurt? Sometimes!

Nevertheless, what I try to share with you today is that it doesn't have to be that way.
By changing the prospective, we may start to see that "challenges/darkness" is the ultimate way to see and appreciate the Light.

Somehow we all stand in the center of a scale. There in an energy inside of us, that scream to be elevated, a potential that dreams to be fulfill.
Yet, there is also a force that will throw "weights" at us to make us fail or win depends how we want to see it!

Everyday, hours, minutes of our lives require our focus. It also needs, our judgment on how our actions are going to affect the personal and universal balance. By using spiritual tools and remembering our goal, (which is to bring lasting fulfillment for the world if we did forget), we will elevate ourselves and the whole world at once: As always, one grain of sand at the time.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Bonjour Friends

Weeks after weeks, for now almost a year, you have been allowing me into your lives.
Beyond the fact that it has been mostly an inter-computers communication, I , nevertheless, felt our connection growing during this time.

Today, I just wanted to take a pause and return some of the "Thank you" that I received and just be grateful for it.

Kabbalah explains that when we share, we are the first one to receive. I can confirm!

The truth is that it's still with quite an amazement, that I open up each day my computer, taking my place in this "internaute" community, interacting with the whole world without having to leave my house's office.

Yet, sometime, the excitement and the endless possibilities that technology has to offer get replace by sadness and a feeling of being powerless.

How useful is this modern "universality" when the world can still collapse under our feet ?

I always heard: " Unity makes the strength"!
Now that the whole world can get connected, How do we build a fortress of protection out of it ? (and not only virtually).

Of course now, with the internet and all the Media there are great advantages, we can collect more and faster resources, when it's needed.

Still...We should question: How do we get to activate this power "to prevent and built" rather than " heal and rebuilt"? How do we evolve from the physical aspect of being all connected to the spiritual one?

What 's the matter with me? Some of you may ask.

Am I talking about creating "an army" to protect the world from natural disasters? What can we really do about it?

According to kabbalah and lots of other spiritual teachings: Everything & Anything needs and can be done.

Did you ever heard about "Mind over matter"?

The Bible talks about it, scientists even believe in it! However, one element is missing : A unify Consciousness!

Unity is not only the key, Unity is the purpose of the game.

Once a kabbalist was asked by a student : Can you resume the purpose of Life in one statement? The answer was: "Love thy neighbor as thyself" the rest is only commentaries.
"Now go and learn". He said.

If we pay attention here, it isn't said: Love your neighbor who looks like you, eat like you or pray like you.

No! Beyond our differences, we are all pieces of a big puzzle: Each one of us is different, but we are all complimentary!

If we start working on this unify consciousness, having more love and care for others and also ourselves, we'll eventually get to see the big picture, the one where: We are One.

To conclude for today: Since Mind over matter, is about awakening the Light force within ourselves, such a "Power" can stand against anything, including natural disasters.

If we join our hands, hearts and souls together,we'll eventually, be the One, to prevent the world to shake, and to bring lasting fulfillment for everyone.

May The Light shine, Now & Forever!
Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simple love

Bonjour Friends

As some of you might know,I started out my professional life teaching kids ( little ones and teenagers).
Eventually, I quickly realized that I was more interested to teach spiritual rules than the next math class, and I do love maths! (remember? I learned numerology when I was about 16) it was time for me to move into a different world of teaching.

In any cases, from then until now, I strongly believed that "knowledge" should always be taught with love, respect for others no matter who they are and of course humility.

I also think that stories and true life examples are a major component in the equation to affect people's life and can significantly facilitate the learning process (the last step being our personal experience).

At our level, we are all teachers for someone else: partners, kids, co-workers, family...but as I was mentioning in my intro, one major quality to teach truly is necessary: Love with a hint of Simplicity.

When we connect to a teaching, we first connect to a teacher.

As a student, we need to feel/know that the person in front of us is not just pouring information like an encyclopedia. Instead, we need someone that talks to us from the heart.

In my mid-20's, after I graduated from France, I moved to Miami and started to work in few schools around town.
At the same time, I also find my spiritual teaching in the wisdom of kabbalah.

It wasn't long until I finally saw clearer my path and started to develop the "sensitivities" I was born with.
I, then really study deeper than ever before, though I have to admit that for a while, I started to lose my "natural" abilities to "see and feel" others in a simple way.

A couple of challenges, and ego bruises made me learn my lessons and the constantly forgiving universe allowed me to come back, somehow wiser and more appreciative than before.

From that experience,I learned that knowledge helps us strength our consciousness, and awakens our desire for the Light.

However, when we are facing another person, nothing will replace true caring and simple love.

To touch someone's soul, there is no need for big lectures, for "the brain" won't memorize a thing, unless the heart is touch first.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Happy New Year

Bonjour Friends

A new year has been launched.

2010: What are you holding in your backpack?

Fortune tellers & Astrologers, Economists & Politics, Scientists & Religions...Everyone has something to say, something to wish or hope!

Numerology, one of my companions that helps me tune into "my divine" intuition says that we entered a year number 3.

From one person to another, it will of course mean something personal (specifics rewards and challenges), but if we were only talking about a general vibration: 3 has two major teachings, two sides of a coin like everything else in life.

1-3 make available for us an energy of motion, change and renewal.It's the number that values interaction and communication before anything else.

2-3 as you will have guessed has also some requirements. To keep the flow of energy circulating, we need to work (as a light bulb does) on the well functioning of our 3 components.

As human, we need to restrict our "minus" pole, our selfish desire, and transforms it into a "positive" desire for the sake of sharing.

2010: A year to work on transforming our nature in order to allow blessings into our lives?!

"Nothing new under the sun" as would say King Solomom.

In a way...!

At my level, after working for more than 15 years with people (and myself) on spiritual living, I learned that life according to the spiritual laws of the universe is "quit simple" and "permanent".

We are all here to work on a universal/ lifetime dilemma. It might take different forms: some people are more challenged out of their relationships, some from their health, some others by "money" questions...

Sometimes one area is affected after another, sometimes they're simultaneously playing a concerto.

Eventually, it always the same: any given situation is happening for us to choose between the Light and the darkness and make the scale deep in one side or the other.

It's a constant inner battle between two forces, where we need to decide between our feelings/actions and their consequences.

Whom is going to win?

Certainty vs Doubt. Love vs hates. Sharing vs Selfishness and we can go on like this the all day (or year)...

Our free-will, every single "Present" day is the filament, we need to strength, to learn from the Past and create a brighter Future.

May we be blessed to eradicate chaos irrevocably, and shine "Light" endlessly and permanently into the world!

Happy New year
Sincerely, Ilanit