Thursday, February 2, 2012

Forgive. Love & Pray 2

Bonjour Friends

From time to time, a spiritual person might find herself  "inexplicably" propelled into a conflict.
"Out of the blue", someone with no reasonable ground, except an uncontrolled anger, might start to yield, curse or attack her.

At the time of the event and probably even after, it might not make sense, why did this person "lost it", and ventilate in such a way.

As a spiritual being, you most likely tend to be gentle, a good spirit always concerned to radiate an aura of love and peace from inside out.

So of course, when such situations happen, you might think either way that you've been at the wrong place, the wrong time (although in your heart, you know that it can't be since coincidences don't exist) or, you might already assume that you're paying the price of some karmic debt.

What if there was a third option at play?

Many spiritual people are also called: Lightworkers.
They don't need to work "officially the field", often they will be acting undercover. However, they all signed the same contract with "The Light". Before coming into the world, they all promised to use their inner spark to affect, heal and guide others.

In some cases, when put in front of an angry person, it might actually mean that they're playing the role of an air purifier for this individual loaded with darkness.

Some other day, she might actually be a very nice person but apparently some event triggered dark feelings that maybe she wasn't even aware of.

Now that YOU know it: Help is on the way!

See... If you can actually put your own feelings aside, you might realized that she needs help, and that day was maybe planned for "revealing the concealed" and for you to use your gift to help her.

That you know her or not, you might have some responsibility to bring light into her life.
You can simply choose to have forgiveness for her and, also send Love and Light her way in your prayers.

Who knows? You might be the one that will save her life!

More than a year ago, my building's office forgot to inform the security that I was expecting a delivery so...When the truck came, they didn't let him in. Once aware of the situation, I tried to call the office but no one answered. I took my phone, and decided to see what was going on for myself.
The office manager was in what appeared a serious meeting with a lady I knew and who I assumed was her daughter.

When I tried politely to get their attention, they kept asking me to wait. At that point, the delivery guy was pressuring me to leave on the phone.
I could feel the tension raising, still I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Not knowing what was going on in my own movie and obviously upset, the young women came out in a fury and started to yield her rage in my face, as she did the negativity I experienced left me in shock and breathless.
Her mom as she came toward me only said:" I don't know what just happened, she's usually so calm! I'm really sorry!"
The all event was surreal!
Once home, after all this emotions, I knew it was time, to clear my energy field and re-center myself. As  I did, I  received an unexpected request: Pray for her!
So, I did.

Months later, when I met the mother, she shared that her daughter has been "unpredictably" involved,  in a life and death situation and, that she miraculously survived against all logic!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.