Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainbows, Flowers and Butterflies

Bonjour Friends

The story I am about to share with you today comes directly from my own "memory box", and it is certainly one of the most personal and emotional I have.

As always, my deepest wish is to affect and awaken with a "gentle impact", the one who will read these words and allow each one of us to feel the healing of "Love & Light" shining through.

When I started middle school, (which no-coincidentally correspond to "The spiritual majority" of a person according to The Bible), my life- that was already filled with some challenges at home- took a not so easy turn, to say the least.

When puberty was like a volcano erupting for most boys and girls, I was targeted according to the same classmates I had known since kindergarten as: "the ugly duckling".

Names and practical jokes was fusing  just "for fun" or ''prestige" and if today there is a word for such a situation and some attempt of educational prevention for it, in my time, I really had no one to talk to: "What problem could children possibly have at this age?"

Facing those challenges alone for which I was truly unprepared in so many levels, I recently remembered a brief period of time before I gave-up to tears and prayers, when I tried to stand against such negativity attacking me.

Indeed, I remembered asking the girl sitting next to me to teach me: how to curse, in order to answer back to those who were teasing me! What happened next was even more pathetic.

Probably because I didn't have it in me, and I have to say till this day I never was really able to say any "bad words", my cursing attempt made everyone laugh at me even more.

Out of resources, this is how I was led to look deeper into my soul and when my inner dialogue with The Divine got louder and clearer.

This is also how I started intuitively to apply the message:"If  life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!"

All this emotions I was exposed to, became like an open door to feel even more what I was missing and really longing for, as well as what everyone else was feeling too!

Somehow, the more I was harshly hurt on the outside, the more sensitive and yet strong I was feeling on the inside, which I'll only realized years later.

Life isn't always as it seems, some priceless blessings comes into the worst wrap and can take a lot of time to open.

However, in order to see it and reveal the blessings they contain in them, we must first switch the perception we have of  our reality.

Once we do, even if it is cold and rainy outside, all we'll see is: Rainbows, Flowers and Butterflies.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.