Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ignite the Light

Bonjour Friends

Just like the Earth spins around its own axis without us feeling it; Time passes us by inevitably, with each 24hours rotation.

This coming week, another year cycle has been completed as I am about to celebrate two important birthdays.

My oldest daughter will blow her 8th candles and, few days later, this blog will officially turn 2.

What amazes me the most is: even though, I have been there each steps of the way for both of those lives, a part of me can't still believe it!

Kabbalah explains that there is a spiritual and crucial reason for us to celebrate birthdays.

Birthdays are not only a way to remember the beginning of an important event, they actually allow us to go back to the seed level of: "The Creation".

As we share them with loved one, (even with just a thought), and if we understand the theory that everything and everyone is connected, we can support each other during this special moment, as we reconnect ourselves to "The Source".

Another way to say it is: "YOU support me, I support you as well!"

In my early teens and for few years on, I was actually "hating" my birthday. I had some good reasons and even stories to share... but I won't go there!

Today, I will say to resume my feeling that it was the lack of "surprise and special" that actually made me sad and disconnected.

As I grew up though, I realized that the only thing, anyone must do to feel special is: "being special', because it is right there inside of us!

True joy and fulfillment comes from within and once you find it, nobody can't take it away from you, the same way that anyone or anything "material", can give it to you!

We already know, that outside factors are temporary solutions to feed our lack.

(Think about it?!
How much more stories, do we need to watch, to know that people who have "everything" are not always happy?!)

The key to true happiness is to ignite "The Light" we have inside of us by sharing it with the world!

When I truly understood, the unmeasurable value of the gifts, I had received, (so did you!), I didn't feel sorry for myself anymore!

Instead of paying attention to the big party I received or not; I've, now & then been looking forward to how many "Thank you cards", I can spread around, to appreciate the divine present, I had received.

Today, I'd like to thanks each one of my friends, who have been reading "my articles" and helping spreads this words to others.
I'll also add "a special one" to:" my Salome".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The power of words

Bonjour Friends

Can you believe that only a month has passed since the start of a New year!
(Doesn't it feel like an eternity already?!).

So tell me: How are you doing with all your resolutions???

a- you're ahead of your game.
b- resolutions? What resolutions?
c-You're battling as always: should I stay or should I go?

One thing I understood instinctively since my "debut"on the path of spirituality is: if anyone wishes to keep its consciousness and life moving forward (and win the game), it is essential "to study" and "connect" (preferably on a daily basis) to fuel our inner fire!

Studying is one of  the first medallion in a long chain of reactions:

See...Wisdom awaken desire, which cause us to take actions and/or attracts situations that will put us into action and so on...

That one choose to study through books, videos, or with an actual teacher/guide,(or usually by mixing all of the above): wisdom is not only good for the mind....wisdom is food for our soul!

As I tell my youngest students: wisdom & spiritual tools are "special vitamins" that can help us straighten and/or awaken the power of the Light within.

When I was only a teenager discovering her gift, I also find out that via study, one may establish a unique line of communication with the Light force itself!

How many time, did I find myself  "answered" as I was opening a book or being "called" by it! (Which, you'll see, happened again today!)

No wonder then, that it said that the world was created with words!

Even though Kabbalah only refers to the power of the 22 Hebrew letters, which are like the DNA of the world and each souls; Words in general have the ability as we all know to: "built or destroy"!

Each day, either during readings or while I am writing, I mostly channel "The Light" through words,( which is interesting, since lots of my challenges, repeatedly exposed me to negative words and their effects!)

(It's almost as if my life was a microcosm were words of solace are rising above and overcoming words of darkness!)

"Coincidentally", the same week I was inclined to tackle this subject,  I received an explanation to that paradox.

As I was studying one night, reading  from "The Zohar", (The book of splendor known by the kabbalists as the ultimate source of wisdom about our Universe, a portal of energy which was brought to us by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yorai), I "saw" this verse, which can help us all understand a very profound piece of knowledge.

There is a principle in this world: the same way that darkness was created first for "the Light" to be revealed & the world to be manifested, the same way our process and work is: "to bring a clean thing out of the unclean"!

In reality, there is no paradox: through "darkness", we desire & reveal "Light"!

In that journey, Words have a special power: they can nourish, nurture and create realities or...
No, I won't go there, I choose to remain silent instead.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.