Monday, July 21, 2014

Happiness:: Here & Now!

Bonjour Friends

Did you miss my "IC by Ilanit" little messages?
I can say, without a doubt that I missed writing them!

See for me, being an authentic spiritual guide is about walking the path and sharing a piece of my heart with the one I meet.

In all these years, every single of my messages was never about preaching, but an attempt to share the love and lessons, I have learned in life/ lives.
Every word has been the expression of a thought that had crossed my mind, something my spirit was "meditating" upon and, today, isn't any different.

While being "away", I  worked to awaken a greater appreciation for the situations "The Light" was presenting me with, and recognize the unique gift of happiness they were carrying underneath. (without being haunted by this familiar feeling of guilt).

During that "time-off", I got to realize how much energy we spend fighting the wrong fight and giving light to the other side.
Too often, we discard or push away what is in front of us, for something we see as more important,(what we perceive as the answer to our happiness and fulfillment (material and/or spiritual), experiencing so much stress, the process.

Doing so, we should know, isn't only revealing a layer of our ego, it is also adding to the worldwide bucket of negativity.

Remembering, how "The Light" always knows what our soul truly needs in order to fulfill our purpose, can help us see that happiness isn't the result of an outside factor but a conscious choice made every moment of the day! No matter what we do or where we are!

As it has been said: True happiness is experienced from within, not tomorrow or next year, because so or so...No!
Happiness is a state of being: Today, Here & Now!

It is a blessing awaken and fuelled by the divine spark within, which can last endlessly as long as we shine it out to the world!

Happiness in its spiritual aspect, isn't a futile subject in a world dwelling in chaos, it's a tremendous key to transform darkness into light. The expression of our certainty in The Light force. A stand we take in the face "our opponent"

As each one of us choose happiness in life, one more candle is lit in the darkest night.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.