Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hold onto The Fire

Bonjour Friends

After 6 years & 118 messages (without including this one), as 'the writer of IC by Ilanit', I've been and will forever be blessed beyond what words can describe.

For instance, through the ups and downs that come with the writing territory, I've had the chance to experience 'True Certainty', and witnessed the limitless power of 'The Light', which: "No challenges can stand against!"

English grammar, Worries over lack of inspiration, Offensive 'Negative spirits',... Nothing has ever been a real issue because the 'Love & Light' shared in those messages reached the heart and soul of those who needed to be touched by It!

So, few days ago, when I realized that I haven't been able to 'hold' onto one thought to share this month, I didn't doubt that something will come up! (even, if the message was to say that it was 'time for a break').

 After all:"The End of something, only means The Beginning of something else".

Once I had realized that, all I needed to do at that point was ask, which suddenly turned my daily meditation into a question & answer session.

Obviously, it wasn't time for a break! Indeed, I was 'invited' to share my soul process, facing 'a blank page'!

Therefore, let me ask you this?

How do you or people usually react when something is 'not going anywhere' and you/they don't know what's next?

The thing is, most of us can't stand being in the Unknown! We need answers to stop being scared or feeling out of control...which is why, many start running like 'chickens without heads', talking to this one and/or...that one...seeking for 'support'.

Now, let me ask you: How do you think one feels after doing so?

Calm and confident? Or more stress and confuse than before?

Right! Because what we all need is to refocus and strengthen our Certainty .

So, unless someone have found the gift of a 'True Spiritual Friend'  who loves him/her unconditionally and can help overcome the doubts: AVOID 'talking/running around'! because in a time of  uncertainty, it will often brings a person to an even darker place.

Instead, our first action, should be to center ourselves with the Source of All Certainty: "The Light Force within us!":

"When it gets 'dark & cold around', come close to the warm chimney and 'Hold onto The Fire'.
Restrict the urge to know right now, Instead be in The Now!
'The Light' will never abandon you as long as you keep its flame burning into your heart.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.