Thursday, August 13, 2015

Seeing Life

Bonjour Friends

As far as I can remember, I always loved words.

Since a little girl, I found many answers and teachings in all kind of writings, and was early on known to be an 'Old Soul' for my use of 'Proverbs'.

Words, as it says can: "Built or Destroy', and I can attest for this dark side as well, for being bullied almost through all middle school .

Did this experience affected me? Definitely!
However instead of turning me 'sour', it had the opposite effect.
It made me a 'Soul Activist' to awaken & spread 'Love & Divine Light' into the world.

Right then, I intuitively, knew that it was my 'Free-will'  to choose 'Light vs Darkness'.

A choice of consciousness, which was reinforced years later, when I met my beloved teacher, who talked a lot about 'choosing the glasses we wear to look at life'.

As you might have noticed yourself: Some will always look angrily at what is missing, while some will always rejoice in what is!

Therefore, desiring a consciousness that sees 'The Light', is the one thing to really ask, to 'C Life through a Spiritual I'.

When, our consciousness will be aligned with the radiance of our Soul, we will finally become truly: Alive! (and not just sleepwalking through Life).

Today, as I write these words, the cosmos is urging us to Wake-up and Desire Life.

In that journey, 'Words' are powerful alarm clocks, here to awaken and heal our spirits.

We must seek, cherish & share them as our lives and the world depends on it.and  so:

WE, who are made in the likeness of Above will finally regain their higher power over the world Below: Alive with the Words of  'The Divine'.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.