Friday, July 6, 2012

Like a Rose

Bonjour Friends

It's been what seems a long time since my last message...Long enough that some of you even wrote that you are missing me, which warmed my heart just when I needed it the most.

For the past 3 weeks, I was visiting Israel and even though so much had happen on both levels: physical and spiritual which I wanted to share; my throat was tight and my hands shaky! So...I waited!

See...Every step of the way since I was little until today, I learned about:"The Power of Words".
I could of course detail on it, but is it really necessary?!
As it simply says:"Words can built or Destroy!"

The thing is:"Words"are the divine aspect within, that make the human species different than the others: Free-will/ consciousness being the component that will determine what we'll do with it!

Moreover, when Some individuals have unique spiritual healing qualities: Everyone has one divine respons/ ability: We all have words that can affect the world!

As I grew-up, "Mamie Rose", my grandmother, was a women of a few words, even when: "She Saw & Knew a lot".
When she crossed over on Wednesday June 13, 2012, while I was flying in the sky, few hours before landing in The Holly land, She once again taught me, as the beautiful channel that she is an amazing yet subtle lesson:"Life goes On Eternally. Believe with a heart filled with joy & Keep pushing!"

We might encounter "thorns" on the road of life, but just like a rose: there is the most beautiful aromatic flower flourishing at the end of the stem that will awaken all our senses.

What a lesson! What a timing! Mamie Rose chose to depart this word exactly 8 days before the wedding of "my baby-sister", "La Poupillia" as she reminded me she used to call her! Telling us as it was famously said:"The show must go on!"

However...How do we keep pushing, when a part of us seems missing?

Well...We ask for help (their help) and pick up the phone!

Not all of us can hear a loud answer, when dialing "the world behind the curtain" but it doesn't mean that our beloved one (family, friends, guides, ancestors....) can't hear us! Always eager to help from the place where resources are endless!

So Friends, Don't hesitate! Take the time to light a candle and talk quietly or loudly as you wish to the one "who glided next door": Words of Love are our divine legacy with the power to reach any destination!

Mamie Rose: "Je t'aime! You're with me Always & Forever!"

Love & Light, Ilanit.