Thursday, January 28, 2010


Bonjour Friends

Weeks after weeks, for now almost a year, you have been allowing me into your lives.
Beyond the fact that it has been mostly an inter-computers communication, I , nevertheless, felt our connection growing during this time.

Today, I just wanted to take a pause and return some of the "Thank you" that I received and just be grateful for it.

Kabbalah explains that when we share, we are the first one to receive. I can confirm!

The truth is that it's still with quite an amazement, that I open up each day my computer, taking my place in this "internaute" community, interacting with the whole world without having to leave my house's office.

Yet, sometime, the excitement and the endless possibilities that technology has to offer get replace by sadness and a feeling of being powerless.

How useful is this modern "universality" when the world can still collapse under our feet ?

I always heard: " Unity makes the strength"!
Now that the whole world can get connected, How do we build a fortress of protection out of it ? (and not only virtually).

Of course now, with the internet and all the Media there are great advantages, we can collect more and faster resources, when it's needed.

Still...We should question: How do we get to activate this power "to prevent and built" rather than " heal and rebuilt"? How do we evolve from the physical aspect of being all connected to the spiritual one?

What 's the matter with me? Some of you may ask.

Am I talking about creating "an army" to protect the world from natural disasters? What can we really do about it?

According to kabbalah and lots of other spiritual teachings: Everything & Anything needs and can be done.

Did you ever heard about "Mind over matter"?

The Bible talks about it, scientists even believe in it! However, one element is missing : A unify Consciousness!

Unity is not only the key, Unity is the purpose of the game.

Once a kabbalist was asked by a student : Can you resume the purpose of Life in one statement? The answer was: "Love thy neighbor as thyself" the rest is only commentaries.
"Now go and learn". He said.

If we pay attention here, it isn't said: Love your neighbor who looks like you, eat like you or pray like you.

No! Beyond our differences, we are all pieces of a big puzzle: Each one of us is different, but we are all complimentary!

If we start working on this unify consciousness, having more love and care for others and also ourselves, we'll eventually get to see the big picture, the one where: We are One.

To conclude for today: Since Mind over matter, is about awakening the Light force within ourselves, such a "Power" can stand against anything, including natural disasters.

If we join our hands, hearts and souls together,we'll eventually, be the One, to prevent the world to shake, and to bring lasting fulfillment for everyone.

May The Light shine, Now & Forever!
Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simple love

Bonjour Friends

As some of you might know,I started out my professional life teaching kids ( little ones and teenagers).
Eventually, I quickly realized that I was more interested to teach spiritual rules than the next math class, and I do love maths! (remember? I learned numerology when I was about 16) it was time for me to move into a different world of teaching.

In any cases, from then until now, I strongly believed that "knowledge" should always be taught with love, respect for others no matter who they are and of course humility.

I also think that stories and true life examples are a major component in the equation to affect people's life and can significantly facilitate the learning process (the last step being our personal experience).

At our level, we are all teachers for someone else: partners, kids, co-workers, family...but as I was mentioning in my intro, one major quality to teach truly is necessary: Love with a hint of Simplicity.

When we connect to a teaching, we first connect to a teacher.

As a student, we need to feel/know that the person in front of us is not just pouring information like an encyclopedia. Instead, we need someone that talks to us from the heart.

In my mid-20's, after I graduated from France, I moved to Miami and started to work in few schools around town.
At the same time, I also find my spiritual teaching in the wisdom of kabbalah.

It wasn't long until I finally saw clearer my path and started to develop the "sensitivities" I was born with.
I, then really study deeper than ever before, though I have to admit that for a while, I started to lose my "natural" abilities to "see and feel" others in a simple way.

A couple of challenges, and ego bruises made me learn my lessons and the constantly forgiving universe allowed me to come back, somehow wiser and more appreciative than before.

From that experience,I learned that knowledge helps us strength our consciousness, and awakens our desire for the Light.

However, when we are facing another person, nothing will replace true caring and simple love.

To touch someone's soul, there is no need for big lectures, for "the brain" won't memorize a thing, unless the heart is touch first.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Happy New Year

Bonjour Friends

A new year has been launched.

2010: What are you holding in your backpack?

Fortune tellers & Astrologers, Economists & Politics, Scientists & Religions...Everyone has something to say, something to wish or hope!

Numerology, one of my companions that helps me tune into "my divine" intuition says that we entered a year number 3.

From one person to another, it will of course mean something personal (specifics rewards and challenges), but if we were only talking about a general vibration: 3 has two major teachings, two sides of a coin like everything else in life.

1-3 make available for us an energy of motion, change and renewal.It's the number that values interaction and communication before anything else.

2-3 as you will have guessed has also some requirements. To keep the flow of energy circulating, we need to work (as a light bulb does) on the well functioning of our 3 components.

As human, we need to restrict our "minus" pole, our selfish desire, and transforms it into a "positive" desire for the sake of sharing.

2010: A year to work on transforming our nature in order to allow blessings into our lives?!

"Nothing new under the sun" as would say King Solomom.

In a way...!

At my level, after working for more than 15 years with people (and myself) on spiritual living, I learned that life according to the spiritual laws of the universe is "quit simple" and "permanent".

We are all here to work on a universal/ lifetime dilemma. It might take different forms: some people are more challenged out of their relationships, some from their health, some others by "money" questions...

Sometimes one area is affected after another, sometimes they're simultaneously playing a concerto.

Eventually, it always the same: any given situation is happening for us to choose between the Light and the darkness and make the scale deep in one side or the other.

It's a constant inner battle between two forces, where we need to decide between our feelings/actions and their consequences.

Whom is going to win?

Certainty vs Doubt. Love vs hates. Sharing vs Selfishness and we can go on like this the all day (or year)...

Our free-will, every single "Present" day is the filament, we need to strength, to learn from the Past and create a brighter Future.

May we be blessed to eradicate chaos irrevocably, and shine "Light" endlessly and permanently into the world!

Happy New year
Sincerely, Ilanit