Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Knights of Light

Bonjour Friends,

Back to 2000, before moving permanently to Miami, I was living with my parents and two sisters in Paris, in the same apartment, I grew up on, right across my grandparents.

'Papie Albert & Mamie Rose'-joined later by my beloved teacher- were and still are my guardian Angels.

Now, could be because this Holidays season, is rich of so many memories and celebrations with each one of them? Or because I was asking lately for a sign that they are still around me? I did feel their presences very strongly recently.

And while I was meditating one night, I even got to 're-experience' some scene from the past with my grandma, which was perfect, to support the message, I had received to share.

Mamie Rose was a strong women. Mother of eight, she most definitely went against her comfort zone, so many times and in so many ways: Women of a few words, she was naturally spiritual & wise.

There is lots of things that I learned from her, but one adorable memory, as she grew older, that came back to me, was her fondness for her daily TV show. Every day after lunchtime, she would not miss the never ending drama of 'The young & the Restless'. And as I grew up, during  vacation time, I used to love watching it too, for I got to sit close to her, on the living room sofa, next to her soft arms.

What the spiritual teaching to receive from that?

Living for almost 8 years in the same condominium, I realized lately- Even though I always thought such drama is totally unrealistic!- that life is not so far away from fiction, with its share of endless conflicts, hidden truths and hunger for power....(And I'm sure you have a few stories that will come to mind!)

See... because, I  home-school my youngest daughter, I spend some time in my neighborhood, to play or swim, and witness lots of the conversations of my fellow residents (mostly concerning issues about the management of our building..) and let's just say that all of the stuff going on, could definitely sustain a new reality TV show, for years!

Another thing that I also realized is that 'my Zen attitude' often awakens 'frustrations' for some of these people.

How can I not join them in these muddy wrestling fights???

The answer is simple!

In this chaotic world, being ' Spiritually Positive' isn't by any means, being oblivious of the darkness that exist. No! It's about choosing: 'The Way of Light'.

As we know, we can't ever fight darkness with darkness: It will irrevocably swallow us up to our on end!

On the contrary, as my beloved teacher expressed out so beautifully: "When entering a dark room, all we need is to turn on 'The Light"!"

Evermore, 'Spiritual work', isn't about running away from challenging situations, it's about being proactively prepared & 'armed' with the right tools to address them, like 'Knights of Light' ready to win the fight.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

As a side note, I'd like to add this though: 'Actively Remembering' the souls who are affecting us spiritually from the other side (beloved ones, teachers, Angels, Righteous souls who succeeded on the same path) is like opening up a line of communication for them to help us do 'The work' to restore 'Endless Love & Light in the world, Now & Forever!'