Thursday, October 10, 2013

A battle of consciousness

Bonjour Friends,

Even though. it's been a month since my last message, I have to admit, it was harder than usual to let go of my last "baby-blog".

Moreover, I could clearly hear my teacher (z"l) saying:" As long as one person remains without The Light, we must pursue the work and share forward! Do you think he opponent ever rest?!"

So, here I am, wondering how can I /we, awaken more of this light within my/ourselves and in the world?

Either we understand it physically or figuratively, we all know that there is two sides of a coin and the same is also true about ourselves.

In one side, we are one loving perfected light, inclined to share. Yet, on the other side, our fears and ego are keeping us in a fragmented chaotic 'state of life'.

Being said, the million dollars question is: How can we ensure that our consciousness will flip onto one side rather than the other?

Kabbalists explains that the first step, before we react is to have the absolute certainty that The Light is everywhere: No Matter What!

Now, let's be honest! How does it work for you? Do you feel this love  for anyone daily? What about those days, when everything seems to go wrong?

Well, my friends...This is a battle of consciousness, and to win it, isn't easy!

Beyond all the covers-up and challenges we're facing, we must know for sure that all this spark of light within us wants is to shine love: No matter What!

Therefore, all we need to do when the sky gets dark, is to turn on the light within US and refuse to be tricked into the illusion of separation.

Each day, as I take the elevator with my 6 months old cutie, I can see in the eyes of all the people that I met this light that wants to shine. This smile they want to share independently of what this day brought or will bring to them.

What is usually an awkward situation, possibly known as "the elevator syndrome", suddenly become the space from one person (even the grumpiest one) in the presence of a baby to open-up its heart.

In the Light dimension, we are one and acting like it, even when everything pushes us not to do so is the only way to finally see it!

It said in The Bible, that when Isaac prayed with all its heart for his wife Rivka because she couldn't have children, The Light made some events beyond nature take place, and she got pregnant.

The secret is: when we don't focus on what "We are missing" but feel someone else's pain (particularly someone that might make our life difficult as a consequence of their own suffering) all the blessings will befall upon us.

Few days ago, "Coincidently", I read a quote from The Dalai Lama saying that those 'sacred friends" are the key to our divine light.

May we awaken then, such a level of  care, win this battle against chaos and All see in our lifetime  "The Endless Light of Truth".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.