Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waves of reminders

Bonjour Friends

How are you doing today?

Are you one of those,(including myself) who felt swept by a dark wave of emotions recently?

Associate to a specific event or not, it's as something was "off" in the air and was swallowing us, independently of our own will! Wasn't it?

Kabbalah and Science explains that energy travels.

Furthermore, with all the chaos that takes place in the world, there's no wonder that we're going to be affected by it, in a way or another!

In such time, here what I did and what I recommend: take the time, feel the pain that rises from inside and then...use it like spiritual fuel.

It can be such a purifying experience and, with the release may even come a renewal of desire!

Unfortunately, in our modern world, we're all in a hurry to denial it! Give me a pill, give me a patch, give me something/anything but make this pain go away! Does it sound familiar?!

Well...Pain was created for a good reason: it makes us learn, grow and it even protects us.

Think about it, if fire didn't hurt, we could leave our hand above a flame until it completely burns!

Yet! Pain was not meant to stop us from living.

Pain was more like a reminder that there is a lack inside of us that we need to fulfill.

For these reason and some others, I felt this week was the perfect time for some reminders on how to bring the "missing Light" in our lives.

Reminder one:

Beyond the appearances: "We're all in the same boat"!

On the outside, we might have chosen different movies, strength, talents & challenges but at the end of the day, we're all have a similar work to do: transforming our "human nature" of receiver into our divine one, as beacon of Light.

Reminder two:

To succeed at this game, we should approach every situation "proactively" rather than "reactively". Using the kabbalistic concept of restriction allows us to not judge "the outside" and to bring light into the situation.

Reminder three:

Our ego, to often makes us believe that life isn't fair, making us look at what others have and/or what we are missing and it all started back to the garden of Eden.

Kabbalah is teaching us, that on the day Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, with a little more faith and patience, they should have (already) returned to their fundamental state of oneness with the Light. Instead, "jealousy" was awaken in their heart by the snake, (How comes G-od doesn't want  you to eat from that fruit?!)

Since that day, in order to correct this "lost energy", we must learn to Love as One.

For this reason it said: "Love your neighbor as thyself" the rest is commentary!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

High Light / Low Light

Bonjour Friends

This week, I am home with my daughters Esther & Sarah. (They just love, when I say their names!)

It's, (the famous/infamous) Spring Break.

While a certain percentage of the population is partying like there is no tomorrow, my highlights are: going to the pool, having play dates at the park and because I feel a little adventurous this time, a big trip to a Floridian water park!

Fun! Right?!

Well...Even then, (growing up) when I tried to participate to the typical life of the people my age, I was always reminded, sooner or later and sometimes with a big hit on the head, that it wasn't my place!

I tried though but...soon realized that my "high" will come from a more mystical place.

See...My point is that in one way or another, we're all looking to live our lives like "kids" on a spring break, searching to experience: "highs" and "freedom"!

Unfortunately, "instant fulfillement' is exactly why short circuit happens!

As kabbalah is teaching: if you take a light bulb, it would never lite as strong as the moment the (+) pole touch the (-) pole but the the result will be immediate too: it will burn & died!

However, getting rid of this need for "instant gratification" can be challenging, even for spiritual people!

The desire to receive is part of us. For this reason, we can't erase it!

Our work is to transform it, until it becomes a desire to receive...for the sake of sharing!

When we share, we become part of a flawless/balance circuitry of energy.

Yet! Even there, our ego has still some tricks in his sleeves!

As "I told" , last week to someone dear to my heart, there is two types of sharing:

1- The sharing we do that is "exciting"!
It usually involves us, with people that are in awe and appreciation for our actions and words of wisdom, solace and support which gives us a taste to a spiritual high.

2-The sharing that is "commune"!
It usually has to do with "routine-like" actions and/ or our surrounding. It will often feel of a lower importance, but let's not be fool!

See...Our opponent understand that it can gain Light by letting us do "some good"!

So when we share and get right away "rewards", it might also mean that our ego is also hijacking our Light.

For this reason, and in order to stay aware of what is happening in this mind-game, it is important to also keep some of our attention toward the less exciting/ rewarding places...near us!

"High Light" & "Low Light" are as complementary as in a car to drive us, days and/or nights to our supernal destination.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Energy Field

Bonjour Friends

As I mentioned before, it was during my teen years that I secretly experienced my spiritual awakening.

While my daily life was focused on being: "a good girl", I, however was "inexplicably" & repeatedly exposed to rejection, hurts and different types of abuses, which I like to refer as my spiritual boots camp.

Nonetheless, through the ups and downs of my life, I find constant solace and support from the divine voice that was talking directly from inside of me.

During those years, I of course didn't know that there was a purpose and a connection between all of this, but...I somehow felt an  "exciting escape" diving into this spiritual search.

I started reading everything, I could put my hands on this topic: from biblical sources to less orthodox writings on mediumship and psychic abilities. I learned about tools to get guidance and how to dial and talk with G-od, which brought me hope that I was drawn to share with others.

I knew, of course, that there was a frame to respect with such power,and though, I was curious, I restricted the impulse to come near "unholy" knowledge.

Today, however, I wanted to share a "light" story from that time of formation.

Around the age of 16/17, beside a natural predisposition in clairvoyance & clairsenti, I had in mind to develop "my telepathic abilities".

So...I apply myself through different exercises. "Turn around, I am calling you!" was one of them.

Ever day, I will ride the subway to go and come back from school. Since it was always full with people, I set myself on a mission to see how many individual will turn in my direction as I was mentally calling them.

With lots of practice, I became very successful at it.
I was overjoyed! (What can I say? I was a "kid"!)

Nevertheless, what I understood with some maturity was far more profound than a teenager game!

Each one of us, is surrounded by an energy field, which we can control.

We can mentally project something outside ourselves and/or "attract", (just like a butterfly is attracted by the light), people, things and situations.

In order to work though, few fundamental rules need to be review:

1-Consciousness: Desire, is essential to keep us alive and motivated. Yet! We must remember that we committed ourselves to share more than take. As you concentrate, always ask yourselves what is your motivation?

2-Cause & Effect: The Universe bank account has enough for everyone. Furthermore, there is no need for us to covet or steal from anyone, in any ways, which brings me to the second aspect of this talent:

The same way that we can rise our vibration, we also can turn it down!

By becoming "invisible", we can protect ourselves from the two most destructive attributes in this world, also called: "Evil eye" and "Evil speech".

I won't detailed on this topic today...Nonetheless, in that unusual article, I wanted to remind ourselves of the true nature of our being: we are part, and also creator of Light and the possibilities to manifest it, for ourselves and the world are unlimited.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.