Thursday, May 3, 2012

Secret Black Box

Bonjour Friends

In the introduction of my last article, I pointed out that some of our "erased" memories are actually locked-up into our unconscious mind.
For some reasons, I also felt compelled to say that it might be: "potential material" for a future article. (Little did I know, I would receive so much info to open up about it).

"Coincidentally" and almost simultaneously after I wrote this, some discussions took place in my life, that hinted, I should certainly write about it and I should do it: Now!

When I moved to Florida almost 13 years ago, one of the expression that surprised me the most, the first time I heard it was:"You hurt my feelings!"

Growing-up, "we" never really talked about our feelings and here, not only we were but surprisingly, we were making it as serious as a physical pain.

Moreover, as I started to meet with more individuals, I realized that even though people talk about it, it doesn't mean they take care of the effect it may cause in their lives.

When a situation gets too sensitive, we often "reject it!", filling up some "Secret Black Box" buried inside of us.

When: a brother/sister "abandons" us; a husband/wife deceives "The dream"; a parent denies its support...We often lock the door or fight with them 'til the world's end!

Either way, we're loosing sparks of Light to the other side.

Just like "a Jedi", being spiritual is not only following a book of rules or even being a good person: No!
It's about recollecting those sparks lost in the dark as well.

Why and How? You may ask, especially if you learned to live with (out) it.

The answer is simple: Energy never disappears!

If you didn't swallow the pill, don't be surprise to experience stomach issues.
If you often hear things you don't like (truth or false), it might be the reason for your repetitive ears infections and what about all those headaches?... I am pretty sure you got the picture now!!!

My friends, those examples are the nice ones!
However, physical and psychological ailments (big or small) always have an origin and explanation rooted at the level of the soul, just like a manifestation always begins with a thought.

To heal, we should always embrace and work on both levels: Physical & Spiritual.
Sometimes with different tools at the same time.

One last thing, I'd like to add here (if you wonder): In occasions some conflicts can't get addressed directly and found peace in this reality in order to solve "the situation".
However, there is many other ways to solve them, and reveal The Light they have inside!

Remember:"When we fly above the clouds, the sun always shines!".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.