Thursday, April 22, 2010

Message of Faith

Bonjour Friends

For my birthday, one of my dear "friend/follower" who had unconditional faith in "my" intuitions and guidance for years, offered me "coincidentally" a book (that she thought, I would love) named "The Garden of Emuna".
( Emuna, commonly translate into Faith)

As I started to read it, I also felt the effervescence of my thoughts ready to explode in a flavorful cocktail, tasty for the mind and the soul!

I hope that you'll savor this first shot as much as I enjoyed mixing the ingredients together.

Growing up, back in France, I was raised into the belief of "One God" and the practice of Judaism.

Nevertheless, I was exposed from my parents to two different point of focus.

My dad, who received a religious education was "ordained" Rabbi when I was a teenager after what we call: a journey of returning.
He believed in the importance of following the rules for the sake of "honoring God"and the elevation of the soul... and of course if someone isn't:"punishment" will naturally take place!

My mom, who had a more traditional background believed that connecting to God is about: Love.
Actions of sharing and caring for others are the true goal to achieve. Following the rules is the way to get there, not the destination!

Beyond the differences, both in their own way did agree that the Light force of the Creator is the only source of life, present and future!

In the middle of this house, I emerged as a unique individual that felt had received a third element of knowledge, that could glue these two aspects and explained a new level of the divine in our lives.

The light of the Creator is an active force present in each one of us. Talking to us, pushing us...waiting for us to wake-up and do the right thing for ourselves!!!

The laws of cause and effect are "the tough love" we often need to learn, grow and evolve!

Moreover, whatever we do or don't is for us!

"The Light" doesn't need our prayers and actions: We do!

"The Light" doesn't need our passive faith either!

We're here to become the creator of our reality, proactive-actors of our movie.

In that journey: robotic prayers and heartless deeds are as lifeless than love and consciousness without actions.

Our daily spiritual work is to combine those two aspects into one, and activate the divine within us by becoming Alive!!

Having faith is knowing that every experience that comes our way is the expression of true love from the Creator, sending us the best scenario to create our perfect movie.

May we have the merit to see it and live it!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Team Light!"

Bonjour Friends

I am pretty sure everyone heard the expression: "Working to live versus Living to work", and... I assume that we all know what is the right choice to make!

Nevertheless, I also know that most of us often end up in the 2nd category.

Specially, in our time, we have all the good reasons in the world to push ourselves harder, right?!

The economy is "scary", we have bills to pay, and a job to find or save...

Well...According to lots of spiritual articles, our work represents only a fraction of the result.

Our work: the physical actions that we are taking, is only a window that we are opening compare to the Universe that reveal itself and manifest a house!

Does it mean, we can stay sleeping at home?

Of course not!

We need although, to keep in mind that our real job is to be a channel.

When, we start thinking about what we did as the source of what happened, we forget the most important factor in the equation:" The Light force of the Creator!
At this moment, we start thinking of ourselves as being "The One".

Many years ago, a dear friend to my heart, who, I believed saw through me from the beginning told me two very important things that stayed with me since and became even prophecy, and I would like to share them with you.

He first said to me as I was attending a major spiritual event: "We need to remove you from the front row!" (see...I was one of "these students"!)
Well...For my defense, I thought that I had to push myself harder to be a better channel for others.
Furthermore, I didn't understand his words at the time."Wasn't I supposed to be sitting there?"

In another conversation, he then added:" You don't always need to over think everything to get answers and results, just by listening and opening up your heart to people and life, you will know what to say, since, the Light will be the one talking!

In other words, if anyone make room from the Light, and reduce the "I", things will work out perfectly!

A year after this conversation, I was married and became a mother for the first time. I never sat anymore in the front row, yet! My abilities to feel and share the Light never been so responsive.

I learned to be an opened aqueduct, with people that were literately put in front of me.

What is the lesson of this story?

Our physical actions are important and need to be taken seriously, with consciousness and perseverance.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the Light force of the creator is the real one to manifest the result.
Team work, always make wonders: Let makes sure we don't forget about it!

Love & Light.
Sincerely, Ilanit