Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mazal tov

Bonjour Friends

On the week-end of February 15, my family and I took our first trip to Orlando to celebrate my 7 years old daughter's birthday, at "The Magic kingdom" of Disney's world.

Hopefully, you are ready for the ride, since this personal event is at the starting point of this new spiritual insight.

As we were strolling the park for hours, in an unusual "Floridian cold", thousands of others people were doing the same. It was Valentine and President day week-end, and the park was "unexpectedly" busy for this time of the year.

Moreover, despite the weather, the crowd, etc....we all waited ( mostly) patiently and happily on line for the enjoyment of a ride or a show that would last for maybe less than two minutes.

When I thought about it, it kind of became funny, and educative at the same time!

It also reminded me of a story that goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was a homeless person without a Pennie, Food or even a roof above his head. There he was, walking the streets in a total physical and mental misery.
One day, (since he had a good heart) he "magically" received from the sky a "Million dollar" check, but he had to wait for a couple of days before he could cash it.
From that moment, he was suddenly happy and a special light started to emanate from him.
During those days, with his new state of mind, better things started to happen for him, taking him out of his previous condition.

What had change? A check?! A piece of paper: a symbol that tomorrow all his suffering would be gone.

Life is often subjective! Isn't it? Everything can change, when "nothing" really did!

Happiness, fulfillment... is not only the result of a physical status.
It starts first and stays in our consciousness.

In that process of knowing that everything would be all right and rising above the"illusion" of our conditions, nothing can replace the kindness and support of a loving teacher.

Those channels of light can take different forms (a book, a guide, a sincere friend...).

Nevertheless, their words are the ones that we can turn to: to comfort us, to make us grow, to make us believe in ourselves more than we usually do.

In my journey, I have been blessed to learn from lots of amazing souls and still do, and i wish you all to do too.

Love & Light always, Ilanit

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet and Sour

Bonjour Friends

For those that wondered where I have been, just be ensured that I didn't go too far and will certainly ever go for too long.

The past few weeks, my schedule sort of change (all for the sake of sharing "The Light" of course) and hopefully you will forgive me for spacing up my "Intuitive Counseling" online.

Often, people ask me about my spiritual journey.
Well...Growing up as an Intuitive wasn't as some may think a Hollywood fairytale.

I would describe my experience more like sucking on a sweet and sour candy.

In one hand, no matter my scenario of life, I always felt surrounded by a halo of protection.
It was almost like having an ongoing dialogue with a palpable presence/presences,and being in touch with a source of endless love letting me know that there was a whole world beyond the one we see.
It was a reassuring voice that made me want to keep pushing the rock when everything was stressing me to give up.

As the years were passing by, I also quickly realize that my relation with other people of my generation was a little different.
Truthfully, I wasn't the "in" girlfriend but somehow the one we choose or find when it comes to talking about the personal matter: a confident.

In another hand,( without becoming a drama queen) if you think that I just describe my ups and downs, let me just tell you that this was only the sweet side of my life.

On the sour side, and I will pass the details, there was a lot more of challenging experiences.

How do I feel about it, today?

At peace, I should say with even, a hint of appreciation.

What about you? How do you feel, with your growing pains?

When we understand that our spiritual journey required challenges, since it's often the only way for us to wake-up-move and grow, we suddenly, can realize that everything is for the best!

Does it hurt? Sometimes!

Nevertheless, what I try to share with you today is that it doesn't have to be that way.
By changing the prospective, we may start to see that "challenges/darkness" is the ultimate way to see and appreciate the Light.

Somehow we all stand in the center of a scale. There in an energy inside of us, that scream to be elevated, a potential that dreams to be fulfill.
Yet, there is also a force that will throw "weights" at us to make us fail or win depends how we want to see it!

Everyday, hours, minutes of our lives require our focus. It also needs, our judgment on how our actions are going to affect the personal and universal balance. By using spiritual tools and remembering our goal, (which is to bring lasting fulfillment for the world if we did forget), we will elevate ourselves and the whole world at once: As always, one grain of sand at the time.

Sincerely, Ilanit