Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't change: Transform!

Bonjour Friends

The other morning, I was on my way to my daughters school, when a thought suddenly crossed my mind: I realized that I had not received an inspiration for my next blog...(Yet!)

Was it a warning? or a premonition asking me to be ready for what was about to happen? I can't say!
This is, and always be magic!

Nonetheless, the next thing I knew: "My message" was standing right there at the corner of the street that was taking me to my destination.

Written in orange capital letters, on a large billboard:"Don't change.Transform".

It wasn't just some kind of commercial for a phone anymore, it was a sign, a divine inspiration filled with potential that I was excited to explore, and share with you and the world.

In our everyday language, the words "Change" & "Transform" are often used as synonyms.

However, when we look up at their definition in a etymological dictionary, they are fundamentally different.

To change, means to alter. To cause to be different. It's an exchange of something for something else.

To transform, in another hand, means to convert one form of energy to another. Yet, the essence remains the same.

How beautiful! What a profound spiritual teaching in its simplest form!

As spirits having a human experience, the all purpose of this physical world is to give us the chance to transform our nature.

In the spiritual realm, we are the children, the receivers: The Vessel.

Now, in our incarnated form, we get the opportunity to become like our creator, a source of sharing: The Light.

Let's remind ourselves then, that since Creation, "all we need" to complete this journey is "simple". We just have to think about others, like a parent covers the needs of his child before his own.

When I say: "simple"! You know of course that I am joking?!
Come on! It's been 5772 years since Adam & Eve!

Let's face it! "Unconditional love", Caring, Sharing, Restriction, Pro-action... are easier said than done, especially in the mist of those challenges!

Well....My personal experience as an intuitive counselor and as a soul on its spiritual journey, gave me some good clarity about this subject: "When a rocket is thrown at us: It's never about the challenge or even the solution, it's about the transformation that takes place in the space between the two".

In the past month, (Thanks to Scorpio master teacher!), I had a lot of friends calling me in a very disturbed state of mind : "war" with family members, out of control co-workers issues, home intruders... just to name a few.

Each one of those situations found its happy ending, what I reminded each one of them though was:

First: Don't panic, each challenge has a solution!

Second: Remember that: E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G comes from the Light.

Third: Pause and observe your reaction before you act, your opportunity for growth is encapsulate right here!

When we transform our reaction, we affect and change our reality from chaos to fulfillment: There's no more "problems", only Solutions!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You've got mail!

Bonjour Friends

The other day, my daughters came back home from Hebrew school singing a tune that I had learned at their age too.
This melodic interpretation of a biblical scripture goes like this: "The Light (Hashem, G-od, the Lord...) is Here, The Light is There, The Light is truly Everywhere!"

Pretty simple lyrics, isn't it?

Think again!

The Bible is well known for being a code, with multi facets and hidden meanings; some verses just like this one can actually take a lifetime to study.

As Rav Ashlag, the first most "revolutionary" kabbalist of the 20th Century said:" For one handbreadth revealed, two others are concealed!"

Bottom line, there is never an end to how much we can learn from this verse and obviously from life... which I thought was the perfect introduction for this new edition of "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit".

For those who are open minded and willing to learn and transform: he/she will receive divine messages from different places, in various forms.

As the song introduced previously continue in its chorus:" Up, Down and All around, that 's where The Light can be found".

Beautiful! However it does raise some burning questions!

How each one of us with our limited "vision" and "hearing" abilities (let's not get upset here, it's only scientific facts) gets to recognize and understand those divine messages?

Do we get some kind of nudges saying: "You've got mail!" with perhaps an additional translator program?

Well...It's not that simple, yet there is a few rules that can help us here.

Rule #1: Sincerely desiring the answer
Initially, when I started to meet with people, I didn't want to believe what psychologist as well as spiritual workers were saying and then realized it on my own:" It's easier to stay the same than change"'s not due to a lack of messages.

Rule#2: Be ready to let go
What we want is not always what we really need and certainly not always what is the best for us.
The Ego desire can be pretty persistent and can disguise itself very well too!
Should I detail on this one or your own life experiences supplied you with enough explanations already?!

So finally...

Rule #3: Be without preconceptions
We never know, how, when or from whom the messages will come.
This blog for example was named after a movie with the same title: "You've got mail".
In this very light romantic comedy, the leading lady character realized at the end that her "worst challenger" happened to also be her secret most devoted "e.messenger-love-mate"!!!

"The Light is here, the Light is There, The Light is Everywhere! Up, Down and All around that's where It can be found!"

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ABC to Heaven

Bonjour Friends

How are you doing today?

Rabbi Zusha of Hanipoli, one of the most joyful and modest soul, always said to whoever asked and first to himself: "Gam Zu Letova". "This too is for good"!

What a lesson of appreciation and certainty! What an uneasy task to accomplish.

Just like "The wheel of fortune", life seems to take us onto a constant circular motion.

Love & relationships, are going from passionate to "platonic", or burst into a volcanic eruption!

Business & finances, gives us an elevator ride, more often from up to down:(economy and recession are of course, the first to take on the blame), and...

... Last but not least, our physical, mental and spiritual health variate with the rhythm of the seasons.

Whatever area is the most sensitive to us, the formula works the same: "Things goes our way: we're happy", otherwise:" Hello, Niagara's fall!"

In my journey as a lightworker, I remember going through so many different emotional stages.
From being a "natural" young girl saying spontaneously what she felt guided so, to a more "insecure" young women, often searching for approval.
Somehow, the more I grew up, the more I started to over think things. As one of my teacher put it then: "There, was a tree blocking the rays of the sun in the clearing"!

How significant! Since Ilanit means little tree in Hebrew!
How personal too!
Why am I sharing all of this?

I've learned since, that in order to transform that ego, fear, uncertainty, and lack of confidence... to become a channel/ a conduct, it is not about: "what we know" or "what can be", it's about: having the certainty that the power of The Light can makes everything possible!

Every day, in every single action that we do, our consciousness should support and give strength to "The Light" instead of blocking it! As it said: "The Light of the creator is wherever we let her in!"

Here is a beautiful story that connect us to that simple truth:

Long ago, during the day of Yom Kippur, a great Kabbalist was trying with all his might to open the gate of Heaven, as hard as he tried, he couldn't do it!
Suddenly, he heard a piercing voice and the doors opened!
Where did this sound come from?! Who had allowed the light to be revealed?!
He looked around the room, and felt gently guided to a small corner all the way to the back of it.
There, seating on the floor, was a little boy. He didn't know the prayers but was reciting in his heart the Aleph-Bet (Hebrew ABC).
Just like an angel, he had open the gates of heaven for all.

We are children's of The Light!
Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Returning Home

Bonjour Friends

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a man who lived his days in a total state of satisfaction.

He had money, yet wasn't rich and... even though he could have been, he never tried.

He wasn't in conflict with anyone. However, he never really connected with anybody.

He was "simply happy", in the lonely castle he had built for himself.

Now, some might think he accomplished what we all are trying to do:"live in peace and harmony with others and ourselves".

Well...I can already tell you:"Think twice!"

One day, unexpectedly, a great soul:" a kabbalist", happened to stay for a few days in his town.

Everyone living there was eager to meet with him.  They, all wanted to learn how to improve their life, except for our "happy" man!

Nevertheless, probably more by curiosity than anything else, he decided to visit the kabbalist on the very last day of his stay.

As he sat front of his table, he didn't say a word... didn't ask one question.

The kabbalist looked at him perplexedly.

What is it? Finally, asked the man, wondering why "the very special soul" didn't have anything to tell him.

The kabbalist, still quiet, looked at him with deep sorrow in his eyes.

"I am sorry". He said. "There is nothing I can do for you my child. This life is a complete waste, the way you are now!"

The man, suddenly saw the pain he had caused. His life had: No purpose...

For years, I always carried this story with me, wondering:
What am I suppose to do, to fulfil my destiny? How can I share more, and reveal my true nature as a spark of Light ? (A question, I believe we should all ask ourselves regularly).

Today, probably more than ever before, the world need us, to take this responsibility!

It's a "big job", that our generation has to accomplish, however, if the curtain of darkness seems ticker, it's only because a tremendous amount of Light is ready to be reveal, which will transform it forever .

Just like a child "returning home", we must apply ourselves to learn, grow, transform and share before we do so.
In this process, let's not listen the voices saying:" It's too hard or too late!". 

...After realizing "its mistakes", our man begged with all his heart for another chance.

"Today, your only option to correct your selfishness" Said the kabbalist is to choose to die, (which he accepted joyfully).

As he laid on the floor, eyes closed, thinking it was the end, the kabbalist said a prayer and opened his mouth, putting a spoon of milk and honey inside.

When we are ready to feel the pain caused by our ego and sacrifice it: we get a taste of the Garden of Eden, the land where flows milk and honey: Today and Forever.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember & Don't forget

Bonjour Friends

My teacher: The greatest man, I have ever met, taught me among many other things, two life changing principles:

1-Everything is about consciousness.

2-Spirituality is about taking responsibility with our words and actions.

With that in mind, allow me to share the thoughts that came my way the past few weeks.

Kabbalah teaches us, that the world was created to give humanity a chance at becoming a force of sharing and getting closer to our Creator.

However, it also said that this learning experience would have been fulfilled in about 24 hours, if Adam & Eve (who embodies the sum of all the souls) had waited before "eating the fruit" from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.

If it wasn't for "a snake", or should we say our personal snake: "the desire to receive for oneself alone", by the 7th day of creation: Shabbat, we'd have returned home!

Instead, for thousands of years, we keep repeating the same movie over and over again.

In our childlike stubbornness, we all think that the free-will we earned that day is a chance to do "what we want". Can't we recognize already, that once we know the difference between right and left (and it is our job to not stay ignorant) that free-will is illusion?!

Those, who are learning about the spiritual laws of the universe, knows that each action has a reaction.
Chances are, they also know that we entered a time, where space between those two has reduced if not disappeared.

For these reasons, we might feel more pressures than before and the truth is: it's going to be harder to runaway from our responsibilities today.

To succeed at: "The game of life", we'll have to learn and follow it's rules more thoroughly than ever before.

See...we all "indulge" ourselves somehow: we get reactive here, lack of restriction there, and even if some "missteps" seems less serious than some others and that we usually learn from them, at the end we never know when an action or a hole in our consciousness will make the scale tipped the wrong side?!

Some might think that it isn't real, but I learned that there is a war of consciousness and that the ministers appointed to challenge us never sleeps!

Furthermore, we all must:
Remember to stay alert and not forget to be connected to The Light to win this:"the easy way." (without pain and suffering)

In too many occasions, I saw individuals not able to resist "the song of the mermaids", even if it meant falling and never coming back from the depth of the ocean.

I saw "friends" loosing their mind and sometimes more as a consequences of their choices.

My dear friends, this message might be a little strong, yet I know that you must have felt the urgency too!

Isn't it better to be shocked yet awake rather than wrapped in the illusion?

Today, I'd like to dedicate this blog to those who couldn't overcome the fight...and to J.Y.W

Let's stand: Heroes and Righteous souls,
May we all be unify...Finally and Endlessly in Love & Light, Ilanit.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The doors of abundance

Bonjour Friends

Once upon a time, a righteous soul, a great Kabbalist chose to live each day of his life as it was the first and last at once.

He understood, that it's upon oneself to see each single day as a present for a new life!

In the morning, he'd wake-up filled with appreciation and excitement; committing himself to seize every opportunities presented before him.

He'd work hard for "his bread", and even harder to share everything he has: his heart and soul, as well as the rest of the money he earned with whoever in need crossed his path.

At the end of a busy day, he'd thought that if he was lucky enough: "Tomorrow", he'd have another chance to do the same.

Falling asleep happy, "Today" was the one chance to make a difference for himself and the world!

About 13 years ago, my "future husband" that I had just started dating, shared this story with me.

Was it that I was new to the"English language"? or that I didn't get the depth and message behind it?

However, I thought then, that was a "crazy story"! Would anyone live that way today?

Well...Years later, I realized that this story "stuck with me", and actually affected me in a very personal way for even longer.

See...When I was younger, I never made any type of calculation, when I shared "my gift" with others.

It was simple...flawless as a conversation. I was "in the business of the Light".

Back then, there was no wondering: Do I create unbalance between giving and receiving? (what Kabbalah calls:"Bread of shame") or this is part of my work and I need to schedule an official meeting.

I knew that there was another type of payment, one that is unlimited and I was "rewarded",each time that I was going with the flow, beyond one can measure and...this is the message that I got from this story.

If we don't make calculation, particularly when we share and we have complete certainty that there is a perfect system of retribution, this is the time that we'll see "The Face of The Light" and how much the universe has to offer us.

Everyday of my life: either with this blog or the "spontaneous meetings" that I have, at any given time or place of the day, I'd share "free-ly" more than I get pay for "my services", and I would not replace this with anything.

The beauty in it, is to see other types of doors open as if The Light was standing front of me, opening them for me.

When we expand our heart to be there for others, "magically" we make room to receive true abundance and well being for ourselves as well.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Bonjour Friends

When people gather together, they often enjoy talking: politics, society or some other topics "in vogue".

Personally, the one thing that keeps me going is: spiritual matters.

Talking about life and the different nuances of light in it, but also sharing "inputs" with others as I start to communicate with their soul is just like oxygen to breathe.

The same way, a singer is feeling complete when he sings, "sharing our light" is the most significant way for experiencing "The Light".

For this reason, it says: Sharing / Loving is the "One" purpose of life!

However, to reach this ultimate level, we all need to transform our tailor made "ego suit" and today, it's: the control versus letting go outfit that I would like to address.

Independently of our differences, it seems almost certain that anyone wish to be happy.

Nevertheless, we're all raised to believe via family, society, religion and other sources that: this work, that relationship and/or achievement is the only way to have a taste of it!

Almost everyone, has a specific opinion on how they will experience: "happiness", focusing all their might and energy to get it!

(I will let you here, draw your own picture in your mind, to see all the details that such behavior can cause in someone life).

Well...Often we're missing the point!

Happiness is first and foremost a state of mind, a way of appreciating life.

Happiness passes by us, when we concentrate our full attention on the present moment and on how much of our sparks we can share, in any given time and situation.

As it says:

" Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you pursuit it, the more it eludes you, but if you are patient (and persevered in your selflessness and certainty), it will settle upon you, when you least expect it".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Bonjour Friends

If you've been reading a few or most of my blogs, you certainly know that "my voice/ message" shows a constant for positivity, and that I always make sure to bring a personal tone and story in it too.

(By the way, you can always visit "my archives" at anytime & share them with your friends as well!)

In my journey, I grew to believe that the power of words is crucial in the creation of our reality, and when I say: "words", it of course means the one we hear as well as those we share!

Even Doctors admit that in many cases of sickness, healing will "miraculously" take place independently of medication. They also agree that it has something to do with the state of mind of the patient and/or, "something else" that affected them from inside out.
( I will add here, that there is other factors than positive thinking to put on the plate, however I won't go there today).

In the course of my life and the people I met with, I have been blessed to deliver some "extraordinary messages".
Even though, it is always a unique experience for both sides, when it happens, I simply consider doing the job of a devoted mail carrier.
Beside this, the most special impression I 'd like to leave as a memory is that I have been: "A True Friend" for someone else, and that I expressed my love through words, bringing warmth and guidance for the soul.

Kabbalah teaches us that "A friend" is a particular connection to The light force. It, of course refers to the spiritual aspect of the term rather than the social one.

A friend is so important that it says:" Find yourself a teacher, and buy yourself a friend". Why?

It influences in our lives can get us to change it all: positively or negatively, depending on its own vibration and agenda.

Living in a world founded one the basic principal of "Cause & Effect", our reality is essentially the result of our actions,yet... as we all know actions are 99% of the time the result of our predominant thoughts.

Furthermore, here comes an equation that we should all keep in mind:

Thoughts are the sum of: our inner broadcasting (Light voice versus opponent) which is supported one way or another by the outer vibration from our environment, (friends being one important aspect of it).

Did you get how it works then, what is the connection?

1/ Our thoughts are either positive or negative. (Unfortunately, let's face it the second ones prevails)


2/ Our actions are either enlightened or not, so our reality.

In between those two, there is: "an empty space", filled with whatever we choose to put in.

A great kabbalist, said once that our free-will takes place in that space: Which environment do we choose for ourselves? How is it going to affect our thoughts and actions?

Now, I am not saying to erase or shut down all the challenging relationships of our lives, lots of those are part of our Tikkun/ Karmic correction too.

Nevertheless, when it comes to find the support we need to make choices, let's think carefully who do we talk to?

The last thing, I'd like to add on this topic is to also pay attention if our thoughts are truly ours?!

You will be shocked to know, how many people started experiencing certain feelings: anger, depression etc., toward themselves or someone else, after being exposed to their friends lives problems and dilemmas.

My secret wish is that we can all finally go back to our original state of Oneness, all part of the same consciousness and Re-experience:

Love & Light Always!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surfing the waves

Bonjour Friends

For the past two weeks, some personal events, conversations & thoughts made me (once again!) reflect on life.

What a journey! Isn't it?

I certainly believe the words saying that our generation is the most courageous yet, and that we bravely volunteered to incarnate in this time of "Oy ve Ashrei"/ "Light & darkness to its extreme".

Day after day, it becomes clearer that something is going on, and that our world will never look the same.

However, in the midst of chaos, when we expect it the less: There is Light!

Personally, this is what I choose to focus on!

Unfortunately, as this shift happen and this necessary transformation is taking place, we will hear more and more people going fatalist to not say "apocalyptic".

As I started to study Kabbalah, the first thing I learned from my beloved teacher was and always is: "When we turn on the light, the darkness disappear"!

If you please, I'd like to share my vision on this.

Few years ago, before I came out with "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit" as a way to present myself, I have been struggling a long time.

Deep inside, I just knew that another term for "Intuitive" would label me in a category, I didn't want to belong.

The message, I was given was clear, the best way to truly help people is to teach them to build their own bridge with the upper worlds.

Too often, that they admit it or not, people are going to "professional" to receive "a quick fix", and many "spiritual workers" agreed to that deal, but ...What is the point?
It seems to me, that both are forgetting what's the real purpose of life.

This time around, I was taught that it's about each one of us taking responsibility, it's about strengthening our own connection with the Light Force of the Universe and doing the job.

As G-od said to Moses front of the Red Sea: "Why are you crying out to me?"

Subtitle: Did I not give you all the tools you needed already? I am inside of you... Just Do It!

Today, before putting our arms down front of adversity, here are the three fundamentals we need to work on:

1- Sharing and Caring unconditionally.

2- Restricting and Transforming our selfish reactive desire. (Ego: we all have one!)

3- Having complete Certainty, beyond what our logical mind is telling us to believe.

In this unique time, more and more "Lightworkers" are going to come out to guide others, you might even be one of them!

To honor this mission, the 3 points above should be our common mantra, the 3 columns that make the system works and the Light to be revealed.

Those are the 3 fundamental keys to elevate our consciousness and rise above the waves, to surf our way back home.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How do we win the Playoffs?

Bonjour Friends

Few mornings ago, I was driving my car when I received a: "hello from The Light!", a reminder that we are surrounded by the divine if we open ourselves to it!

I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, when out of some clouds, a ray of light hit my window and warmed my cheek like a soft caress.

Sounds very poetic?!...Let me just say, that it was a lot more than that!

For a few timeless seconds, I was no longer in Miami's traffic, I was transported someplace else, where the light was soothing and the love was felt all around, giving me an invisible hug!

Of course, before I knew, I was "back", happier and more relax though and with something to talk about.

Think about it: Did you ever experience such a moment?

When...Time and space, suddenly freeze and a feeling of Eternity takes place instead?!

Maybe it happened as you were in fusion with nature or, while sharing a special moment with someone you love?

It might also have come to you by surprise (just like me), maybe even while having an animated conversation that "suddenly held"... leaving everybody inexplicably quiet!

(I remember those silences from the time that I was a little girl!
Mamie Rose, my grandmother would say:"An angel just crossed the room!")

Today, however in our busy/frantic lives as we constantly surround ourselves with electronic sounds & vibrations (TV, radio, computer, cellular...), it is no surprise that many are deaf or under anesthesia, incapable to hear or feel the presence of The Light!

I believe that people like me: were-are-will be: "the normal", if only we were ready to activate our spiritual cable and reduce the other parasites.

For some though, the awakening of their souls will be a real challenge, but...What other choice do we have?

We can't stop evolution and what have already started!

We can't hang, (as it was done in the past), all the "eccentric souls in town", that remind us to look inside in order to find the Light and take responsibility to change what is happening in the world!

Sooner or later, we'll no longer be able to put our faith into false gods either. Money, power or fame can't prevent catastrophes or this inevitable transformation of our consciousness.

My Friends, the final game between: "The Light" (the endless force of sharing) & "the opponent" (any forms of Ego) has started.

The only valid question now is: How do we win the Playoffs?

As another great student of my beloved teacher said:" To win, It's time for us to trade what is seemingly important "today" with what is important "forever"!

As it has been said in so many places, the only thing that remains with us when we'll evolve from the physical realm to the spiritual one are our actions and consciousness!

Today, I'd like to dedicate this blog to all the beautiful souls past, present and future that devote themselves & fight to reveal the Light in this world.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The most precious gift

Bonjour Friends

If you are one of "my many Friends" reading this blog on a regular basis and / or, if you're living your life guided by spiritual wisdom, chances are that you already felt the awakening of your spirit, and its knock at the door of your body.

You somehow understood that it was time for your soul to take control over your destiny, with the help of The Light Force. (Of course!)

Let's go back in time for a little then:

How did it happen for you?

How did you search or meet with: "your teacher"?

Were you feeling lonely or isolated even when surrounded by people at the time?

Were you in an "eternal" search of purpose and worth as far as you can remember?

Was it a subtle yet constant feeling that something was missing in your life? Or a sudden, perhaps even dramatic event that push you into a quest for change?

Maybe were you just eager for more! After all, isn't life suppose to bring us fulfillment?

Did we not grow up believing that movies must end: "happily, ever after?!"

Whatever may be your story (and you are surely more than welcome to share it!), if you're already on the other side, working with more understanding to fulfill your purpose in this creation, that's by itself a wonderful accomplishment!

You are one of those who jumped into the driver seat, riding your car with the most wonderful co-pilot on your side!

However, my friends, many others are still left behind, still seating in the rear seat of life, whether they know it or not!

The thing is: by becoming "students"\" co-creator" of our destiny, we also became "teachers" for millions of souls still living in the dark!

It's a big responsibility, probably bigger than you even bargained for, you may say!

Yet...without a doubt: You / We are ready for this!

We have the wisdom and an endless power inside of us, screaming to do it! The question then is: Are we courageous enough to do so?!

In this time of emergency: "The end of days" as some call it, which is of course a code, some (We) have been chosen for a fantastic mission: Embracing The Light, Spreading this consciousness and bringing an end to pain and suffering into the world!

Yes, It's a really ambitious work that we are talking about but no worries, the way to get there is as simple as LOVE.

It says: "When the time has come to return to the source we originate from: ONLY our deeds of love shared with others will matter!" and...

The most precious gift we can share with someone else is to offer them the key that connect to their soul... The Light.

As a new soul and then another and... many more, board in this new journey to enlightenment:
May our unconditional love accompanied them and  may their light unify with ours and become this bright lighthouse shining in the dark showing us the way home.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A True Friend

Bonjour Friends

Since I was a young girl and, certainly even more once I embraced my destiny, I always found myself more involve with people for personal / spiritual matters than social ones.

I've never been part of a: "Let's get together & have fun's group"... However, I've always been surrounded with either spiritual minded people and / or with souls who trusted me with their most personal stories and...It has been an amazing gift!

Being there for someone & becoming the trusted space, where everything can be said freely is just a divine present that's worth gold!

When, We Connect from soul to soul: there is so much to learn, share and receive too!

Though, "listening" for me doesn't always mean that someone is talking (at least with real words), it's more like, turning down my own radio station to become more receptive of someone else tune, what comes next remains the same: offering support & love, to ignite the Light within someone else.

Psychic or not, to perceive the real need of our fellowman/woman, I would generally say: it is often in what people don't tell, that you can find what is truly significant.
It's commonly know as: reading in between the lines.  (It is actually said, that the divine light encapsulate in the scroll of the Thora /The Holy Bible, circulate in the white space between the dark Hebrew letters).

Creating a space for someone to breathe is the first step into becoming a beacon of light, simultaneously followed by:

1- Opening up our heart.

2-Deleting our personal agenda.

3-Asking for guidance

From Aaron the high priest and brother of Moses, we also learn an incredible requirement. To become this fantastic friend / channel and before saying any word, we must first step out of our own clothes and enter the attires of "our friend".

Guiding someone isn't about throwing general rules (even if they're excellent) but feeling what the person in front of us needs!

Often becoming a true friend, a channel of light, will also mean taking on different roles:
The gentle soul that guides without pushing; The loud coach who talks the talk and pushes our buttons or sometimes the quiet lover waiting into the dark until it gets lighter!

To know so, we must first realize that only the divine Light knows!

Then, we can pray with all our heart that we will be able hold the space between our friends and us for the divine to flow through it and allowed us the chance to do or say the right thing.

Being: "A True Friend" is priceless, a delight for our soul, the world and, the Light itself!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Waves of reminders

Bonjour Friends

How are you doing today?

Are you one of those,(including myself) who felt swept by a dark wave of emotions recently?

Associate to a specific event or not, it's as something was "off" in the air and was swallowing us, independently of our own will! Wasn't it?

Kabbalah and Science explains that energy travels.

Furthermore, with all the chaos that takes place in the world, there's no wonder that we're going to be affected by it, in a way or another!

In such time, here what I did and what I recommend: take the time, feel the pain that rises from inside and then...use it like spiritual fuel.

It can be such a purifying experience and, with the release may even come a renewal of desire!

Unfortunately, in our modern world, we're all in a hurry to denial it! Give me a pill, give me a patch, give me something/anything but make this pain go away! Does it sound familiar?!

Well...Pain was created for a good reason: it makes us learn, grow and it even protects us.

Think about it, if fire didn't hurt, we could leave our hand above a flame until it completely burns!

Yet! Pain was not meant to stop us from living.

Pain was more like a reminder that there is a lack inside of us that we need to fulfill.

For these reason and some others, I felt this week was the perfect time for some reminders on how to bring the "missing Light" in our lives.

Reminder one:

Beyond the appearances: "We're all in the same boat"!

On the outside, we might have chosen different movies, strength, talents & challenges but at the end of the day, we're all have a similar work to do: transforming our "human nature" of receiver into our divine one, as beacon of Light.

Reminder two:

To succeed at this game, we should approach every situation "proactively" rather than "reactively". Using the kabbalistic concept of restriction allows us to not judge "the outside" and to bring light into the situation.

Reminder three:

Our ego, to often makes us believe that life isn't fair, making us look at what others have and/or what we are missing and it all started back to the garden of Eden.

Kabbalah is teaching us, that on the day Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, with a little more faith and patience, they should have (already) returned to their fundamental state of oneness with the Light. Instead, "jealousy" was awaken in their heart by the snake, (How comes G-od doesn't want  you to eat from that fruit?!)

Since that day, in order to correct this "lost energy", we must learn to Love as One.

For this reason it said: "Love your neighbor as thyself" the rest is commentary!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

High Light / Low Light

Bonjour Friends

This week, I am home with my daughters Esther & Sarah. (They just love, when I say their names!)

It's, (the famous/infamous) Spring Break.

While a certain percentage of the population is partying like there is no tomorrow, my highlights are: going to the pool, having play dates at the park and because I feel a little adventurous this time, a big trip to a Floridian water park!

Fun! Right?!

Well...Even then, (growing up) when I tried to participate to the typical life of the people my age, I was always reminded, sooner or later and sometimes with a big hit on the head, that it wasn't my place!

I tried though but...soon realized that my "high" will come from a more mystical place.

See...My point is that in one way or another, we're all looking to live our lives like "kids" on a spring break, searching to experience: "highs" and "freedom"!

Unfortunately, "instant fulfillement' is exactly why short circuit happens!

As kabbalah is teaching: if you take a light bulb, it would never lite as strong as the moment the (+) pole touch the (-) pole but the the result will be immediate too: it will burn & died!

However, getting rid of this need for "instant gratification" can be challenging, even for spiritual people!

The desire to receive is part of us. For this reason, we can't erase it!

Our work is to transform it, until it becomes a desire to receive...for the sake of sharing!

When we share, we become part of a flawless/balance circuitry of energy.

Yet! Even there, our ego has still some tricks in his sleeves!

As "I told" , last week to someone dear to my heart, there is two types of sharing:

1- The sharing we do that is "exciting"!
It usually involves us, with people that are in awe and appreciation for our actions and words of wisdom, solace and support which gives us a taste to a spiritual high.

2-The sharing that is "commune"!
It usually has to do with "routine-like" actions and/ or our surrounding. It will often feel of a lower importance, but let's not be fool!

See...Our opponent understand that it can gain Light by letting us do "some good"!

So when we share and get right away "rewards", it might also mean that our ego is also hijacking our Light.

For this reason, and in order to stay aware of what is happening in this mind-game, it is important to also keep some of our attention toward the less exciting/ rewarding places...near us!

"High Light" & "Low Light" are as complementary as in a car to drive us, days and/or nights to our supernal destination.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Energy Field

Bonjour Friends

As I mentioned before, it was during my teen years that I secretly experienced my spiritual awakening.

While my daily life was focused on being: "a good girl", I, however was "inexplicably" & repeatedly exposed to rejection, hurts and different types of abuses, which I like to refer as my spiritual boots camp.

Nonetheless, through the ups and downs of my life, I find constant solace and support from the divine voice that was talking directly from inside of me.

During those years, I of course didn't know that there was a purpose and a connection between all of this, but...I somehow felt an  "exciting escape" diving into this spiritual search.

I started reading everything, I could put my hands on this topic: from biblical sources to less orthodox writings on mediumship and psychic abilities. I learned about tools to get guidance and how to dial and talk with G-od, which brought me hope that I was drawn to share with others.

I knew, of course, that there was a frame to respect with such power,and though, I was curious, I restricted the impulse to come near "unholy" knowledge.

Today, however, I wanted to share a "light" story from that time of formation.

Around the age of 16/17, beside a natural predisposition in clairvoyance & clairsenti, I had in mind to develop "my telepathic abilities".

So...I apply myself through different exercises. "Turn around, I am calling you!" was one of them.

Ever day, I will ride the subway to go and come back from school. Since it was always full with people, I set myself on a mission to see how many individual will turn in my direction as I was mentally calling them.

With lots of practice, I became very successful at it.
I was overjoyed! (What can I say? I was a "kid"!)

Nevertheless, what I understood with some maturity was far more profound than a teenager game!

Each one of us, is surrounded by an energy field, which we can control.

We can mentally project something outside ourselves and/or "attract", (just like a butterfly is attracted by the light), people, things and situations.

In order to work though, few fundamental rules need to be review:

1-Consciousness: Desire, is essential to keep us alive and motivated. Yet! We must remember that we committed ourselves to share more than take. As you concentrate, always ask yourselves what is your motivation?

2-Cause & Effect: The Universe bank account has enough for everyone. Furthermore, there is no need for us to covet or steal from anyone, in any ways, which brings me to the second aspect of this talent:

The same way that we can rise our vibration, we also can turn it down!

By becoming "invisible", we can protect ourselves from the two most destructive attributes in this world, also called: "Evil eye" and "Evil speech".

I won't detailed on this topic today...Nonetheless, in that unusual article, I wanted to remind ourselves of the true nature of our being: we are part, and also creator of Light and the possibilities to manifest it, for ourselves and the world are unlimited.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ignite the Light

Bonjour Friends

Just like the Earth spins around its own axis without us feeling it; Time passes us by inevitably, with each 24hours rotation.

This coming week, another year cycle has been completed as I am about to celebrate two important birthdays.

My oldest daughter will blow her 8th candles and, few days later, this blog will officially turn 2.

What amazes me the most is: even though, I have been there each steps of the way for both of those lives, a part of me can't still believe it!

Kabbalah explains that there is a spiritual and crucial reason for us to celebrate birthdays.

Birthdays are not only a way to remember the beginning of an important event, they actually allow us to go back to the seed level of: "The Creation".

As we share them with loved one, (even with just a thought), and if we understand the theory that everything and everyone is connected, we can support each other during this special moment, as we reconnect ourselves to "The Source".

Another way to say it is: "YOU support me, I support you as well!"

In my early teens and for few years on, I was actually "hating" my birthday. I had some good reasons and even stories to share... but I won't go there!

Today, I will say to resume my feeling that it was the lack of "surprise and special" that actually made me sad and disconnected.

As I grew up though, I realized that the only thing, anyone must do to feel special is: "being special', because it is right there inside of us!

True joy and fulfillment comes from within and once you find it, nobody can't take it away from you, the same way that anyone or anything "material", can give it to you!

We already know, that outside factors are temporary solutions to feed our lack.

(Think about it?!
How much more stories, do we need to watch, to know that people who have "everything" are not always happy?!)

The key to true happiness is to ignite "The Light" we have inside of us by sharing it with the world!

When I truly understood, the unmeasurable value of the gifts, I had received, (so did you!), I didn't feel sorry for myself anymore!

Instead of paying attention to the big party I received or not; I've, now & then been looking forward to how many "Thank you cards", I can spread around, to appreciate the divine present, I had received.

Today, I'd like to thanks each one of my friends, who have been reading "my articles" and helping spreads this words to others.
I'll also add "a special one" to:" my Salome".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The power of words

Bonjour Friends

Can you believe that only a month has passed since the start of a New year!
(Doesn't it feel like an eternity already?!).

So tell me: How are you doing with all your resolutions???

a- you're ahead of your game.
b- resolutions? What resolutions?
c-You're battling as always: should I stay or should I go?

One thing I understood instinctively since my "debut"on the path of spirituality is: if anyone wishes to keep its consciousness and life moving forward (and win the game), it is essential "to study" and "connect" (preferably on a daily basis) to fuel our inner fire!

Studying is one of  the first medallion in a long chain of reactions:

See...Wisdom awaken desire, which cause us to take actions and/or attracts situations that will put us into action and so on...

That one choose to study through books, videos, or with an actual teacher/guide,(or usually by mixing all of the above): wisdom is not only good for the mind....wisdom is food for our soul!

As I tell my youngest students: wisdom & spiritual tools are "special vitamins" that can help us straighten and/or awaken the power of the Light within.

When I was only a teenager discovering her gift, I also find out that via study, one may establish a unique line of communication with the Light force itself!

How many time, did I find myself  "answered" as I was opening a book or being "called" by it! (Which, you'll see, happened again today!)

No wonder then, that it said that the world was created with words!

Even though Kabbalah only refers to the power of the 22 Hebrew letters, which are like the DNA of the world and each souls; Words in general have the ability as we all know to: "built or destroy"!

Each day, either during readings or while I am writing, I mostly channel "The Light" through words,( which is interesting, since lots of my challenges, repeatedly exposed me to negative words and their effects!)

(It's almost as if my life was a microcosm were words of solace are rising above and overcoming words of darkness!)

"Coincidentally", the same week I was inclined to tackle this subject,  I received an explanation to that paradox.

As I was studying one night, reading  from "The Zohar", (The book of splendor known by the kabbalists as the ultimate source of wisdom about our Universe, a portal of energy which was brought to us by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yorai), I "saw" this verse, which can help us all understand a very profound piece of knowledge.

There is a principle in this world: the same way that darkness was created first for "the Light" to be revealed & the world to be manifested, the same way our process and work is: "to bring a clean thing out of the unclean"!

In reality, there is no paradox: through "darkness", we desire & reveal "Light"!

In that journey, Words have a special power: they can nourish, nurture and create realities or...
No, I won't go there, I choose to remain silent instead.

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Bonjour Friends

Do you remember that incredible feeling, one may experience as she or he walk into a "magical" place for the first time?

Take a second and try to think about it...and when I say "magical", it doesn't have to be of a spiritual nature exclusively.

No matter which place, you'll choose to remember, I can assure you of one thing: if you close your eyes or meditate upon this moment, you will still re-awaken the memory from within and you might even start to feel in your body, heart and soul: the joy, love and satisfaction you felt then.

This my friends is a divine gift! Our brain can create or re-create emotions & sensations in our body based on our memories!

Few days ago, I met an incredible man, a pure channel of Light (and believe me, I am a very careful/suspicious person, especially when it comes to spirituality!).

What I experienced though, sent me back 12 years ago when I met my beloved teacher for the first time. (Months after he revealed himself to me in a dream).
When I had finally found a link between "my two worlds".

In a flash, I was transported to the most wonderful place that I will simply call: "Home"!

As I looked at this man and he looked back at me, all the limitations/illusions of our physical reality just banished, and I was able to see what could be the most sparkling gleams of Light!
Suddenly, it was as if I was enveloped from head to toes by the most soothing coat, made of a fire that "lit but doesn't consume".

From time to time, if we're lucky enough, we get to experience: "That moment", when suddenly everything become magical perfection. Oneness!

Unfortunately, because we live in a world of fragmentation, we don't get to see it continuously or even hold to that picture as long as we'd like. (There is no doubt in my mind that if it was the case, we would be done with our work already!)

Anyhow, from that "Reminiscence", I came back with a piece of enlightenment, I'd like to share with you.

When it is difficult to clearly remember "the magic".

Let's use this gift, I mentioned before. Let's close our eyes, to find a place of stillness where Love & Unity flows, and project that vibration outside of ourselves, onto someone else, looking & embracing what is happening.

In our recent days, people opened up their mind to a concept called: "The laws of attraction".

Well... For centuries, it hasn't been a "secret", for Kabbalist & some others spiritual mentors. They perfectly knew that "Life" is a projection from within. This divine sparks we carry can create: "As above, As below". Which is the reason why, consciouscness is so essential!

In all my interactions, I always meditate upon "Love & Light"?
So, here comes my little story:

Once upon a time, three Angels, ( Love, Health & Sustenance) knocked at a poor man's door, asking him to choose which guest, he'd like to invite?

The man in need of all three energies thought. Yet indecisive, finally called his wife for advise.

"Love"! of course! Said the wife.

As he invited the Angel of Love to come in, "Health & Sustenance" followed.

To his surprise, they said: "Wherever Love goes, we go!"

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Many days, Many chances.

Bonjour Friends

Or..."Bonne Annee/ Happy New Year", I should  say?!

2011: What do you have in store for us?

Isn't it the underneath question, we most likely all have in mind as we are about to "restart" our engines for another round in the circuit of life?

During this time of the year: Astrologers, Numerologists, Psychics but also Economists etc...All wants to offer predictions about the future! Isn't it?

Well...I won't!

Okay!...If you insist, I might just share a few thought on the subject, but let's start from the beginning which always involve consciousness.

As I sat to write this article, I got reminded, once again, (Believe me, we keep forgetting it!), How loving and patient, the Light Force of the Universe is with us!

Did you ever count, how many opportunities, we receive to reset our computer and make it "virus-free"?

Well...You don't really need to, because, my Friends, the answer is: Endless!
(Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah for making me more appreciative of it).

Few days ago was the start of the civil New Year, which encapsulate seeds of Light according to the Bible itself.
Before was Rosh Hashana, the Kabbalistic New year of humanity.
Sometime soon will be, the New year of the Trees, which can give to each one of us, the power to raise above Gravity.
In a few month, Passover known as the Astrological starter will allow us to tap into the energy of Freedom...

Okay...I gonna have to stop there if I don't want to lose you!

My point was simply to make us realize that: It is up to us, to change our movie if we don't like it!

Actually, it's said that each day can become a new world, where we can experience our own rebirth!

The major problem is that we don't believe we can transform our reality.

So, guess what? Eventually,We can't!

For centuries, kabbalists and other spiritual leaders, (people just like you and me that decided to embrace their life, becoming channels for others at the same time) didn't believe in: "We Can't!".

Like it or not, "We Can't", is merely the result of a certain parasite inside of us that "won't!".

Bottom line, if we want to see change, it's enough of resolutions. Now is the time to go to work! is the great news:

2011: According to Numerology carry an energy #4, which "invite"us to go to work (organisation & determination), rather we choose the easy way or the  hard one, is up to us.

If we "wake-up" early, become braver and persevered, 2011, will be a great year to plant at the seed level , what we want to achieve in the long run.

This year if we work hard enough, physically and spiritually, we'll get one step closer to: True Freedom, where mind over matter is the everyday normal.

As always, our consciousness and the love in our heart are the keys to open all the locks that seems close.

I always heard, that solutions were created before the problems, and that the answer lay inside of us.

I wish for all us an amazing year.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.