Thursday, November 26, 2009

Treasure box

Bonjour Friends

Thursday November 26, 2009: 4th Thursday of November is Thanksgiving day.

For those of you that are reading my blog and that are not American (by birth or by living) you probably wonder: Why am I talking about this? What does this topic have to do with you or spiritual growth in general?

For a start, if you like American movies and TV shows (like I did even prior my move to Miami), you probably already know about Thanksgiving, (at least you know about the gathering, the traditional turkey and maybe even about the pumpkin pie).

Thanksgiving is a major holiday and an important part of the American culture.

Yet! Behind the history, there is a beautiful and universal message that we can all learn from.

Thanksgiving is a reminder to connect to a pair of fundamental principles (necessary for any human being wishing to fulfill their spiritual mission), I am naming here: "Appreciation and Sharing".

Personally, when I am hearing those two words that are connected like a soul mate couple, I actually can't help myself to think of one of my first kabbalah teachers who always says:

"Thanks" are nice but the best way to show appreciation more effectively is through actions/sharing.

To acknowledge and multiple our blessings, we should consciously do selfless act of sharing.

As we do, there are few things we should keep in mind:

1-Little or big, physical or emotional, sharing can change a person's life if it truly comes from the heart.

2-Sharing can't have an agenda.

3-Don't expect any rewards. When we give, we get (not always in the way we were expected to)

4-As we share. Keep the ego down and the humility up: "we are only Channels of Light".

Our generation is meant to teach/ re-educate the world and elevate the global consciousness to the next level, where "Loving-caring-Sharing" becomes again the normal.

During this process, let's remember that every act of sharing, is like a gold coin that we add in our spiritual bank account, and our saving is the asset always available to us when we need a miracle.

From all the sharing, nothing is more powerful than helping someone connect to the Light force of the Universe.

With Love.
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Channels of Light

Bonjour Friends

On Tuesday November 17 2009 (2 days ago), I was sitting in my favorite bookstore in front of the"Blogger for Dummies".

Thanks to my friend that I won't name but that surely will recognize himself for challenging me! Over the week-end, he said to me, and I quote:"I dare you to read this book!"

How could he not know (or could he?) that it was the exact type of pressure that I needed to move out of my comfort zone!

From time to time , we all need something or someone to push our buttons and keep us moving! (growing, evolving...)

In my journey, my friend and messenger for the day said something I already knew intuitively: "It is time for the next level".
He just wanted me to seek for new information on how to give more exposure to my blog and by the same occasion to affect more people's life.

Why am I telling you this? you already had guessed it must be some spiritual insights there that we can all connect to.

As a consequence of this conversation, I realized that everybody has fears and/or scary thoughts that tend to "freeze" us, keeping us in a "safe" place, when we should jump instead.

I do.

39 weeks ago was my first initiative to break out of the ice!
Starting my blog was the most natural step to take after coming out officially as "an Intuitive Counselor".

Yet, after the first jump, I sort of stop in my progression.
I kept it safe in the cocoon of "my friends"(people that I know, or that I worked with).

Furthermore, 39 weeks later is the perfect time to birth that baby and send it to the world! and you are more than welcome to help.

We all have those moments, when we know deep inside that it is time to take risks and challenge ourselves, although it feels very scary!

Life is like this mountain that we are meant to climb. We are all here to constantly elevate our consciousness and climb the ladder of transformation, one step after another.

Relationship, work, spirituality...anything that we think of can be improved, and we should never stop until we reach endless fulfillment for ourselves and the world.

Risk of failure, uncertainty, abandon, lost...and other definitions of the word fear might haunt us, they should never stop us.

When we are feeling scared to successes, let's remember that we are only channels of the Light. "Our success" are given to us as a promise from The Creator to be here for us.

"The Light is Here, The Light is There, The Light is Everywhere",
All we need to do
for it to flow through
is to keep our channels open and, consistently find ways to share.

Have a beautiful week.
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Bonjour Friends

Sometime more than some others, I find it difficult to put on paper "my thoughts" with the same fluidity than when they cross my mind.

During those moments (like today), I wish I'd have some magical way to express/translate into words some of the intensity that I experience within...if only those thoughts could fly like fireflies dancing in the night sky! my high school french teacher used to say: (which it's also true about our Creator) When the phrasing becomes too long and/or too complicated, break it into shorter sentences and keep it simple!

So, allow me to start from the beginning as the simplest way to do it!

Last week-end, I was having a little chat with an "old" friend, reflecting since it was my youngest daughter 5th birthday on: How much time can fly!"

Yet, aren't we forever 21 as we often joke ?

I realized just then that from the point of view of the soul, it' s true that time doesn't exist. Immortality doesn't have an age !

Furthermore, It makes perfect sense to feel always young inside.

Personally, in a more accurate way:" I feel equally young than old" at the same time, exactly as I did when I was not even 21!

Nevertheless, let's go back to the reason for this interlude. As a consequence of this time travel, I came up with my weekly insight/ memory.

When I was 17, one of my teachers makes us study a verse of the Michna (commentary of the Bible from different sages) that had stuck with me since.

It says that there three categories of love that can help us to connect to the oneness of the universe.

1- The self love, which is not to confuse with egoistic love but truly the way to respect our true nature: Light undercover flesh.

2-Love for the Light force of the universe, which is again in our own benefit. Appreciation is the only way to keep the gift we received.

3-Love for others, not for need or interest but as the extension of ourselves.

When life gets complicated and challenges darkened the picture all around,, let's go back to one simple rule of creation. Let's remember that the whole point of our incarnation that unify us all is embodied in the verse "love your neighbor". "The rest is only commentary"

Dear friends

Little Lights flying in the sky.
Open your wings and shine
Illuminate the world like a myriad of fireflies.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Like a waterfall

Bonjour Friends

The same way than Freudian psychology established that the human's mind store experiences and react according to three levels of consciousness (conscious, subconscious & unconscious), the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that the soul has three levels too (Nefesh, Chuach & Nechama).

The first one is the part that we inherit at birth and the two others one are the parts that can be recollected as we evolve spiritually, through our learning and our actions.

3 : Isn't it the tradition number that defines humankind as well? I am talking of course of the famous trilogy: Body, Mind & soul.


3 is definitely a number that can rise lots of questions and give extraordinary answers too!

The whole human purpose can actually be explained out of this number.

As human, we incarnate on this planet to fulfill a certain mission (personal and global), and to find an equilibrium of the 3 columns system which the world rest on.

When, in one hand we are restricting the desire to receive for oneself alone and then, in another hand, we are transforming it into a desire to share, we get to recreate the circuitry of energy that we came to experience. We become "Creator", channeling the Light force of the universe to help other.

In a simple way, we have here the universal equation that influence in a way or another the whole world:

1-Ego. 2-Restriction. 3-Sharing

Okay ! Enough theory for today.
What are all those concepts good for ? What can we win from it ?

Let 's just say first that restriction of the ego and sharing, are not only about moral things to do!

Not at all! Like in electricity, this is a scientific system that will allow the Light to emanate inside our light bulb.

The best way to understand it is probably through the story that I named "The birthday party".

Imagine that you have a friend that you love more than anything in the world. This friend is and has always been there for you and his/her birthday is coming soon.
Each year, you always surprise each other. already start planning, anticipating his/her reaction...
It's the B-day, and your friend is totally amazed by all your attentions.

How do you feel?
I would say most likely, "As" if not more excited and happier than the day it was your own.

When we share, we are the first one to get!

Since I was a little girl, I never felt better than the moment that I share with someone a smile, a hand, a word...

I have never been good with small talk.
Nevertheless, when I meet a person open to spiritual talk, I then become like a waterfall.

The beauty of life is that when this desire to share start to flow into our veins, it then seems that the whole universe is becoming a field of opportunities to share with others.

Personally, I can find myself talking to people anywhere, "out of the blue".
At this moment, I always feel so blessed feeling a rush of Light running inside of me and shining out to reach another soul and reconnecting to the "One".

Thank you to all my friends, the ones from yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Have a beautiful week.
Sincerely, Ilanit.