Friday, September 7, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Bonjour Friends

As many of you may have realized, after years and years of writing, my ultimate purpose for all this work has and simply is: To Share The Light!

When some people- often time as a result of our modern societies- measure their success according to their material achievements, I prefer- like some others- reaching my goal  by affecting as many single soul as I can, and for some years now, I have been doing it around the clock.

Then... Like today, "something shows up" and prevents me to do it "on time"!

"Few days behind", some may say, especially when it's a personal goal: what's the big deal? "Just go with it!"

Yet...Do you ever wonder what's this thing in life? It always seems that something goes "unexpected", especially on the day you need them to go as usual?!

Have you ever went into traffic, on a road always clear, "that" morning you want to be on time!

What about you ladies? Have your perfect skin ever got "messed up", when you're about to meet what seems to be a nice date?

Guys, wait a minute: I didn't forget you! What about this computer getting stuck, when you're about to make this big offer?

Life is filled with "those" moments! Truth is, when you rationally think about it, they are not the worst challenges:No! just the annoying one!

However: What is the real problem behind them? What are they telling us about ourselves?

Many years ago, I read an amazing book called:"The Celestine prophecy", by an other named James Redfield. In this spiritual adventure, there was a very descriptive part about: "Energy and Control" which I found very much eyes opening!

As human, our body consciousness grows to believe that: Control, in all its forms is"the way" to get energy.

However, each single day of our lives "The Light" is telling us:"My dear children, I love you, I created this world because you asked me to. Now, just follow the road and if you just let go, I will take you back home!" and...

Us, as any other kids here is what we say:"I want to do it by myself!"

From, time to time though, we get a reminder saying:"Let go of the...(it starts with E and rhymes with go), is what we'll learn hopefully:

There was no need to rush this morning, your meeting has been postponed at the last minute.
Your date which now is your husband, proved to be a man who loves you for what's inside of you, even though he can't ever say enough how beautiful you are! and you guys, when you're computer was down, you received this phone called with essential informations for your next big deal!

So...yes! Expect life to go unexpected! but most importantly when it happens "Let go" and trust "The Light", you are set on a perfect path!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.