Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Scarf: Dialogue with The Divine / Part 1.

Bonjour Friends

The other day, after talking/seeing to my sister on the phone via Skype, I experienced a flashback.

Do you remember the time- not so long ago-when international phone calls was given only occasionally, using an operator at horrendous rates?

Today, with the Internet, communication is as fast and easy as a beam of light!

"The Age of Aquarius" is actually well known for being a time of technological and spiritual progress. Reaching "The World" or "The Light" is now accessible to anyone, and not only by a gifted elite.

However, as simple as it is, when it comes to establish a  flawless connection, there is 3 fundamental requirements:

1. Knowing with certainty that "The Light" is always there for us.

2. Talking/ Asking with an open mind and heart and being patient.

3. Embracing the message,(even if it doesn't please you), "The Light" knows what's best for us.

C., one of my dearest friend  lived all her life guided by "Divine Nature".

So it was no surprise, that on the day, I drove to her funeral, I witnessed not 1 but 2 of those beautiful flying messages she was found of:

As I left  my house, a bird holding a twig in its beak flew right above my car, and if it wasn't enough, all her friends including myself was welcomed at the funeral home by peacocks!

What a wink for us!

A reminder that the dialogue with "The Light" is limitless and simply "natural".

If you have any doubt, here another story, you will appreciate.

Months ago, after doing my first sonogram announcing that I was expecting a baby girl, my second reaction after joy was to wonder about her name?

(Kabbalah teaches us, that the name is the vehicle to tap into the potential of our soul.
My first daughter: Esther was named by my worldly spiritual guide, "HaRav". My second daughter: Sarah, was named after my husband and I dreamt her name on the same night. In my dream, I saw my Rav, who had suffered a stroke at the time, holding a baby girl and giving her to me, saying her name out loud).

So, that day, as I left my midwife's office, I raised my eyes and asked to be guided what biblical name will suit her best? (not having any particular preferences myself).

Few hours later, I was in a store, where I finally found the exact scarf I was looking to buy "unsuccessfully", for more than two weeks, (in order to cover my growing baby bump).

When I got home and removed the price tag, here was my unexpected surprise!

Rachelle: The French version of my daughter's name was written in "bold black on white"print, on the inside tag of the scarf.

I'd like to dedicate this message to all my Guides that have been with me from "Here & There" every day of my life, and wish for all of you, to experience the same beauty as well.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loads of Perseverance

Bonjour Friends

Three months have passed since my third daughter was born, and as I stand with the three of them in the mid of summer "vacation", I  "suddenly" remembered, how much Light, Love and Perseverance it takes to raise a child, day after day, after nights!

Let's just say, that right now my time is so tight that it is almost a miracle when I get a few minutes for myself, "alone".

Furthermore, when this message came to me as the only interruption I experienced while doing my daily meditation, it suddenly became a real gift from Heaven!

For over 15 years, since the day this teaching have crossed my path, I've been using the tools of Kabbalah such as the 7 lines meditation of The Ana Becoach to strengthen my connection to "The Light" and keep awakening my own spark from within; however, "Today", I was reminded of something essential when walking the spiritual path.

As each and everyone can experience- independently of their level of consciousness- Life requires loads of perseverance to reach each milestone in front of us, which brings me back to this  Kabbalistic meditation, I just mentioned to you.

It says that its fourth line is actually connected to that energy of  perseverance, and that Moses himself was its embodiment on Earth (as an individual but also as a channel for the world).

Why was I  reminded of that? What can we all learn from this special soul?

Perseverance. Moses has been showing us all along that it should not only be applied in the process of fulfilling our personal goal- which would be merely ambition- but as much, if not even more toward others!

Perseverance is about not giving up on people!

(Which, can almost be a virtue in our modern days, in a society where everything is about "the Next" and people rather move on to something or someone new, rather than putting more effort on the things in front of them.)

"Raising children", or growing any long term relationship just like Moses did, is about revealing the aspect of  Light within us and, offer our unconditional love and support as long as it takes and beyond our own agenda.

For that reason, I'd like to wish for each one of us to awaken more of this quality.
May we all become more supportive parents, husband or wife, partner and/or friend, and not giving-up on anyone!

As we know, what we give is what we get!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.