Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ABC to Heaven

Bonjour Friends

How are you doing today?

Rabbi Zusha of Hanipoli, one of the most joyful and modest soul, always said to whoever asked and first to himself: "Gam Zu Letova". "This too is for good"!

What a lesson of appreciation and certainty! What an uneasy task to accomplish.

Just like "The wheel of fortune", life seems to take us onto a constant circular motion.

Love & relationships, are going from passionate to "platonic", or burst into a volcanic eruption!

Business & finances, gives us an elevator ride, more often from up to down:(economy and recession are of course, the first to take on the blame), and...

... Last but not least, our physical, mental and spiritual health variate with the rhythm of the seasons.

Whatever area is the most sensitive to us, the formula works the same: "Things goes our way: we're happy", otherwise:" Hello, Niagara's fall!"

In my journey as a lightworker, I remember going through so many different emotional stages.
From being a "natural" young girl saying spontaneously what she felt guided so, to a more "insecure" young women, often searching for approval.
Somehow, the more I grew up, the more I started to over think things. As one of my teacher put it then: "There, was a tree blocking the rays of the sun in the clearing"!

How significant! Since Ilanit means little tree in Hebrew!
How personal too!
Why am I sharing all of this?

I've learned since, that in order to transform that ego, fear, uncertainty, and lack of confidence... to become a channel/ a conduct, it is not about: "what we know" or "what can be", it's about: having the certainty that the power of The Light can makes everything possible!

Every day, in every single action that we do, our consciousness should support and give strength to "The Light" instead of blocking it! As it said: "The Light of the creator is wherever we let her in!"

Here is a beautiful story that connect us to that simple truth:

Long ago, during the day of Yom Kippur, a great Kabbalist was trying with all his might to open the gate of Heaven, as hard as he tried, he couldn't do it!
Suddenly, he heard a piercing voice and the doors opened!
Where did this sound come from?! Who had allowed the light to be revealed?!
He looked around the room, and felt gently guided to a small corner all the way to the back of it.
There, seating on the floor, was a little boy. He didn't know the prayers but was reciting in his heart the Aleph-Bet (Hebrew ABC).
Just like an angel, he had open the gates of heaven for all.

We are children's of The Light!
Love & Light always, Ilanit.