Monday, April 27, 2009

Let "The Light!"

Bonjour Friends

I am so glad 'to be here'! For a moment, I really thought that I won't make it!

For the first time, since the beginning of this adventure, I was frozen.

Which made me ask  a very common question:What to do, when facing 'a wall'?

Often, not to say always, our logical mind lack to see the solution, especially if 'reality' screams: Can't do it! Won't happen! etc...

When such situation occurs, let's show some honesty here, most of us will either panic or withdraw , before realizing that we must first stop, to finally remember, that when we're facing a challenge, it's never about what we know or don't, neither about what we can or can't;

No! The answer is about inviting 'The Light' in, so it can be revealed.                                                                

As human (with big egos, let's say it!), we often forget that it isn't about 'us'.
Our role is merely to channel the answer...not to create it!

Therefore, in my case, I did what we should all do first: I asked for guidance, I begged "The Light Force inside" to talk to me!

What happened next is only the spirit world at work: The answer was there, at the heart of my dilemma: When you're stuck: Let 'The Light'!


By going out of ourselves and share and... Let "The Light" do the rest!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seven / Eleven

Bonjour Friends

Today, with a title like this one, you might be wondering:"What am I going to talk about?"

Is there any spiritual teaching behind this brand name store? Or...Is it some kind of a code?

And, you know what? That would be a great attitude!
Asking questions is the first step to take to start a spiritual life and get closer to the Truth.

Do you remember this stage in life, around 2/3 years old, when children have all those questions?

What happened to us since?

Most of us, (at least for awhile) have fallen asleep, accepting life as it is: complaining about it and yet... going back to sleep!

Well... If we didn't do it yet, it's seriously time to wake-up. And I Say: Wake-up!!!!!!!!!

Lots of people, books,etc.. are talking about "Our Time", and particularly about the year 2012 like a major year to watch!

What's going to happen then? Should we panic? Is the world really going to end?

Well...I won`t talk about it today, but I will share some of the things that needs to be done to get there safe and sound!

Today, we have an important choice to make: We can be scared/do nothing about this 'Apocalyptic End of the World War' or we can lift up our sleeves and get to work.
Spreading 'Love & Light' all around us, won't only give us protection from that future, it will  change it unequivocally Now & Forever.

According to Numerology, 2009 is an 11, which is teaching us, that we have the power to determine our future.
It's the reminder of our origin and purpose.
Furthermore, what would we choose: Light or darkness?

Here we are again! You might say! Well...Sorry to deceive you but... what else?
At the end of the day: Consciousness and Responsibility, is what its all about!

Being in the spiritual path, let's face it is demanding and requires discipline and courage.
However, isn't it the fate of all Superhero?

As I say to the kids that I am teaching: There is a superhero in each one of us, we just need some help to empower it! And here are Seven Secrets we should know to embrace our destiny:

1. A superhero, Always believe in his heart that the world should be a place where love and unity shines, where the Light is endless and he will do everything in his power to reach that goal.

2. Like in every story, there is a Challenger. He can be very scary and throw challenges that look unsolvable, but if we look at them as an opportunity to play the game, we'll  know that we are meant to win from the beginning.

3.A superhero is devoted to help others, that`s what make him so special.

4. Nothing can stop him, the battle might be hard and doubt may get into his head but he never gives up: The Light Force is in him!

5.Life may be confusing, but he knows that there is a big picture and an ultimate goal to achieve: spreading more goodness in the World (and it`s done one  action at the time).

6.Becoming a superhero is a responsibility that we take every day of our lives by becoming an example, wherever and whenever.(with or without wearing a suit)

7.The circumstance might be difficult and more than once we may feel discourage, but one thing to remember is that we are not doing it alone !!!
We might not see it or even totally believe in it, but there is an army of seen and unseen helpers that give us a hand to make this happened!

Now, My Friends it`s our turn to write and play the movie of our life:
Let`s activate our special powers and save the World!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fire of Certainty

Bonjour Friends

The other day, I was talking with one of my friends about: "The big picture" and how everything happens for a reason.

In this journey called: "Life", some experiences leaves us with a good feeling and some others... Not so much!
Many events taken alone don't make any sense, until connected to the other pieces of a larger puzzle.

And, when that moment comes, it is amazing to see, all the pain, confusion....disappearing!
It's as someone had used a magic wand, and lifted the curtain that was hiding the truth.

With time, we can all relate to that sense of clarity and relief ! Catching ourselves feeling blessed and happy about things that seemed 'bad' at the time.
Have you ever said or heard someone saying:"This is the best things that could have happened!"

Such revelation prove that we all need to inject a new consciousnesses in our lives called:
"Everything is for the best!"
No matter how it looks, we should appreciate each experiences because they're the best things at the time for our personal growth!

The sooner we'll do, the more we will be able to live a more peaceful life.

Imagine, how many headaches, stomachaches and others ailments, we could be protected from, if we could just jump in time to that place of clarity!

To illustrate this concept, I'd like to share a story with you, it might sound like a quiet and simple one, but at the time it was a true revelation!

About 8 years ago, few weeks before Passover 2001, on a Sunday afternoon, I was to go to the Mall to do some shopping before the holidays, at the time I didn't drive and went around town using buses.
The one that I needed to take that day, was schedule to pass only every hour (it's Miami!).
It's now, 2:45pm, I am waiting for the 3 O'clock bus to come, and just at this moment I have a friend driving by, offering me a ride which I accepted ( I tell myself : Nice Miracle! i'll be there so much faster!)

But listen what happened next: as my friend drives, he gets an emergency phone call, and now, instead of driving toward the mall, he has to drive in the opposite direction.
He apologies of course, and leaves me at the bus stop.
How do I feel? Can you guess?
Well... The reactive side of me is let's say it: pissed of! I just missed the bus, going to have to wait for the next one to come (in an hour) and the mall is closing at 6.
Fortunately, the good voice in my head is talking loud enough and convince me to be happy: There a good reason for everything!
So... I am waiting.
It`s 4pm, the bus comes on time and I am finally on my way, but here the most amazing part of this story: Maybe about 5 stops away, a big group of people are waiting, their bus (the one that I missed) is on fire !!!

Need I say more?!

Most of the time we don`t get to see right away (if ever): "The Miracles"... It shouldn't stop us to know that they're happening with every breath we take, reinforcing our decision to walk through life with a burning fire of Certainty!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Bonjour friends

Recently, lots of people are asking me the same question: "What is in the air? why do I feel so pressured?"

Nature itself seems to fight with us! The other day, my daughters` pediatrician was even admitting that he was the witness of something, he never saw before in his practice: Viruses and Colds that suppose to last for a week are going on for a month, becoming stronger and more resistant.

It got me wondering? Could it be a taste of what The Bible call 'The Armageddon War'?

Today, more than ever, we need perseverance and a total spiritual commitment to rise above our challenges.
We must become 'Modern time Gladiators' fighting for their lives.

'The Armageddon'/ The Final World War, is a war of consciousness and though many spiritual teachings have been talking about it, some ideas still need to be clarify.

In one hand: it's true that the world is in a process of mutation and will have to come to an end (as we know it), and humanity will have to find a way to adapt in order 'to survive'.

Yet,'We' are the one who can determine if this change will take place through: Mercy or Judgement.

Therefore, if we do 'our job', we could witness, amazing breakthroughs. People will feel empower with new ideas and  limitless opportunities. It would be the beginning of a new journey or should I say a new World!

 What do we need then, to make the scale balance on the side of the Light?

Scientist agreed, that everything is energy and that once created never get lost, consequently: Our actions and consciousness directly affect the all world, undifferentiated of religions, race or beliefs.

By taking control over what we are putting outside in the universe, we'll start to affect our planet and future.

Therefore, the question we must ask ourselves daily is: Do we want to become the writers of a catastrophe movie and let our selfish ways gets manifested in the most ugly ways or do we want to be the creators of the most beautiful movie ever written?!

'Light,or Darkness'? That is the question, and 'We' are the answer!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.