Sunday, February 22, 2009

Road Trip

Bonjour Friends,

"Getting myself out there" (though what 'I' do will always have an undercover aspect) was one of these key moments, which "I saw" long before it actually happened..

Nonetheless, when the right time came, it didn't "happen" without awakening some fears.

During the course of our lives, we all want to get &/or do certain things and yet, we might catch ourselves thinking that we'll never get there.

And, even when "The Light within" is showing us gleams of our future  (what we're going to do or what is going to happen), the process to get there might be longer and more torturous than we had thought.

What I believe and always share with 'My Friends' is that no matter the fears we have or the blockages we are meeting, we need to trust the process because it was created especially for us in the most perfect manners.

During challenging times, we should remember that each door that closes on us, each fear that makes us want to stop is bringing us closer to the place, we've been dreaming of.

My dear friends, we`re all on 'some' road trip, but...No worries, in this journey, we are guided by an "Supernatural GPS"!

GPS: Do we ever question these little machine when it traces our map?

Furthermore, to reach our destination aka: "Endless Fulfillment", all we need is to remain plugged to 'The Light Source' and follow its guidance!!!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit