Friday, June 17, 2011


Bonjour Friends

If you've been reading a few or most of my blogs, you certainly know that "my voice/ message" shows a constant for positivity, and that I always make sure to bring a personal tone and story in it too.

(By the way, you can always visit "my archives" at anytime & share them with your friends as well!)

In my journey, I grew to believe that the power of words is crucial in the creation of our reality, and when I say: "words", it of course means the one we hear as well as those we share!

Even Doctors admit that in many cases of sickness, healing will "miraculously" take place independently of medication. They also agree that it has something to do with the state of mind of the patient and/or, "something else" that affected them from inside out.
( I will add here, that there is other factors than positive thinking to put on the plate, however I won't go there today).

In the course of my life and the people I met with, I have been blessed to deliver some "extraordinary messages".
Even though, it is always a unique experience for both sides, when it happens, I simply consider doing the job of a devoted mail carrier.
Beside this, the most special impression I 'd like to leave as a memory is that I have been: "A True Friend" for someone else, and that I expressed my love through words, bringing warmth and guidance for the soul.

Kabbalah teaches us that "A friend" is a particular connection to The light force. It, of course refers to the spiritual aspect of the term rather than the social one.

A friend is so important that it says:" Find yourself a teacher, and buy yourself a friend". Why?

It influences in our lives can get us to change it all: positively or negatively, depending on its own vibration and agenda.

Living in a world founded one the basic principal of "Cause & Effect", our reality is essentially the result of our actions,yet... as we all know actions are 99% of the time the result of our predominant thoughts.

Furthermore, here comes an equation that we should all keep in mind:

Thoughts are the sum of: our inner broadcasting (Light voice versus opponent) which is supported one way or another by the outer vibration from our environment, (friends being one important aspect of it).

Did you get how it works then, what is the connection?

1/ Our thoughts are either positive or negative. (Unfortunately, let's face it the second ones prevails)


2/ Our actions are either enlightened or not, so our reality.

In between those two, there is: "an empty space", filled with whatever we choose to put in.

A great kabbalist, said once that our free-will takes place in that space: Which environment do we choose for ourselves? How is it going to affect our thoughts and actions?

Now, I am not saying to erase or shut down all the challenging relationships of our lives, lots of those are part of our Tikkun/ Karmic correction too.

Nevertheless, when it comes to find the support we need to make choices, let's think carefully who do we talk to?

The last thing, I'd like to add on this topic is to also pay attention if our thoughts are truly ours?!

You will be shocked to know, how many people started experiencing certain feelings: anger, depression etc., toward themselves or someone else, after being exposed to their friends lives problems and dilemmas.

My secret wish is that we can all finally go back to our original state of Oneness, all part of the same consciousness and Re-experience:

Love & Light Always!