Monday, December 13, 2010

Upside down Reality

Bonjour Friends

Do you ever experience those moments, where everything seems to work in slow motion?

Days, when you don't feel or see yourself achieving what your mind was set to do?

What I learned about such times is that you should not always relay on what your feelings are telling you!

For example, did you know that our eyes are perceiving the reality upside down and that our brain need to reverse the picture to truly see it as it is?

What can we learn from this scientific fact? You may ask.

1-Do not judge the reality with your five senses. (They're showing you only 1% of the reality anyhow).

2-"Slow or stagnant" is often the result of our perception, not a scientific measure.

3-Believe that if you put 100% of your heart in everything that you do, (with preferably a sharing intention and a desire to affect others in a positive way in mind): you will most likely achieve each day what you were meant to do.

4-Find the right balance between: Pushing and... Letting go.

For someone like me who lives according to intuitions & extra censorial perceptions, this lessons has been profoundly humbling, and reminds us that there is a difference between: "Emotions & Intuitions"

Years ago, as I was a "youngster" in the world of spiritual guidance, I also responded directly according to my feelings.

If during a meeting, I felt a "high" : I'll be happy and if some "unusual" messages/events was taking place it was just like icing on a cake!

On the other hand, if things were going "just smooth" but without any fireworks, I'll be wondering...

Luckily, with always such a kindness "The Light" allowed me to see that feelings are not always the expression of what is truly happening and to trust the perfection of the Universe.

Few times, I received for example eloquent feedback from the same people, I had felt unsure of the impact of the messages I had delivered.
At my own surprise, they share with me that they were able to see big changes in their life and learned profound lessons about themselves since we had met.

Well...We all can learn few more things here;

1-Just like a dish that doesn't present good but taste fantastic:The wrap of our "gift/work", we share with the world doesn't always reflect what is inside.

2-Certainty & Faith within The Light Force of the Creator is to know that our goal will be met or not according to a "Master Plan", that will always provide the best opportunities & conditions for our spiritual growth.

With this in mind, let's commit to do our best each days, hopefully as it says:"what we want will be what we need", but most importantly, let's appreciate with humility the present of endless love & blessings, "The Light" is sending us every seconds of our lives.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Bonjour Friends

Have you wondered where I've been for the past few weeks?

Let me tell you this: "What a ride!".

It's, furthermore legitimate that I needed a little time to digest & reprocess it all before going back there!!!

Once, I was done with "The biggest loops"of this new roller coaster life had brought me, the first thing I thought (Of course) was: "What a great lesson!"

I, also said to myself that you might be interested to hear "my story" which can undoubtedly help everybody!

As always, before getting to the core of the message, let me take you back where everything started and put up the decor of this new episode of "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit: spiritual Guidance to self-empowerment".

Even though, I have been blessed and witnessed such a growth in my life; particularly the past two years since I started this blog, I am always wondering and asking: What else can I do to touch more souls with the Light?

Since last Rosh Hashana which is known as the Kabbalistic new year, I have been praying with even more intensity to get to my next step with this same desire in mind.

As I was doing it for couple of months now, the same answer came to to me at different occasions and from different directions:

"Ilanit, you must look within you and heal yourself as well!"

The other answer was: "Don't worry, you already are walking toward your destiny, each days that you know it or not!".

Healing myself ? I thought. "How could I do that?"
"I know, I had my share of "boo-boos", but I am feeling okay with  pretty much everything".

I have been "into" spirituality since my teens which give me lots of insights, I have studied and lived according to the teaching of Kabbalah for now 12 years, I volunteer, tide, meditate, pray,share....What else?

Well... as we know, there is always room for improvement and sometimes we need to look even deeper inside ourselves to elevate those sparks of Light trapped in the dark.

And we all have some of those, under a form or another.

For years, even though I kept it to a personal level, I have been experiencing different ailments, but since my life has been so much more pleasurable than my earliest years, I never really wanted to give energy to it.

I often thought that "those disturbances" was part of the energy work that I do (the other side of the coin if you prefer), and rather ignored it, I guess.

Well...Even though it' true that there is always a spiritual aspect to anything, we do live in a material world and we still need to solve "problems"  big and/or small in that level too!

So..."By coincidence", a month ago as I was feeling "worst & more stress" than usual and still asking for "my key", my husband learned through a friend, about a very commune "parasite", that affect a great percentage of the population and that we are most likely unaware of, which described perfectly my condition.

As soon that I heard about this:"overgrowth bacteria" and its effects, I knew that it was the answer I was looking for, which was finally sent to me!

Well..."Knowing" is only the first step in any process, next comes "transforming"!

I have been for almost 5 weeks now in a "restriction/ diet", where sugars, dairy products ( just remember here that I am French),and carbs can't be part of, to get this bacteria to its normal level.

I  truly went through a"nightmare" as I started and felt as a hand was extracting my garbage out of my guts.(Sorry for the expression!) but afterward: the reward is just Fantastic!!! Physically, morally and Spiritually, I fell so much Light-er.

The lesson for me was to realize, that we might be feeling grateful for lots of our blessings and challenges that caused us hurt, humiliation, sadness, anger... in a close or far away past.


It 's true that our soul never suffer!
Our mind can get itself wrapped around the idea of : " Everything is for the best"...
Yet, sometimes our Ego finds ways to hold grudges in other places, sometimes for years if we are not aware and don't take care of it!

The truth is: we all need healing!

Body, mind and soul need to get unified to take us to our destination!

Our soul might be the driver, but the body is our vehicle to get there. 
Part of our spiritual work is to make sure that it is functioning well and that no"parasite" is cluttering it.

It is says that the biggest trick of our opponent is to make us believe it doesn't exist! So where does it hide then?

Dear Friends,

If you are interested to know more about this "healing process", I'll be happy to share with you the info, I have collected.
Remember also that it's a great time of the year to consider a spiritual reading.
As a new year present, I am happy to offer a 2011 Numerology progression for anyone that will schedule an  "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit" meeting.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.