Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Electricity in the Air

Bonjour Friends

Have you felt a rise of your inner tensions lately?

Did you observe frictions among the people all around you, almost impossible to escape?

Stop wondering what is happening! The answer is in this message: There is electricity in the air!

Being conduits of energy, it affects our mood, our body, our lives, and all we can do, is learn to deal with it!

This might shock you, but no one else but ourselves can be held responsible for it, and soon we'll get to it.

In many science fiction stories picturing 'our future', it often seems that our civilization ends up annihilated by technology.

Somehow robots or other artificial intelligences manage to take over our society, reversing the 'original scenario' of creation, where human beings have taken control of their own personal 'alien'.

Science fiction? Just look around! What do you see?

'Electronics' has taken over our lives, and it's not only frying our brains and affecting our health, it's also modifying our heart and soul's DNA.

Don't misunderstand me here! Technology is great! I can surely appreciate the platform it has given me and most progress it brought us .

However, I started to see lately more of  the downside of it, and what my beloved teacher used to talk about decades ago:" Electronics will be the modern addiction of our time and people will 'lose' themselves in it before going back to basics!"

When people 'chat' more than speak, look more at their screens, phones...than at each others, post everything they do, even the most intimate instead of living the moment, and most importantly how social networks became the stage of our lives....and the list could go one and on.

Then, all I say is: "We can't deny that we have a problem!"

Science fiction has been trying to make us fear invasions and loss of freedom! 
In reality, it seems that we are doing this to ourselves and worst than that, we are addicted to it!

Did you ever try to leave your house without your portable phone/computer and shut down you connection to the social media?

I suggest that you give it try.

Be honest here: How do you feel just thinking about it?

Dear friends, I was guided to write this words today, not coincidentally.

For those, who understands that the Bible is our energy satellite for life, it will come as no surprise that we are about to start reading this week about the process of entering and then 'escaping 'slavery, which we learn is a universal code for people freeing themselves from any types of bondage and chaos, and first and foremost from our true opponent- 'the alien' inside keeping us slave to our egoistic desires.

By looking at our lives and seeing how captive we are, now is the best time to tap into that energy of Freedom!

Like any addictions, it might take effort to get clean, but let's take the first step and try each day to make some improvement.

Let's go out, to clear ourselves from parasites, and reconnect with: Nature, People and The divine Light.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Share 'It' Forward

Bonjour Friends

Since the day of my "Awakening", most of the guidance I received and shared originated directly from the spiritual realm.

However, for the past 15 years, I was also extremely blessed to have a beloved teacher in this world, a Great Master of Kabbalah who keeps affecting my life tremendously.

In this 'Game of Life', He would often say, the biggest trick 'The Opponent' pulls on us is to convince us that he doesn't exist.

Why? You may ask.

For the same reason, some others keep depicting this force as a devilish beast, and the answer is simple:

So, we don't have to take Responsibility!!!

Kabbalah teaches us that 'Satan' is actually a code name for a "negative (as a minus) force" which reside inside of us from the day we are born and parasite our "true (as a plus) program" which is to take the lead on sharing with unconditional love.

Therefore, just like a battery needs a plus and a minus to function, "Satan' is a necessary force we must face to reveal our true self and come out victorious.

Being said, it's upon us to decide how we're going to play this game and what we want to carry "Home"?

Will we bring a report card filled with excuses or with a list full of extras we added to our curriculum?

Most spiritual teachings agree that our journey on the Earth plan is relatively short and so is our time to make a difference in this world.

Although, we can mentally comprehend that non of the physical things we accumulated or cared during this journey, will come with us, we still spend too much time hovering over it, when The teaching of the spiritual laws of the Universe clearly tells us that only our actions of sharing will subsist and lead our way back to 'The Real World'.

Here and Now, each one of us has something to share:

Some have talents or special qualities, some money or time and some might only have a smile, it doesn't really matter.

In the eyes of 'The Light', what we have isn't as important as what we do with it!

As for today my Friends, it is a good day to go out and (re)commit to the most important work we will ever do: The Light Work.

Like a tree, each act of kindness as multiple ramification so...

Don't Hesitate: Share 'It' Forward!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A battle of consciousness

Bonjour Friends,

Even though. it's been a month since my last message, I have to admit, it was harder than usual to let go of my last "baby-blog".

Moreover, I could clearly hear my teacher (z"l) saying:" As long as one person remains without The Light, we must pursue the work and share forward! Do you think he opponent ever rest?!"

So, here I am, wondering how can I /we, awaken more of this light within my/ourselves and in the world?

Either we understand it physically or figuratively, we all know that there is two sides of a coin and the same is also true about ourselves.

In one side, we are one loving perfected light, inclined to share. Yet, on the other side, our fears and ego are keeping us in a fragmented chaotic 'state of life'.

Being said, the million dollars question is: How can we ensure that our consciousness will flip onto one side rather than the other?

Kabbalists explains that the first step, before we react is to have the absolute certainty that The Light is everywhere: No Matter What!

Now, let's be honest! How does it work for you? Do you feel this love  for anyone daily? What about those days, when everything seems to go wrong?

Well, my friends...This is a battle of consciousness, and to win it, isn't easy!

Beyond all the covers-up and challenges we're facing, we must know for sure that all this spark of light within us wants is to shine love: No matter What!

Therefore, all we need to do when the sky gets dark, is to turn on the light within US and refuse to be tricked into the illusion of separation.

Each day, as I take the elevator with my 6 months old cutie, I can see in the eyes of all the people that I met this light that wants to shine. This smile they want to share independently of what this day brought or will bring to them.

What is usually an awkward situation, possibly known as "the elevator syndrome", suddenly become the space from one person (even the grumpiest one) in the presence of a baby to open-up its heart.

In the Light dimension, we are one and acting like it, even when everything pushes us not to do so is the only way to finally see it!

It said in The Bible, that when Isaac prayed with all its heart for his wife Rivka because she couldn't have children, The Light made some events beyond nature take place, and she got pregnant.

The secret is: when we don't focus on what "We are missing" but feel someone else's pain (particularly someone that might make our life difficult as a consequence of their own suffering) all the blessings will befall upon us.

Few days ago, "Coincidently", I read a quote from The Dalai Lama saying that those 'sacred friends" are the key to our divine light.

May we awaken then, such a level of  care, win this battle against chaos and All see in our lifetime  "The Endless Light of Truth".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dialogue with The Divine / Part 2

Bonjour Friends

In response to my last message, a friend wrote me this note: "The Light always guides us if we're open to it!"

I couldn't agree more! In fact, it soon became the inspiration for my next message.

In this "Dialogue with The Divine / part 2", I thought that I actually could share some of my personal experiences when it comes to develop a communication with "The Light".

In the next four major points,  you'll actually see that it is no different than nourishing any other relationship.

1. In order to grow its connection with "The Light", one must worked at it on a regular basis.
Set a time aside each day- even for 5 minutes- "Pick-up the phone", and open your heart.
You can talk about what challenges you but remember to also appreciate what works too!

(Even though "The Light" only desire is to share, there is a cosmic rule saying that in order to receive 'more', we must first being grateful with the blessings we already have).

2. Choose a special location. It can be in or outdoor, wherever you like, but sit there as you will in a sacred space.

3.Make this moment a personal and meaningful date. Use candles or incenses. Sing a prayer, recite a poem or simply talk with all the love in your heart.

4. As you address your concerns, ask to receive clear messages- some even ask for recognizable signs.

Then, remain silence for a few minute, knowing with certainty that help is already on its way.

Now, my friends comes the trickiest part. As many agreed, the dilemma is never about: Will The Light be there or not?

Beyond learning to connect and receiving answers, the real question is: what is our motivation?

Getting help from The Divine, should never be for selfish reasons.

As Kabbalah teaches us, EVERYTHING in our lives is there to help us fulfill our purpose and get closer to our fellowman.

Furthermore, the ultimate goal should be to ask for the purpose" to receive in order to share".
As a general rule, and at any given time we should love with all we are and have, until we are One again!

I'd like to dedicate this message to my beloved teacher, Harav Shraga Fievel ben Esther
15 years ago, you came in my dream, even though I had never seen your face before and you've shown me the path.
You taught me how to share the gift I was born with and fulfill my soul purpose: Our Destiny.

As we share, we give our thanks to the Universe, and make this Dream of Oneness come true!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Scarf: Dialogue with The Divine / Part 1.

Bonjour Friends

The other day, after talking/seeing to my sister on the phone via Skype, I experienced a flashback.

Do you remember the time- not so long ago-when international phone calls was given only occasionally, using an operator at horrendous rates?

Today, with the Internet, communication is as fast and easy as a beam of light!

"The Age of Aquarius" is actually well known for being a time of technological and spiritual progress. Reaching "The World" or "The Light" is now accessible to anyone, and not only by a gifted elite.

However, as simple as it is, when it comes to establish a  flawless connection, there is 3 fundamental requirements:

1. Knowing with certainty that "The Light" is always there for us.

2. Talking/ Asking with an open mind and heart and being patient.

3. Embracing the message,(even if it doesn't please you), "The Light" knows what's best for us.

C., one of my dearest friend  lived all her life guided by "Divine Nature".

So it was no surprise, that on the day, I drove to her funeral, I witnessed not 1 but 2 of those beautiful flying messages she was found of:

As I left  my house, a bird holding a twig in its beak flew right above my car, and if it wasn't enough, all her friends including myself was welcomed at the funeral home by peacocks!

What a wink for us!

A reminder that the dialogue with "The Light" is limitless and simply "natural".

If you have any doubt, here another story, you will appreciate.

Months ago, after doing my first sonogram announcing that I was expecting a baby girl, my second reaction after joy was to wonder about her name?

(Kabbalah teaches us, that the name is the vehicle to tap into the potential of our soul.
My first daughter: Esther was named by my worldly spiritual guide, "HaRav". My second daughter: Sarah, was named after my husband and I dreamt her name on the same night. In my dream, I saw my Rav, who had suffered a stroke at the time, holding a baby girl and giving her to me, saying her name out loud).

So, that day, as I left my midwife's office, I raised my eyes and asked to be guided what biblical name will suit her best? (not having any particular preferences myself).

Few hours later, I was in a store, where I finally found the exact scarf I was looking to buy "unsuccessfully", for more than two weeks, (in order to cover my growing baby bump).

When I got home and removed the price tag, here was my unexpected surprise!

Rachelle: The French version of my daughter's name was written in "bold black on white"print, on the inside tag of the scarf.

I'd like to dedicate this message to all my Guides that have been with me from "Here & There" every day of my life, and wish for all of you, to experience the same beauty as well.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loads of Perseverance

Bonjour Friends

Three months have passed since my third daughter was born, and as I stand with the three of them in the mid of summer "vacation", I  "suddenly" remembered, how much Light, Love and Perseverance it takes to raise a child, day after day, after nights!

Let's just say, that right now my time is so tight that it is almost a miracle when I get a few minutes for myself, "alone".

Furthermore, when this message came to me as the only interruption I experienced while doing my daily meditation, it suddenly became a real gift from Heaven!

For over 15 years, since the day this teaching have crossed my path, I've been using the tools of Kabbalah such as the 7 lines meditation of The Ana Becoach to strengthen my connection to "The Light" and keep awakening my own spark from within; however, "Today", I was reminded of something essential when walking the spiritual path.

As each and everyone can experience- independently of their level of consciousness- Life requires loads of perseverance to reach each milestone in front of us, which brings me back to this  Kabbalistic meditation, I just mentioned to you.

It says that its fourth line is actually connected to that energy of  perseverance, and that Moses himself was its embodiment on Earth (as an individual but also as a channel for the world).

Why was I  reminded of that? What can we all learn from this special soul?

Perseverance. Moses has been showing us all along that it should not only be applied in the process of fulfilling our personal goal- which would be merely ambition- but as much, if not even more toward others!

Perseverance is about not giving up on people!

(Which, can almost be a virtue in our modern days, in a society where everything is about "the Next" and people rather move on to something or someone new, rather than putting more effort on the things in front of them.)

"Raising children", or growing any long term relationship just like Moses did, is about revealing the aspect of  Light within us and, offer our unconditional love and support as long as it takes and beyond our own agenda.

For that reason, I'd like to wish for each one of us to awaken more of this quality.
May we all become more supportive parents, husband or wife, partner and/or friend, and not giving-up on anyone!

As we know, what we give is what we get!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Letting go Recipe

Bonjour Friends

The story I'm about to share is like a fleshly baked loaf of bread which, I not only get to serve you - still hot from the oven- but also helped baked while wearing my special Lightworker's apron.

As you'll soon realize as well, it's the kind of story that says it all, by reminding us one essential spiritual law of the universe aka: "Letting go!" of the consequences of "being human" and have "a mind on our own" is the tendency to also being stubborn and controlling.

Let's face it: How many of us become obsessed and inflexible when they have something they want in mind?

Moreover, it's often that only when we are ready to let go do we allow the universe to work for us.

Either way, that the thing we want is meant for us or not, by surrounding ourselves to: "The Light", we finally create an opening to get unstuck and move forward.

In other words: "When we are letting go, The Light can flow and run the show".

How can it get any better than this?

Read this true story, and decide for yourself!

About a month ago, one of my "closest Friend" started searching for a new apartment knowing that at the end of May her contract would be over and that she would not renew it.

As the search went on, not able to find what she was looking for, she grew more and more frustrated each time I spoke with her, and even though the message I had received for her was very reassuring it didn't seems to ease her state of mind.
As I was guided to tell her since the first time she had mention the situation to me: "Everything has a timing and last resource, I was told that she could ask to stay in her actual place for another month and it would work just fine"

Won't you feel better, knowing this?

Well....Apparently it wasn't enough and mostly because it wasn't the plan!

Nevertheless, I kept on telling the same thing to her, until finally a week ago-one week away from the end of her lease-she decided to let go and talk to her landlord who asked for a day or two to think about it!

Now, can you guess what happened during that time?

You're absolutely right!

The landlord accepted to let her stay another month, which would not be necessary since she had finally found "her place" and is actually moving in as I share this story with you!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red or Blue Pill?

Bonjour Friends

Did you ever wish you could live in a place where you'll never fear to be hurt by anything or anyone?

Well...I did!

For a while, I would visualize myself joining some sort of "monastery", devoting my time to  "Godly labor".

I wasn't afraid to disconnect from all physicality and luxury of any types and, working hard was certainly not an issue... as long I could have some peace of mind, at the end of the day.

For years, believe me, I thought about it...However, I never did it!

Somehow, there was always a little voice inside of me whispering to my ears: "This is not the way to do it!" (At least not for me)

So....Even though my early experiences in life was -without a doubt, far away from being that peaceful, it was actually what was meant to be!  And as Rabbi Zusha, also known as one of the most humble Kabbalist used to say: "Everything was for the greatest good!"

Actually, It's only years later, when I dived into the study of Kabbalah that I was finally able to truly understand it.

See...Most people in the world, including myself, -without a proper teaching- are naturally looking to avoid pain at all cost, and will do anything to skip challenges, even if it means to miss the fulfillment that it brings when we overcome them!

As a matter of fact, instead of becoming some hermit, Kabbalah is teaching us to face our fears because "The light of fulfillment" that we're all looking for, is locked into those challenges.

What a beautiful discovery! Isn't it?

Well...Truth is: Embracing our destiny requires often time lots of courage and the choice between "staying or running" isn't that easy!

So...Next time you feel to runaway, next time you struggle between taking "The Red or The Blue pill", remember that it might not be easy but it is doable!

My friends,

Heroes are not born, they're made!

When life gets rough, remember as it said: "God will never send a challenge our way, that we can't handle!"

Let's not give up, We can do it!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Driving Lessons

Bonjour Friends

Just thinking about it, I find it incredible that 4 years (-ish) have passed since I wrote my first article: 'Road Trip'.

Have  I ever share with you my first intentions was to make a videotape diary, to share "my thoughts" with people I worked with in private session and/or anyone open to it?

However, that Sunday night  when I received almost word by word this original message, I just had to write it down, following the guidance of this 'unique GPS', I was talking about.

What was even more incredible  for me at the time was how I learned some of that modern technology ( blog setting, editing, picture dragging, publishing...) even though it was far from being my forte!

Surprisingly, it was simple!

All I had to do, was to follow the 'G-od Particle Speaking' from within, and after all isn't it what is requested from us?

In that journey, we might drive different cars, ride different lines of the highway, some will drive fast or slow, some will swerved between lines... We might be alone or with passengers or even carpooling a mini-van or a school-bus...

At the end of the day, the details won't matter: We'll all eventually reach the same destination!

Truth is, it's a long journey with lots of beauty to see but lots of bumps too!

Furthermore, when it feels overwhelming, it's also fine to pull in the emergency line and take a break.

We can use this time to dial "The Light" with even more passion to get support or a friend that has a fast access to it, at least until our vision gets clearer.

As I always say, It is alone a precious gift to find a  teacher or a friend  who can give us driving lessons but most importantly love and support.

Yet! Only you can go and drive!

When I became a mother, and now that I welcome my third child, one thing eventually became even more clear: as a parent, a guide or simply as a friend, all we can do is to share from the heart all we know, learn, see or feel...Hoping that it would make a difference in someone else's life, especially when comes the time for them to drive on their own.

May this drive be safe and smooth for us all and filled with:

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

I'd like to dedicate this words, to the man who as been loving me unconditionally since I took my first breath until his last...Papie, this words were whispered to me after your journey took you on the other side of the bridge where Mamie was waiting for you: yet I already felt your love shining on me as always and now forever!

Papie & Mamie, once again united in Heaven,:je vous aime!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Sparkling Lights

Bonjour Friends

Is it because for the past 37 weeks, my body gradually, yet significantly transformed- by a "Mal-jolie" my grandmother would have say (aka pregnancy)- and at that point, I feel more like "The Michelin Man" than my usual self ? Or that my self- image will always miss some pieces from the time I've been broken down as a teenager?

Anyhow...I, in general and most particularly recently, can only "smile" when I receive compliments on my physical appearance.

So... The other day, at the end of a meeting, when  one of "my long time friend" said to me as she left:"You have no idea, how beautiful you are ! (B'h)", just like an arrow reaches the heart of its target, it made me think and realized that:

"She was right!"

Please, don't mistake my words here, for some form of false modesty, I certainly do make a conscious effort to polish my external shell as well as my energetic field.
After all, being spiritual isn't about sacrificing the outside but creating harmony between the two: Body and Soul.

However, I felt that her words were the expression of a deeper message that could resonate with each one of us.

Most of the time, either through our believes or actions: We don't recognize or value our True Beauty: "The Light within"!

I don't have exact numbers but I am pretty sure that even according to psychological studies, most men and women in the world, beyond what "you see"on the outside are truly less than happy/ proud/ confident on the inside.

Remember, the loud voice of the opponent within us, knows very well how to convince most people of their lack and unworthiness and after years of meeting and sensing people, you will realize -as I did- that the one with the most "self- confidence" are often the one with the most hidden fragility!

Having said that- Now, it makes more sense why the fundamental biblical statement, common to all, specifically says: "Love thy neighbor as yourself"  and not just "Love your neighbor"!

This teaching is dense and will most likely requires years of techniques and practice to be mastered.

Yet, we all can start by awakening this simple truth within our consciousness:

Learn to love others cause just like you, they often feel in the secret room of their heart: lonely, unloved, insecure, scared....Even when they project the opposite.

Simultaneously: Learn to love, to forgive yourself and be grateful and proud for this diamond that you carry within yourself.

Each one of us is a unique divine spark that need to be cherish and share.

Life is a gift for each one of us that allow us to learn, experiment and (yes!) make mistakes as we do.

In that journey, we don't need to judge others or ourselves harshly.

As a matter of fact, all we need is: To Love!

Each time we do, we get closer to see, just like a reflection in a mirror:
The Beautiful Sparkling Lights, We truly are!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Bonjour Friends

Even though, I had many encounters with its meaning long before, it's only in 2001 that I heard of this word for the first time.

How do I remember that?

Serendipity was the title of this cute romantic comedy, where the two main characters were experiencing as the definition states: "Happy Accidents", leading them to find something good while not specifically searching for it.

What a word?! What an amazing feeling! Won't you agree?

When such a divine providence takes place, how to not remember how much The Light Force that surrounds our Universe "Loves us"?!

Whatever is it that "we find", whichever area in our life it may touch, the feeling of joy it creates is endless...Purely divine.

Personally, it always makes me want to dance and/ or smile - Especially if it comes as a  ray of sunshine in a darker sky.

It is just so amazing, how those little occurrences help us reconnect with the fact that "The Light" never gives up on us and is, without a question: "The hope, we all need!" in our lives.

However,...What about these other moments? When our heart is filled with: Doubts, Fears and/ or pains?

What happens to All this Love?

Well...It's still there!  We just need to remove the drapes covering our own heart!

Life is sinusoidal!

Because our "physicality" is quickly reactive and highly "emotional", we constantly go through ups and downs.

Furthermore, each time, we respond  instinctively to external stimuli, we  "lose" our memory of the Truth!

To recover it though is pretty simple:

"Just like appetite comes by eating":  Love is felt by sharing it!

So...Next time when we feel low, instead of dragging ourselves into it even deeper: Let's do something nice for someone else!

When we share with an open heart, the love we feel "we are missing".
Before knowing it, we'll see that it's always been there, right inside of us, this all time!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.