Sunday, December 7, 2014

Recipe for Success

Bonjour Friends

Growing-up in a family where the closest women of my life (my mom, my aunt Nicole, and above all my cherished 'Mamie Rose') were amazing cooks; when I got married , one of my 'secret fear' was to be able to put together great meals in special occasions, for my 'culinary expert' guests.

Back then, aside from baking, I'd never cooked anything really elaborate in my life - though, I did  spend lots of time around these wonderful women as they were preparing feast, from entrees to deserts like true troopers in the kitchen.

Now, do you think all these years "marinating" in their light, would be helpful?

Definitely not!

Actually, it was quietly the opposite.
When my turn came to pursue this 'tradition' as a great hostess, I felt even more pressured and scared than most novice in that position.

'Ego', always hovering around, was certainly one trigger for this feeling,
although at heart, it was the desire to bring joy to my guests through a good meal and a warm environment that motivated me/made me scared all along.

As I was facing this 'emotional challenge', quotes such as:"Practice makes perfect and what matters the most is to try!" helped me some, but here comes the deeper teaching from this experience, and 'The Special Ingredient', I discovered to make each of my recipe a succulent dish.

I realized that the same way, I had learned to 'remove myself' from the picture, to become a conduit while delivering messages, the same I must do in the kitchen!

Therefore, each time 'I jumped' into my apron, I made sure to keep it simple, to trust my gut feelings, and most importantly to cook from my heart and soul.

While standing in front of my counter, to awaken I will sing some of my favorite "canticles' and "meditations" to the food, hoping that some of the most delectable flavors from heaven will season my dish.

Then... guess what?

Though, I was always nervous before starting to cook, my prayers were answered, and each time, the response from my guests was unanimously one of joy.

Truth be told, it took me years to feel at ease, when cooking for many. (If I ever completely did)

However, I learned to have a total certainty that 'The Light Force' will always stand by my side, as strongly as the spirit of my grandmother did.

So much indeed, that after years of cooking, I even got to tackle recipes beyond my comfort zone: Middle Eastern, French, Indian, Asian ...You name it! If I, or a love one likes it: I'll try to make it!

Now, I know that the 'Recipe for Success',(in the kitchen or anywhere else) must start with a desire to share, flavored with an aroma of love, and will end with a delectable fulfillment of Light.

Wishing you all, an amazing holiday season, in great company, sharing delicious 'heavenly"meals...

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.


Friday, October 17, 2014


Bonjour Friends

Do you know how much time we spend "living" in fear?

And most particularly in fear of "The Future"?

Obviously, it isn't something we can accurately measure, but it does seem that "An Eternity" has passed, when our mind dwells in such worrisome thoughts. Isn't it?

Though fear, just like stress was injected as a self-defense mechanism. Over time, it became "The Master" who enslaves us to live in the nightmare of our own alternate reality.

As a Lightworker, many people come to me with such feelings, and though in their physical aspect they're often legitimates, by elevating to a supernal level of consciousness, I also witnessed "their cause & effect" disappearing altogether.

Furthermore, now is certainly the perfect time to free ourselves (for good) and claim back our divine right to a fearless life.

Now, is the time to; "Stop fearing "The Future"and know that around each corner of "The Unknown"a perfect "Present" await for us!"

How? By uprooting the problem at its seed level.

Consciousness being Everything: Our thoughts creates "Now", the reality of tomorrow!

So, instead of busying ourselves with negative limited thoughts, let's connect ourselves to "The Divine & Limitless Spark within".

Now, as my beloved teacher learned himself, the best way to do so isn't only by feeding our mind with positive reinforcements or teachings, but most importantly by being busy to awaken this spark in someone else's life.

My Friends,

The equation is actually simple:

To Fear less, One needs to care more.

As we are busy caring for others to connect to "The Light"
We now fear less for a future that we help make it bright!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Light Bucket Challenge

Bonjour Friends

If you are , just as I am, one the 1.23 billions monthly Facebook users, you most certainly saw at least one "ALS- Ice bucket challenge video", where someone spontaneously or after being nominated poured a bucket of iced water on his head to bring awareness and support ALS,( through words, money and sharing it forward).

I don't know for you, but in the midst of all that's happening in the world, seeing "such excitement" got me thinking and here are the thoughts that came to me:

1- Today, it suddenly really hit me how the world through technology is connected, and how we could at any moment come as ONE! Supporting a goal or each others.

2-Though ALS is a worthy cause which legitimately deserves more sympathy at every level, Kabbalah teaches us a profound universal lesson that needs to be spread out all around and way beyond:

Any singular disease or chaos is only "One" manifestation of an "Ultimate cause of darkness" Also, known as: Lack of Light/ Love/ Human Dignity/ Tolerance...

Dear Friends,

Now is the best time, to combine both understandings.

Therefore, I am challenging YOU to work together on how we can bring awareness to "The One Cause" that is affecting ALL Mankind!!!!
(Making us miserable and paralyzed to fulfill our true purpose in life and be unified in a state of everlasting fulfillment).

Let's think of ways on: How can we challenge the world to pour Buckets of Light on each others and get VIRAL!

Looking forward for suggestions, emails, videos on how to support: "The Light Bucket Challenge",,
#Dalai, or any other organization dedicated to spread Love & Light in the world.

As Gandhi said: "Be the change, you want to see in the world!"

You've been challenged!
Now is your turn to fill and share online your own bucket with items to ignite "Love & Light" into the world and/ or repost my link
Share it forward....

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

IC by Ilanit

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happiness:: Here & Now!

Bonjour Friends

Did you miss my "IC by Ilanit" little messages?
I can say, without a doubt that I missed writing them!

See for me, being an authentic spiritual guide is about walking the path and sharing a piece of my heart with the one I meet.

In all these years, every single of my messages was never about preaching, but an attempt to share the love and lessons, I have learned in life/ lives.
Every word has been the expression of a thought that had crossed my mind, something my spirit was "meditating" upon and, today, isn't any different.

While being "away", I  worked to awaken a greater appreciation for the situations "The Light" was presenting me with, and recognize the unique gift of happiness they were carrying underneath. (without being haunted by this familiar feeling of guilt).

During that "time-off", I got to realize how much energy we spend fighting the wrong fight and giving light to the other side.
Too often, we discard or push away what is in front of us, for something we see as more important,(what we perceive as the answer to our happiness and fulfillment (material and/or spiritual), experiencing so much stress, the process.

Doing so, we should know, isn't only revealing a layer of our ego, it is also adding to the worldwide bucket of negativity.

Remembering, how "The Light" always knows what our soul truly needs in order to fulfill our purpose, can help us see that happiness isn't the result of an outside factor but a conscious choice made every moment of the day! No matter what we do or where we are!

As it has been said: True happiness is experienced from within, not tomorrow or next year, because so or so...No!
Happiness is a state of being: Today, Here & Now!

It is a blessing awaken and fuelled by the divine spark within, which can last endlessly as long as we shine it out to the world!

Happiness in its spiritual aspect, isn't a futile subject in a world dwelling in chaos, it's a tremendous key to transform darkness into light. The expression of our certainty in The Light force. A stand we take in the face "our opponent"

As each one of us choose happiness in life, one more candle is lit in the darkest night.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Patterns & Cycles


Bonjour Friends,

From our first colorful pattern made out of stickers, to the study of life cycles, since early childhood, we all learned to recognize, organize and even predict a large diversity of Patterns & Cycles.

Nevertheless, when it comes to our personal life - even though some reiterations are clearly obvious-It just seems that we are repeatedly living the same scenario over, and over again.

When meeting for a personalized intuitive session, a crucial step in this spiritual alignment is to provide clarity on these redundancies: to determine their origin, their trigger and effect.

Moreover, as essential this awareness is to harness spiritual growth, another element is utterly important to succeed in this mission in creating a new outcome and, to understand it, I'd like to introduce: Julianne & Violet.(who true identity has been changed).

In her late 30's, Julianne works as a devoted private nurse for families looking a loving and caring professional to their newborns. Over the years, she worked for many, in many different places. However, one situation keep repeating itself which is affecting her,(and finally made her ask the right questions, not so long ago).
In the course of each contract, and after an "honeymoon period", Julianne has shared with me that always comes a time, when her employer are asking for 'More' (time, tasks...), way beyond what was originally established as part of her services, making her feel mistreated. At the beginning,  the request is of course subtle and asked as a kindly favor, (which Julianne pleasing nature would always agree to), but soon enough, that One request become Many demands expected to be fulfilled, and before she can change the path of her movie: praises became critics, and she will  often have to finish her time in a disagreeable environment, when months before the parents were saying how wonderful she was and how they would like to stretch her stay.

Why this situation keeps happening? What Julianne, who is always kind, loving and professional should do? What is her responsibility?

We'll get back to it, but first let's meet Violet.

In her 50's, Violet is divorced with One Wish at heart: finding Love and finally Be Happy.
Nonetheless, in the past few years, each one of her relationship that started "too Fast and too Furiously", leaves her even more lonely and unhappy.
For some "unexplained' reasons, Violet keeps getting involved and giving too much to men, who can't provide this sense of security and serenity that she is longing for.

Julianne & Violet, are actors in different movies, however both are experiencing repetitive patterns.

On one side, Julianne, as we discussed, must learn to overcome from the start her need to please and over do things, because it create unbalance- what Kabbalah calls: "Bread of Shame"-
Spoiling "love and respect" (which is what she is looking for) onto an abusive situation full of "resentment and despise".

On another side, Violet has to learn to first find love and happiness inside herself, and build slowly and steadily a relationship with her higher self and The Light,  to become a strong vessel, and attract the right person in her life which she will recognize depending how much "Restriction", she does.

The dynamics being established, the essential part, I was talking about is: The Willingness to take ownership for each scenario and do "The SoulWork".

After talking with both, Julianne, recognized her responsibility, and understood that she needed to work on changing the way she reacts, by learning to politely but firmly say "No"!
Violet, however, prefers following "her heart" and refused to change the way she approaches "Love or Need?". She started a new relationship and even though I quote: "She understand my advises. She rather see what will happen!"

As my beloved teacher would say, the good news is: "The Light is Always in the Business!"

Therefore, both (as well as each one of us) are still on their journey to transformation.   
The only difference would be, how much "Time & Pain"  will be encountered to get there.

Until Then,

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is Freedom?

Bonjour Friends

Although, in reality everyone has in its own thoughts about what freedom is.
Here, are some of the most recurrent definitions from the dictionary.

1- A state of being free, rather than in confinement or physical restrain.

2- The exemption from external control or regulation.

3- The right to express or think, one wants without hindrance.

For a slave, it means freeing himself from bondage.
For a teenager, escaping his parents  and / or teachers rules.
For a citizen of a dictatorial country, the ability to oppose its government and, so on...

To summarize it all: Freedom means for most, the power to overcome the limitations "someone" enforces on us, and preventing us "to be ourselves".

Now, as you may see, all theses cases have one thing in common, they always refer to an "outsider" as the cause of our misery and lack of freedom.

Moreover, when it comes to spiritual teachings such as Kabbalah, we learn (if we are open to this truth and its implications), that the only "Oppressive Force", which we must free ourselves from, is actually living INSIDE of us.

It is the source of all chaos appearing in our lives and unfortunately, we are blindly enslaved to it!

I am of course talking here about the egoistic force that drives us to do anything to get recognition, approval, respect & honors and which play with our most primal fears of abandonment, unworthiness, and other insecurities to control us.

A force, destructive overtime, which we're feeling somehow attached to.
After all, can we really imagine a life without: "The kick of a compliment?!"

As I was writing this words an analogy was "flashed' to me, and I'd like to share it with you.

Did you ever, shared moments in the life of a person after they've been diagnosis with high blood sugar?

Someone, who loves its "sweet" more than anything, even though "now" it might be killing him?

Well... In most occasions, even death, won't stop the craving! (or the use of tricks to get "the forbidden treat!" )

Even after knowing, how much this state of slavery is hurting us, and possibly being the cause of our falling, it is still terribly challenging to overcome it!

Like it is the case with most addictions, we must first admit having a problem, to have a chance at overcoming it and then, REALLY try, because LIFE depends on it, which reminds me of a story:

Do you know how a man catch a monkey?
He puts a banana inside a jar, where a monkey can grab it (but not remove it), he then comes with a pair of hand cuffs.
Sadly, as the man approaches, the monkey who could still run away by simply removing its hand from the trap, chooses to let himself being caught rather than letting go of the banana!

May we all, sincerely desire True freedom, and Free ourselves and the world from that enslaving force of chaos now and forever!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Bonjour Friends

Have you had a chance to witness a baby discovering the Peekaboo game?

The sweet little one might have used a blanket, the headboard of the crib, or any other cover-up to hide its face, and "suddenly" pops back into you view!

Regardless the scenario, the fun and joy this game provided is purely contagious and could luckily go on for a while.

Actually, it seems that the more you play it, the more the anticipation and excitement is growing!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Having an 11 month cutie at home, certainly gave me plenty of opportunities to play this game in the past months.

However, it is my "spiritual life", that gave me the most occasions to play and appreciate its hidden teaching over the years.

According to developmental psychologists, "Peekaboo" is a playful tool to teach infants the concept of "object permanence' (an object continue to exist, even when it is no longer visible) , and  which prior to that time was simply impossible for them to understand (what a baby doesn't see, is gone).

Based upon the same understanding, my beloved teacher often said:"Do you truly believe that because the 'light switch' is off, "The Light" is gone too? Of course, it isn't! It's an Illusion!" 

It is certainly, a complex and consuming mind game, which requires total awareness and clarity on our side to have a real chance at winning it and here are the main ideas we should have to mind while doing so.

1- The game is On till it's over.
Kabbalah teaches us that the game start as soon as we are born that we are aware of it or not, and that we should never underestimate our opponent who's always a step ahead of us. As it said: "take the next letter of the  Hebrew word for 'womb' spelled chaf- chet-mem and you get samech-teth-nun,'satan'  the coded name for our challenger.

2-Certainty in "The Light" is the goal and the key to achieve the universal truth that beyond all illusions: There is Only Light!

3- Injecting Happiness, especially  when:"we are not seeing", will not only make the process more enjoyable but will give us a real opportunity to become a player/ creator of our reality, capable to reveal the concealed Now & Forever! 

Love & Light always, Ilanit. 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spiritual Work

Bonjour Friends
If you were asked to choose between getting the answers to a test (though it might keep you in "the dark') vs. understanding and solving it on your own, you would think the choice would be clear and easy!

Well...You might want to rethink your answer!
In all my years of meeting with people, its been my sincere desire to empower and align them with their spark of Light so they can do THEIR SPIRITUAL WORK independently.
Yet...It's still a "shocking surprise" to see, how many would rather sign away 'the Creator’s Spark Inside' than work to free themselves from chaos to acquire True Freedom

Though, we received a clear message after "the original sin", that life is about earning back 'The Light', as the Bible says: "by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread & through labor you will give birth"- (which are known to be codes created to help us)
Nonetheless, it seems that we (some maybe more than some others) are always looking for ways to avoid taking responsibility.

Sad as it is, the negative consequence of such behaviors create openings for individuals to come in who don’t have our bests interests in mind.
They give themselves "fancy titles" and know exactly how to manipulate fragile spirits.

They convince you that if your life is challenging it is because 'you've been cursed'  and for "a small price" they can give you some magic quick fix.
Okay! Now, you might think that this subject is a little bit 'out there'...

But Sadly, in times like the ones we find ourselves in, with so many challenges in the areas of financial, emotional and health, those people, circle above like vultures.
They wait for the ones who have fallen for their tricks and manipulations, then strip what spark of light they have left without looking back.

A few thoughts on this sensitive subject. (After all, it is because such beings exist that sincere light-workers are labeled and persecuted.)

1)   The Negativity we see in the world is always a projection of the negativity we see within, no matter how small.
With this understanding we can stop searching for the easy way out, and truly commit to do THE WORK. We don’t want to fall for some magic quick fix we think others have that we lack.  

2)   Our spiritual growth is the result of overcoming challenges and fears.  Its not  necessary to run around hysterically asking or waiting for someone to solve them for you, 
Let's stop, take a deep breath, and take some time to look inside ourselves for the hidden teachings, blessings and answers we all carry.

 3)   Asking for help is honorable, like a child in need of guidance from a parent for a school project. However, nothing is more valuable to that parent than seeing their child put forth their own effort to complete the task.
 4)   Occasionally, some challenges, might require a 'spiritual (de)cluttering. Thankfully there is a system of tools to assist but, in order to work it most always requires work on your part to achieve a spiritual transformation.

'The Light', is always there. It is  'The source' of everything there is.
Every situation is here for us to reveal it, through our commitment & effort.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Today, I'd like to send some bright healing light to my cousin S. who I love unconditionally, and offer a special thanks to my dear friend D.C for polishing this message into a sparkling gem. May you both being showered with Endless Blessings, today and always.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New You

Bonjour Friends

2014 has started. Bringing in a '7' energy inviting people to seek "Truth" from within,  it make me wonder if we will finally awaken "anew" this year,and rise to a consciousness of Oneness, Unconditional Love and Endless Light?
The answer of course, belongs to the realm of the unknown, though it requires that we have at least an urge, not to say a sense of urgency that we need to change our ways, so we won't just live through "another year".

Therefore, as uncomfortable as it might be, this is the time to ask ourselves: What else can we do to let go of our "old ego patterns", which are disconnecting us from our True self and happiness?

EGO: a 3 letters word which brings the most physical and emotional reactions (after death) when pronounced.

EGO: Let's talk fearlessly about it!
A code name Kabbalah explains for the "concealed & revealed" reactive aspect of human nature.
Not only a synonym for pride, it encompass all the aspect of "the desire to receive for oneself alone", ranging from: Anger to laZiness, and multiple other feelings in between.

EGO: a basket of laundry that needs to be wash constantly because we ALL have loads of it!

EGO,I say:"I am aware of it, I gonna work through it, yet STOP! feeling bad about it!"

As a mom of 3, I finally started to realize the magnitude of it! This work never ends, as soon as "you are done", the basket fills up again!

Therefore, my thought on the subject is that we need to desensitize from all the emotions and reactions this job is causing us (physically and spiritually) and just do it, the best way we can!

How? "Ego laundry"(to keep up with the metaphor) involves a few elements, the main one being: Water, which is equivalent in the spiritual world to "random act of sharing".

At the end of the day, having ego, is a component of being human.
However, just like dirty clothes it doesn't define who we are, it just a task that we are here to do.

Now, to insure that this year will be different...that we will be different , let's work on something we can control by committing to share and being kind, to and as much as we can.
As my beloved teacher would say:: "Let's focus on "The Light", the darkness will disappear!".

Happy New You!
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.