Thursday, October 29, 2009

Then, Ego blossoms into Light.

Bonjour Friends

Today, I would like to start with a story, which is going to be the heart of the personal insight, I would like to share with you this week.

The following events are directly coming out of my life, yet in order to respect the privacy of the protagonists, it became a mixed of different similar stories that happen in my journey as an intuitive.

About few weeks ago, I received a phone call from this person (a friend of "A Friend") that wish to meet with me for a reading.

I first explained my worked( goal, consciousness...), which is kind of different than going to any regular psychic and make sure that we are on the path.

As I always say:"I am not here to feed the instant need of "knowing" of a person, I am more like a cook that awakens people's abilities to prepare their own special dish(Of course, you always have people that just want some fast food/ answers)

Nevertheless... My vision is about helping people to see the big picture and to learn that there is a system that will take us to a nourishing place if we learn to work with it.

It's about knowing why we're here, what we need to learn and transform to become a better self and yes! All along fulfilling our destiny.

So far, after those explanations, we seem to agree! I would read the map, she would drive the car!

Looking at my schedule though, I probably won't be able to meet with her before 3 weeks.

It is apparently too long, that person wants to meet as soon as possible !
I agree to call her back if there is any change in my schedule.

A week passed then a second start, at that point I don't think I would meet earlier than the following week, but then on the Tuesday (of the second week), I got a phone call , one of my Thursday meetings needs to reschedule.

As soon as I hang up, I call this friend to let her know that I have an opening.

I dialed the number, yet get transferred to the voice mail, as I record a message, my inner voice is telling me that something happened, the person somehow is now scared of "knowing" and changed her mind.

Days passed, no calls back!

Over the week-end, I meet our mutual friend and got my intuition confirmed. She backed out!

Living a spiritual life requires to switch our consciousness and to take responsibilities. It also invites us to see ourselves through honest eyes, and wanting to change.

Ultimately, both need to be worked on simultaneously ! And it's not always easy.

Our ego (fears to change, to let go, to forgive...) will make sure to prevent us from that transformation.

As unbelievable as it is, this parasite within us wants us to stay in our chaos rather than change !

Are we going to let this happen? Of course not!

Then, you are ready for the last chapter of my story.

As I was feeling really sorry for that person that let her fears took over, the Light was turned on again!

See...Time in the process of transformation is the answer.

As it said:" People avoid change until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing".

This week, I got a phone call, my "new friend" wants to meet with me.

She knows how much she is scared to let go of her"addiction" as she says, but she also knows that it's inevitable if she really wants to connect to the Light and her true self.

Knowing is the first step of changing !

Have a beautiful week
Sincerely, Ilanit

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Domino Effect

Bonjour Friends

Today, I would like to share, not only the personal insights I came up with during the past week but also the story hiding behind it. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as I did!

Everything started last week-end, one night sometimes after dinner and before bedtime (for my two girls), we decided to sit on the living-room carpet to play dominoes and spend some family time.

After playing few games, my husband offered to show something "cool"!
He organized the dominoes in a chain and reveal to the amazement of our daughters, what is happening once we push the first one, or what I call "the domino effect".

After few other tries, I didn't have the time to say what was on my mind, that my husband thought of it !

He went to our computer, goggles: "Domino", and here was a list of videos of the most unbelievable dominoes creations.

As we were watching together few recordings of "this one guy"(that didn't only tape his worked once completed but also his preparation), I heard my inner voice talking:"This is it, this is going to be your next subject!"

At that point though, I didn't know which direction it will take. As once the great Kabbalist named Rav Ashlag said:" For one truth that we see, two are still hiding from us."

Obviously," the domino effect" can perfectly illustrate the concept of cause and effect: each of our actions will start a chain of reaction affecting ourselves and others, all depending on our consciousness of course.

Nevertheless, it's only few days later that I got more hints on the direction to take for my blog.

Among the different meetings and conversations that I had, a same subject kept coming back!

Undeniably, most of us are chasing certain things in life to get to a place of results. When, in fact, the process to get there is as if not more the true source of satisfaction.

See..."This domino guy", spend days and weeks on his creation, with love, patience and perseverance his building with anticipation his edifice, restricting the urge to give up, even if it has to start all over if some pieces fall before completion.

Yet! How long is the chain last once he pushes the first domino ? A couple of minutes, that's all!
Then, it's already time to think about its next project !

So much to learn and reflect from it ! Isn't it?

As this guy, we should enjoy the process.It's here to build our excitement and appreciation for the result, and will make it only more enjoyable!

Life is a constant work.
We here to create, share, push and never stop !
Thinking of the next, will make us be Light, now.

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shot season.

Bonjour Friends

From running around tables to activate a protection shield for the whole year, to a run around town to recollect and glue back sparks of light lost in time, for different Friends (and myself also).
It has been quite a week!

Endurance never been so perfectly embodied physically, mentally and spiritually in my life.

During days like this, I am feeling so blessed about my past that provided me with challenging experiences, tremendously helpful today.

As time is passing by, I understand more clearly than certain events of my life transformed me without having to think about it!
At the same occasion, they also gave me the freedom to focus more on others now with something to share (not only from the mind but from the heart) .

I don't know for you ? Suddenly, I really felt from inside out a change of energy in the cosmos the last few days:
As pressures go higher, it seems that unachievable goals are getting closer !

And here goes for the whole paradox of life ! The same way than a scientist is making vaccines by extracting the antidote from the virus itself, we get the materiel to do it too!

Nothing like facing a good challenge to make us grow and change and hopefully get vaccinated !

Unfortunately, we can say, all the love and sugar coating of the world won't achieve what a challenge will, and that is a fact !

Nevertheless, it's up to us to change this truth.
It's our call to choose the easy way rather than the hard one.

How ? You may ask. By practicing perseverance at every level and going for the extra mile!

Making ourselves "uncomfortable" rather than letting the universe doing it for us.
For each one of us, it will of course mean something different. So let's...

1- Look for our area to improve and/ or restrict.

2- Stretch and challenge ourselves.

3- Keep practicing, since it the way to get perfect.

During this time, we should not pay attention to a certain voice that will try to convince us : what all this effort for ?!

My friends,
it's time to believe in ourselves, beyond the surface we are made in the likeness of the purest and endless light.
As it says: And Man and Women were made at His own image. He then looked around and saw that everything was good/whole(ly) !

Love and Light always, Ilanit

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the eye of the cyclone.

Bonjour Friends

To be perfectly honest with you, which is an important part of sharing by example, I battled intensively this whole week to bring myself to write these words today !

Not that I didn't have any insight to share, but more because there was this feeling from within causing turbulence inside my head and trying to pull my spirit down.

You know what I mean, right?!

Sometime, for no apparent reasons, nothing changed around us, and yet we just feel out of breath to push in this marathon without a finish line.

See...Even now as I am writing, I can still hear that other voices telling me to drop my pen! much as this voice is loud, I am not letting this happen: I am going to fight !

"Coincidentally", last week a friend told me:" Thank you for your words. When I am feeling down, I am turning to your blog to give me hope ! That's the reason you created it, isn't it? To share love and hope?!

Yes! It's the reason why.

I personally believe, more than answers to their problems, people need the moral support that everything is going to be fine. Everyone knows that at the end, we are the one with the answer (provided by the Light force of the creator, of course!)

All we need then, is some love and a faithful friend to strength our desire to fight.

When people are asking me:"Can you see the future?".
I answer:"I know the future!"

Since, we are the creator of tomorrow, the future would be as we make it!

No matter what is the answer, it will be good if we are letting go of our personal agenda and are willing to work on it!

If we find ourselves surrounded (or not) by a storm of events: to find peace and joy , let's not run away from it!

It says that the safest place during a storm is the center of it!

Being in the eye of a storm, looking within ourselves what caused it, working on taking the lead of our own boat is the only escape to reach the Light.

As a perfect captain, let's never abandon the ship.
Remembering that after the storm, always comes the sun !

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Video game

Bonjour Friends

Earlier this week, as I was starting the process of "downloading" my new post, asking my inner self/ Light's guidance, what should be the content for this week? A conversation I had recently with one of my friends came back to me.

As he was complimented me on my work, He said something that caused a strange, nevertheless, meaningful reaction.
"You surely are going to receive amazing insight this week " He said. Considering the high level of energy available in the air ! (According to kabbalah, this month is known as the seed level for the all year)

As I answered a yes, I realized that I could hear simultaneously a doubtful voice whispering to my ears: " So far things have been good, and you have been pretty "inspired" though tomorrow might be another story, empty of enlightenment."

What an awful thought.

I knew, it couldn't be possible!

Yet, I suddenly understood that often this type of thoughts is the reason which put us down without the energy to make it happen! (whatever it is that we need to make happen).

In one hand, we dream of an happy life, yet in another, we too often believe the voice that says:"it's too good to be true".

Furthermore, how do we reverse our internal psychology from doubt to certainty ?
(Since certainty is the number one step to transform our reality !)

1-We need to change our believes and the way we express ourselves.

Does it sound familiar to you, sentences such as? I hope, I wish, Maybe...

From this day forwards, we need to say: I know...!

The etymology of "to know" is "Sophia or wisdom".
In ca 360 BC, Plato and others philosophers of his generation believed that "Humans" were the product of an infinite force that gave us the soul and half-gods (Demiurges) that fabricate the body.
The work of a philosopher was to rise above the confusion that caused the body to get back in touch or "becomes a friend" with the supernal wisdom (Sophia).

2-In that process, to of seeing or hearing the truth, we need to act with certainty and excitement, knowing that there is a solution.

If life is like a video game, where each one of us is the hero of his own story fighting against cataclysms.

Let's then remember:

1-The creator of that game, made those challenges "to entertain us"as we become a superhero.

2-There is always a solution, which he desires for us to find, so this game will be played by many.

Take on your remote.
Know, there is an exit.
Keep playing.
Until you find it !

Sincerely, Ilanit