Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Switching Glasses

Bonjour Friends

In order to start, please let me rewind the movie back in time to March 19: My Birthday.

When most people usually can't wait to celebrate this day, this date haunted me like a ghost for years! Until...

Up to my mid 20's, my "birth" day was actually a reminder of all the things I wanted and couldn't have, versus all the things I didn't want and had too much! (and just to make it clear, I wasn't really talking about material things here.)

I was actually referring to this feeling of emptiness and disconnection that prevented me from being meaningfully happy opposite my excitement and desire for life, all locked inside.


Well...Many among us feel that way daily, they experience what we call: "The lack".

Luckily, soon enough things started to change...I started to change!

Once I was introduced to the spiritual teaching of Kabbalah, my birthday...My Life suddenly, took a completely new direction.

I switched my glasses, and learned to look at things from different prospective.

See..Until we consciously choose to turn the button on, in our mind, most of us tend to see life from the empty side of the cup rather than from the full one.

During my first year, I learned the true meaning of events like birthdays, holidays and other celebrations...They are windows of opportunities given to us to connect to the seed level, where everything is complete.

Furthermore, during these days, we can tap into a tremendous amount of energy and experience "A Rebirth"!

We can clean ourselves from the past, and be elevated to a new level of consciousness.

The secret to make the most of it is simple: "We need to give, in order to get".

The Universe has already opened up the gate: if we allowed the blessings to flow from us to another person, just like a pipe, we will experience as much as there is: unlimited!

When we are lacking, we often forget this basic rule.
We forget that we originally asked to incarnate in order to become ourselves a source of sharing and evolve from our previous state of being the receiver.

This year, all the messages of love and good wishes that I received from "YOU", almost brought me to tears.
Doing what I am doing, is already more than I ever dreamed!

I would like to conclude by saying that: " At all times, there are always more blessings than our eyes can see".
My daughters told me the other day, and I repeat it now: "God loves you, because God is Love, God is Light!"

Sincerely, Ilanit.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A present?!

Bonjour Friends

Today, I promised my youngest daughter that I would mention her in my blog. She got quite upset last time, when I referred to her sister's birthday and "forgot" all about her,( as you can see, I am having some serious fan here!).

Actually, when I thought about her reaction: (the superficial aspect of it and the meaning behind it), it became the source of my inspiration indeed.

So, before I go deeper into my thought, I would like to thank my "Little Sarah" for being the channel of this new insight.

If I were to explain as simply and shortly as I can the purpose of life, I would say that we all incarnate on Earth, looking forward to experience "Lasting Fulfillment",what kabbalah calls: The Light.

Yet, there is a trick!

In this journey, we will have to overcome our own personal reactivity, which is constantly triggered by all kinds of challenges and... still keep our spirit up.

When we act like "The Light" and overcome our "opponent", we get to reveal a tremendous amount of blessings for ourselves and the world as well.

This is the reason that kabbalist call it: "The game of life"!

In the process of being crowned "champion"and bring the title back home, lots of events will:

1-makes us lose our focus and sleep away from our true goal.

2-challenges us to access the next level of ourselves.

In that game, our human nature has a big part, which unfortunately often plays against us.
When we take things "personally": this person did this or that to me..., we kill the messenger and forget the message that was meant to be delivered.

The thing is: we react with our emotions and our five senses.
We right away identify challenges and challengers as something or someone here to hurt us!
As, something or someone that doesn't love us!

When we feel: angry, rejected, judged, unapproved, depressed...we let, the "one" same virus infects us repeatedly.

Like in any game, the ultimate opponent is very smart. Our work, is not to get fooled by becoming reactive.

When we feel flooded by emotions, let's take the time to pause and look at the situation in a different prospective, and not accept everything that comes towards us.

There was once a simple man living in a small city, he was loving and caring and more and more people were coming to him for his kind advises. Soon, he even found himself giving lectures for the whole community.
When, the leader of the town heard about it, he grew terribly upset and one day he decided to 'fight back' for his title.
During the whole lecture, he kept on troubling 'the simple man', who remained completely calm.
After the lecture, the leader of the town was even more upset and went up to him:" How could you not react to my aggression?" .
The man said kindly:" if you come to me with a poisonous present, and I don't take it, who stays with it?!"

Love & Light.
Sincerely, Ilanit.