Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember & Don't forget

Bonjour Friends

My teacher: The greatest man, I have ever met, taught me among many other things, two life changing principles:

1-Everything is about consciousness.

2-Spirituality is about taking responsibility with our words and actions.

With that in mind, allow me to share the thoughts that came my way the past few weeks.

Kabbalah teaches us, that the world was created to give humanity a chance at becoming a force of sharing and getting closer to our Creator.

However, it also said that this learning experience would have been fulfilled in about 24 hours, if Adam & Eve (who embodies the sum of all the souls) had waited before "eating the fruit" from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.

If it wasn't for "a snake", or should we say our personal snake: "the desire to receive for oneself alone", by the 7th day of creation: Shabbat, we'd have returned home!

Instead, for thousands of years, we keep repeating the same movie over and over again.

In our childlike stubbornness, we all think that the free-will we earned that day is a chance to do "what we want". Can't we recognize already, that once we know the difference between right and left (and it is our job to not stay ignorant) that free-will is illusion?!

Those, who are learning about the spiritual laws of the universe, knows that each action has a reaction.
Chances are, they also know that we entered a time, where space between those two has reduced if not disappeared.

For these reasons, we might feel more pressures than before and the truth is: it's going to be harder to runaway from our responsibilities today.

To succeed at: "The game of life", we'll have to learn and follow it's rules more thoroughly than ever before.

See...we all "indulge" ourselves somehow: we get reactive here, lack of restriction there, and even if some "missteps" seems less serious than some others and that we usually learn from them, at the end we never know when an action or a hole in our consciousness will make the scale tipped the wrong side?!

Some might think that it isn't real, but I learned that there is a war of consciousness and that the ministers appointed to challenge us never sleeps!

Furthermore, we all must:
Remember to stay alert and not forget to be connected to The Light to win this:"the easy way." (without pain and suffering)

In too many occasions, I saw individuals not able to resist "the song of the mermaids", even if it meant falling and never coming back from the depth of the ocean.

I saw "friends" loosing their mind and sometimes more as a consequences of their choices.

My dear friends, this message might be a little strong, yet I know that you must have felt the urgency too!

Isn't it better to be shocked yet awake rather than wrapped in the illusion?

Today, I'd like to dedicate this blog to those who couldn't overcome the fight...and to J.Y.W

Let's stand: Heroes and Righteous souls,
May we all be unify...Finally and Endlessly in Love & Light, Ilanit.