Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Bonjour Friends

In France, where I grew-up the word commonly used for a refrigerator is:"Frigidaire".

Beside learning some French, you may ask: Does this info has any spiritual value?

For a start, let's just say: It's a great reminder for keeping an open-mind.

Life will surprisingly teach and deliver messages of Light out of the most unusual places if we free ourselves from our preconceptions.

In that case per se, it's the story behind this word that is interesting.

See..."Frigidaire" wasn't originally the translation for refrigerator but the name of the first (if not only) company making and selling them.

Do you warm-up a little or are you still cold on today's topic?

How often do we amalgam things in our societies?

If asked, one will say:"Oh! sure, I am spiritual, I  practice yoga or meditate as often as I can!". Then, another one will add:"No doubt, I believe in God, I'm saying a prayer every night and/or go to Church, Shul...every week!".

Now, let's think about it. Are those practices really what makes a person spiritual or connected to The Light Force? Or are they: beautiful yet simple tools to reinforce this connection?

The real question to ask ourselves then is: "How do we deal with life beyond those special moments in time and space?" After all, isn't it what we do outside those spiritual windows, the most significant?

Unfortunately, it's been known for a very long time now, that people tend to divide their life, with often an offset between the different compartments, which can also explain why it said that most individual come in & out of "Temples" unchanged!

I know! That's a tough one to hear! However, the great sages of the world had a point!

Taking responsibility for a real change in ourselves and ultimately in the world, isn't let's face it an easy task!

In that journey, it's often easy to fall asleep at the wheels of our vehicle or simply drive on auto-pilot satisfied with those moments of spiritual greatness that makes us better than the guy next door!

Now, one rule I learned in order to stay awake and on top of our game is: To shake things up!

Routines are important to teach us discipline and perseverance but to spice them up now and then, with elements of surprise will keep our senses on alert  as well as our personal opponent at check.

My friends, let's remember that we ALL deal with an inner opponent that will try every single trick to challenge us in that journey to fulfill our spiritual mission so...to remain alert  let's not forget this humbling lesson as we schedule our alarm clock to never fall asleep: Ring! Ring! Ring!